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Our downstairs bathroom is a problem area. I try to spend as little time down there are possible. Not only because it has the washer and dryer in it, but it also has a teeny tiny shower. It has become the kids bathroom (scary!), but it is also the one our overnight guests use (so it does get an occasional cleaning).

SONY DSC My boys tend to let bottles accumulate on the floor. Most of the bottles are empty because my 4 year old likes to squeeze shampoo and body wash straight down the drain. That makes me sooo happy.


To whip this shower into shape I used 2 Command™ Corner Caddies and a Command™ towel hook that I decorated with vinyl. I cut the shape out on a vinyl cutter, have it weeded and ready to go with the transfer tape already on in the picture. I also used painters tape, a marker, and ruler to help keep the design level and centered as I applied it.


A friend showed me this little trick that works on applying large or small vinyl. Use painter’s tape to make a straight line on the surface. It is a lot easier to get the tape level than it is your vinyl design and you can take off and try again if you get it a little crooked.


Use the ruler to find the middle of the caddy and mark it on the tape with the marker. Also, find the middle of the design and mark that on the transfer tape.

SONY DSC Then line the two marks up and use the bottom of the blue tape as a guide for your design. I lined the top of my vinyl up with the bottom of the tape, SONY DSC

Smooth the vinyl with a spatula or credit card and remove the transfer tape.

I love Command™ strips and rarely use anything else to hang things in my house. The strips on the caddies are cool cause they let you take the caddy off the shower wall, say, if you want to clean your shower.

If you’re into that sort of thing of course.

SONY DSC To hang the caddies, first clean the shower wall with the wipe that is included. SONY DSC

Then press on the caddy and remove by pulling up. Press on the strips in 3 places, the top, middle and bottom to make sure it is secure. All of this is on the package, so just follow those instructions and you’re golden!

One little tip, make sure you have the hooks on the tabs facing up. I might have learned that lesson when the caddy came crashing straight down.


For the sake of my kids and their shampoo, they have their own caddy on the left and the caddy on the right is up higher for our guests. I added vinyl to the towel hook is well, and I’m tickled pink as to what a little vinyl can do to spruce up some plain white bathroom products. Not to mention, my shower look 150% better with everything corralled.


  1. We had this problem with our shower as well! We couldn’t hang a caddy from our shower head, so we took an adjustable curtain rod, hung it right above the shower stall itself and hung a caddy from that. It works awesome.

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