If you are readers of our site, you know how much we love Pick Your Plum!  We can’t say enough good things about this site and their amazing products each day!  I look forward to their daily emails to see what cute item they have up for grabs.

Today, I’m sharing some of my recent favorites from PYP!

I just bought these owl hats (below) for my boy/girl twins.  How cute will they look in these?!  Can’t wait to seeing my little “owl” running around in the snow.

And if you remember my Paris Bakeshop Party and Spooky Banner, you will know how I loved using these adorable paper sacks below to create pennants for my banners.


When I spotted these polka-dot leggings on Pick Your Plum, I had to snatch up a few!  They were around $2 a pair!!  Can you tell how much my little girl loved them?…look how creative she got, even using them as arm warmers:)

 This one is hilarious!  For a couple of weeks, I would find my little one in these leggings in the middle of the night (she would wake up and change out of her pajamas into this)!


I love these cupcake stands.  So so cute!  I have a couple from PYP and get so many compliments.  A good coat of spray paint and you have very adorable party piece!


Here are some details about PICK YOUR PLUM!

(From the PYP website) Get it before your neighbor does:

  • We have limited supplies on some of the most swank supplies. We have agents out in the field who find killer deals on high quality products.
  • We delicately slap prime-o pricing on crafting, clothing, baking supplies, home decor and other fabulous finds.  Stellar pricing.  Cool.
  • We sell it ’til it’s gone or ’til time is up.
  • You leave feeling like you just won Martha in a crafting contest.
  • The supplies arrive in 7-8 shipping days and you’ve just picked your ‘plum’! Doesn’t it feel good?

Sign up for Instant Alerts so you always know ‘The Deal’.  Don’t blame us if you overdose. We only sell products we would use ourselves. We enjoy quality.  Also join their Facebook Page for ideas and announcements.

Great news…Pick your Plum is giving away a gift basket full of awesome PYP goodies valued at $75 to one of our readers!

Enter Below! (And don’t forget to sign up so you won’t miss out on all Pick your Plum has to offer!)

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  1. thanks for d chance

  2. Cindy Cavanaugh Says: November 15, 2012 at 11:12 am

    🙂 This is sweet!

  3. Great giveaway!!

  4. Christine Smith Says: November 15, 2012 at 11:20 am

    I love PYP! I am addicted and hide the webpage from my husband every morning so he can’t tell me no lol.

  5. Your little one in the polka dot leggings is just too adorable! Thanks for the giveaway info.

  6. I heart pick your plum! Pick me!!!!

  7. Love Pick Your Plum. Cute ideas every day!

  8. Allison P Says: March 24, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    Hi, I too bought the owl hats when PYP had them, but sadly today my daughter threw it out of the cart at the store and I somehow missed it. Came across your blog when searching for them. Do you happen to know how I could buy these same hats again? I’ve seen many on etsy, etc. but was very pleased with these and would really like to get another! Thank You for any info you can provide!

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