Mother’s Day Handprint Flower 2014

Mother's day gift Handprint flower

I’m back with this year’s version of the Mother’s Day Handprint Flower! I’m pretty much in love with this one and I’m so excited to gift it!  Hope you enjoy as well. This is sized as an 11×14 print and I sent it to Sam’s Club Photo.  I had one of my daughters use her thumbprint for the center of the flower. I then painted each girl’s hand the same purple and they stamped them on.  I think it turned out really cute! Download All printables and downloads designed by The Crafting Chicks are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not alter or claim as your own. This file is not intended for resale, nor are the printed versions of this file. Feel free to link back to if you like our printables, and we’d appreciate a comment if you download. Pin It

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Disneyland Vacation with The Crafting Chicks!

Disneyland Trip with the Crafting Chicks

I don’t know if any of you know but I am a HUGE Disneyland fan!  I try to get my family there at least once a year even though it’s 12 hours away from my home. We know that many of you are huge Disneyland fans as well, so we got together with Get Away Today and are inviting you to join us in Disneyland!! YES!  You read that right. We are planning a family vacation for each of us and want to invite you and your families to join us! We are so excited!  Here are the details! Dates: September 17-21 (4-nights) September is a pretty slow time for Disneyland, if you stay away from Labor Day weekend.  It’s so much easier to enjoy the best of Disney without having to wait in long lines.  This is also during Disney’s Halloween Time where they transform the park with Halloween and Fall decor.  It is seriously a fun change for Disneyland [Read More…]

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Easy Caramel Corn

Caramel Corn

  Growing up popcorn was a Sunday staple, just like taking Sunday naps. Every once again my mom would sweeten our afternoon treat and turn our popcorn into caramel corn. I now treat my family to caramel corn now and then. This recipe comes together quickly, and doesn’t require you to own a candy thermometer or even know the difference between “soft ball” and “hard ball”. If candy making is intimidating, then this is a great recipe to start with! First, the popcorn. You’ll need 10 quarts of popcorn. We pop into one bowl and transfer to another to avoid having kernels or “old maids” in the popcorn. Nothing is worse than biting down on one of those when you aren’t expecting it. You’ll need about 10 quarts of popcorn. Just shake the bowl a little to have the kernels fall to the bottom and then lift the popcorn off the top to avoid any jaw breakers. Besides the popcorn [Read More…]

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3 Secrets to Better Family Photos


Hey there! It’s Katie, from Key to Pictures, and I’m excited to share my 3 juicy secrets to better family photography with you. But first I need to share some equally juicy and exciting…. Here it is: I was a terrible photographer. Really. If all of my early photos were not in a storage unit in Denver, I would post them so you could see that I’m indeed telling the truth. However, I’m not ashamed of my unsightly pictures because we ALL have to start somewhere. Every single one of us has to start at the beginning. I used to get terribly frustrated because I knew what I wanted my pictures to look like but I JUST COULDN’T MANIPULATE MY CAMERA TO CREATE IT. So the question is… if I had to start all over again would I change anything? My answer is simply “no”. Because of my struggle and my frustration I learned on my own how to take [Read More…]

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Staycation Giveaway!

Staycation IG push blog picture

I was just talking to my friend about summer vacation plans and she mentioned that she loves to do a staycation each year with her family. If you are like her we want to help you out so you can Staycation in style! We’ve joined forces with some Ah-Mazing sites to bring you the chance to win one of five prizes that are sure to make you want to stay home. Here’s what you could win: Staycation Giveaway   If the widget doesn’t load, you can click on this link to enter. Thanks to the following sites for donating so we could make this giveaway happen! @pickyourplum @craftingchicks @howdoesshe @thistlewood @ivoryk @sugarplumlanebaby @jenanncook Pin It

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Rainy Day Pinboard


We’re back with this month’s pinboard! It’s our Rainy Day board and I’ve had so much fun putting it together for you. Whether you’re looking for cute rain gear, activities for rainy days, or even rain art (it exists!) – you’ll find it here! I’m kind of obsessed with umbrellas, maybe it’s because I grew up in windy Southern Idaho where there is no reason to even attempt using an umbrella. And boots-so many cute boots out there. Here’s a small peak at what you’ll find over there! Classic Striped Rain Boots / 25 Rainy Day Activities for Kids / Scuba Umbrella Polka Dot Boots / Rain Drops Wooden Sign / Striped Umbrella Smile in the Rain / 4 Chic Outfits for Rainy Days / 5 Steps to Building a Fort /  Rainy Day Hair Come check it out and follow us on Pinterest while you’re there! Pin It

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Easter Basket Name Tags

sm easter basket tag 4

Sharing some Easter Basket Name Tag printables today.  Just print, cut, add a fluffy bunny tail (pom pom) and attach to your child’s Easter basket with pretty ribbon!   Download below. My bunny tags & cards match these too! All printables and downloads designed by The Crafting Chicks are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not alter or claim as your own. This file is not intended for resale, nor are the printed versions of this file. Feel free to link back to if you like our printables, and we’d appreciate a comment if you download. Green & Blue Tags: [wpdm_file id=130] Pink & Purple Tags: [wpdm_file id=129] Pin It

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Spring Fling- Save the Date1

Mark your calendars for APRIL 29th! Spring Has Sprung! It’s that time of year… time for some Spring Pinning! We are SO pleased to announce the FIRST EVER Spring Fling Party ON Pinterest with some of your Favorite Bloggers! Remember that MUST-FOLLOW Pinterest Group Board filled with extreme craftiness, beauty & fashion tips galore, genius organizational & DIY ideas, plenty of kid-entertaining and hubby-lovin’ suggestions, and ways to SAVE more moo-lah? Basically EYE-candy at it’s finest! (Following this board ensures your Pinterest feed will be on a balanced diet of daily inspiration!) Well, we have all gotten together again {with 6 FANTASTIC new guest bloggers} to throw another LIVE PARTY on PINTEREST! OH! And… We should mention, there is also a HUGE GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY, of course… with TWO winners!! {Keep scrolling down to enter!} So, mark your calendars for APRIL 29th! …and check out all of bloggers involved in the meantime! You are gonna fall in LOVE with them! [Read More…]

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11 Ideas to Help Your Garden Grow


Over the years I’ve learned that people are on either side of the yardwork fence, you either love it or you despise it. I’m a yard work junkie and find great satisfaction in having a weed free yard with a trimmed lawn and blooming flowers. Yesterday, I mowed our lawn for the first time this year! So to kick off the growing season here are 11 posts from around the web with information to get your yard and garden looking great! If you don’t know where to begin, check out these tips from Cottage at the Crossroads Sherelle has beautiful photos of her garden and the produce she raises. Even those with a black thumb will be wanting to grow garden produce like she does. They even have their own greenhouse–which I’m pretty envious of. This potted wall is a great way to bring color into a small space by Better Homes and Gardens Find tips on how to plant [Read More…]

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