Berry & Vanilla Protein Smoothie

Berry and Vanilla Protein Smoothie

I LOVE a good protein shake especially when you mix in some berries! This Berry & Vanilla Protein Shake is one of my go to’s for after work outs or just as a snack.  The best part is that it is SUPER easy to make and only consists of FOUR ingredients.   First off I do have to say that I am in LOVE with my Blendtec blender.  If you plan on making smoothies at all I suggest investing in a good blender.  Yes it will set you back some money at first, but you will not believe how nice these blenders are and what they can do. I love this Vanilla Protein Powder from Nature’s Bounty.   Save Print Berry & Vanilla Protein Smoothie Ingredients 1 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk 1 scoop Vanilla Protein powder 1 cup of mixed berries, frozen or fresh 1 cup of ice Instructions Place all ingredients into your blender. Blend until smooth and all [Read More…]

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12 Road Trip Ideas


  I’ve scoured the web in search of killer Road Trip ideas.  I know I need them. I know YOU need them. So here goes. Road Trip Activity Book Printable from The Benson Street Auto Organizer from IHeart Organizing   Kid-Sized Travel Pillow from It’s Always Autumn Printable Travel Games from Simple As That Individual Snack Packs from Eighteen25 Interactive Travel Packs from Design Mom Road Trip Binder from Gluesticks Free Printable Vacation Activity Travel Pack from iHeart Organizing Road Trip Grab Bags from Make and Takes Road Trip Date for a couple or the family from The Dating Divas Busy Bag from I’m an Organizing Junkie Road Trip Organizers and Packing Tips from Burlap & Denim For more ideas you can check out our Road Trip Pin board Do you have any favorite go to tricks when it comes to road trips?  We want to hear them! Pin It

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Product Photography: The 2 Biggest Mistakes


Let’s talk product photography, shall we? If you’re a crafter/creater then you also kind of need to be a photographer. Especially if your want to sell your creations! Having the ability to create beautiful photographs of carefully designed products is almost as important as creating the product itself!  If you’re anything like me I find that I’m slightly turned off by a product that is being represented with poor quality photos and typically don’t end up purchasing the product. So with that said it’s understandable how important it is to know how to take stunning photos of your products and creations! If you don’t know anything about photography, no need to worry! You just need some basic (yet vital) information. That’s where I come in. Let’s dive in and learn the 2 biggest mistakes in product photography… Mistake #1: Not using NATURAL light. First and foremost…use natural light. I really can’t stress this enough. Taking a picture using a flash [Read More…]

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EASIEST No-Sew Summer Shorts from Leggings

horizontal summer shorts

I’m so excited to share this post!!!  I have been wanting to BUY summer shorts for Q, my 5 year-old daughter and have also wanted to MAKE some.  It dawned on me a couple of days ago that I already had all the materials I needed and that there was a WAY easy way to remedy that.  I made 8 pair in about 10 minutes. STEP 1:  Find all the leggings you have that are either DIRTY or that have HOLES in them.  Most of Q’s were in one or both of those categories.  I was about to throw them out until I had this idea. STEP 2: Start cutting!  I used my sharp material scissors and matched up the two legs and went to town cutting each leg off right above where the stain or rip was. STEP 3:  Feel so happy that you are getting rid of all those stained and ripped parts of the legging.  Q had [Read More…]

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Ultimate Summer Camping Giveaway!

Camping Giveaway - Pinterest

If you love SUMMER, INSTAGRAM, & CAMPING – then this post was written for you! We are so excited to offer this giveaway to our readers and Instagram followers!  We love being inspired on IG and love being able to share our latest posts, printables and inspiration with all of you! So today we have a fun giveaway for you!   ARE YOU SITTING DOWN?? Because……   We collaborated with some of our FAVORITE peeps on Instagram to completely outfit one family with everything they would need for the Ultimate Summer Camping Experience!   One LUCKY Family Will Win….   THIS INCLUDES: A 6-person/2-room TENT, 4 Sleeping Bags, 4 Air Mattresses, 4 Camping Chairs, a Camping Grill, 2-Burner Griddle, a Portable Cooler, a Coleman Lantern, a Camping Fold-able Table, 4 Flashlights, a 5-Gallon Water Jug, a Waterproof Tarp, a Tent Kit, & a Camping Horse Shoes Set!   BEST. GIVEAWAY. EVER, RIGHT?!? Are you jumping up and down yet? Because [Read More…]

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Easy Summer Beach Bag


I don’t know about you, but i’m obsessed with bags.  I’m obsessed with totes.  I have so many and I keep making more because they are so easy and fun to make.  This one is especially fun because I used opaque markers from Elmers.  I LOVE opaque markers because you can use lighter colors on darker fabric (below).  Elmer’s Opaque Paint Markers  are awesome because they are PERMANENT and won’t wash off when you launder your item.  I also love that they have so many colors to choose from.  This bag is so easy, here’s how you make it. SUPPLIES: -canvas bag (you can purchase these at your local craft store) -Elmer’s Opaque Paint Markers -Iron-on vinyl (I got the sparkly gold from Cricut) -Iron Start with your bag and iron it well. Cut out the heart, I used my Cricut. Place it on the bag and iron (follow instructions on your vinyl packaging). Peel off the plastic protective layer. There you [Read More…]

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Lantern Teacher Gift Idea *Free Printable

sm light 3

Sharing a little teacher gift idea today!  I love these lanterns I found at Ikea…and made this little printable to go along with it.  “Thank you for being a light in the life of a child.” I also always love to include a gift card for each teacher…I {heart} teachers.  You can download my free printable below. (For personal use only, not for resale. Copyright by Pin It

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Aloha…”Make Your Own Lei” Kit *Free Printable Sticker

sm lei kit 4

Summer is such a fun time to throw a Luau party.  I have one in the works soon and I thought this would be the cutest idea for guests as they arrive…a little kit to make their own Paper Hawaiian Lei. For the “Make Your Own Lei” Kit, you will need, Avery (Print to the edge Round Labels… I used glossy white 2″ diameter circles #22807 (I loved the idea of closing up the little sack with these sticker labels)  I use Avery products for many different kinds of labels but this was a fun way…and I love using the circle shape.  I was amazed at how many labels are available in different sizes and shapes. Twine (I like the thinner twine for this) Paper or plastic straws cut in 1 inch pieces Paper flowers with a hole in the center (I used my Cricut Machine) Paper Sacks (My polka dot yellow ones are from Pick Your Plum) This is [Read More…]

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1 Batch of Dough: 3 Types of Cookies

3 kinds of cookies from 1 batch of dough

Happy National Chocolate Chip Day! To celebrate, let’s talk cookies. My family is full of cookie lovers. One son will only eat chocolate chip cookies but another son won’t eat chocolate. So to keep everyone happy I mix up 1 batch of dough and end up with 3 types of cookies – without exerting any more effort. But they don’t need to know that. Remember the Rice Krispy commercial where the mom was in the kitchen whipping up a batch of Rice Krispy treats, but to keep the family impressed throws flour on herself? Yeah, it’s like that. Start with the best chocolate chip recipe ever! Seriously, I sucked at making chocolate chip cookies until Dana’s recipe came into my life. It makes a ton of cookies and is the perfect recipe for getting 3 for the price of 1. It makes 6 dz cookies, so after splitting it into 3, I still wind up with 2 dz of 3 [Read More…]

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