Recently the Chicks were sent a variety of books from Gibbs-Smith, one of our awesome sponsors, so we will be posting about them over the next few months. Today we’re highlighting a series published by Gibbs-Smith called Pocketdoodles.

Pocketdoodles books have fun picture and writing prompts that encourage doodling and drawing, coloring and writing. The books are small (4×6 inches) and perfect for keeping in a pocket (hence the clever title) or backpack for creative entertainment wherever you go! I like the description on the website for Pocketdoodles for Young Artists:

Pocketdoodles for Young Artists inspires creativity by helping readers make their own comic strips, build skyscrapers, invent new machines, design delicious new recipes, and draw their very own masterpieces. This fun addition to the best-selling Pocketdoodles series is sure to grab any child’s imagination and carry it to new creative heights. Whether kids are waiting for the school bus or need something fun to do while visiting grandma, every moment becomes full of limitless possibilities.

Entertaining illustrations by Tom Bloom encourage creativity while adding fun and whimsy to any day. Using page after page of delightful doodling prompts written by Bill Zimmerman, young artists can turn an everyday dull moment into an amazing adventure.

My son was very excited to try out Pocketdoodles for Young Artists. I barely even got a chance to hold it before he practically snatched it out of my hands to see, ha ha! 🙂 He immediately started thumbing through the pages to see what it was all about.

pocketdoodles gibbs-smith

The quirky illustrations caught his eye and he jumped right into doodling away. 🙂 Yes, Harry Potter fever has hit our house too!

pocketdoodles gibbs-smith

There’s a great variety of prompts and little themes in this book, from making up short stories to drawing silly faces or creating a movie screen–over 200 pages worth of ideas! It was a good tool to get his creative juices flowing, especially since we’re in the middle of summer. 🙂

The activities are such that you can jump in anywhere, even smack dab in the middle of the book if you want to. Once my son started, he kept flipping through more pages and finding more fun things to try out. I can see these books being great for trips in the car or plane, while waiting at the dentist, or even for getting out during quiet time at home. This particular book would work for boys or girls, although I think my daughter would have fun trying out the book that’s specifically for girls or princesses and comes in a pink cover. 🙂

I am glad I was introduced to this FUN series—and my son is too!

Disclosure: We were given some books to try out from Gibbs-Smith. All opinions, as always, are our own! 🙂


  1. These are fun little books! I like how the child can choose how his or her pictures are going to look. I know some children need a little push before they can really let their creativity go. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a cute way to spark imagination and creativity. I think they will be a hit.

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