Some items provided by Pottery Barn for this design.

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We have been in our home for almost 6 years and my front living room has been forgotten.  It seems like it’s the last room I think about but it is the first room a guest sees.  Since adding a piano to that space, I’m happy to say that this room is much more welcoming…and used!  When choosing my room for the Pottery Barn Re-design series…I knew this was the room.

Here is my ispiration design board for my space:

sm jamie design board

After talking with my dear friend Sita (everyone needs a designer friend), and getting tips, I was ready to go.  I knew I wanted this space to be a little bit “fancy” with a little glam.  I wanted this room to flow better and wanted to add white and grey with pops of black and blue.

I also loved using Pottery Barn’s Design studio for tips, advice and inspiration to use along the way.  Today I want to share with you the key pieces that transformed my living room.



AFTER: lr 9

1. Lighting:

I think lighting is huge in a room.  I LOVE me some lamps.  I fell in love with this Chunky Antique Mercury glass lamp.  I love the shape and color.  I added symmetry to this room by placing a side table and lamp on either side of my white sofa.  It made a huge impact.  I love symmetry.  I love when these lamps light up the room at night…they are so pretty.  I think a lamp is a good thing to splurge on!

lr b

lr 13

2. RUGS:  This Zig Zag rug made the most dramatic change in my space.  I could not love it more.  I love the cool colors of light grey and white.  I have owned a few pottery barn rugs and they last forever!  Great quality and design.

lr 16

I also found a home for Evie Ivy “i love you so” sign that I bought at the Queen Bee Market.

lr 8

lr 6

3. Pillows & Throws:  Pillows add color, texture, and patterns to your space.  I love neutral sofas and chairs with patterned pillows.  I started with this chunky striped pillow (I wish you could see the great texture), and added a few other pillows.  I used the black and white polka-dot and floral fabric to make easy pillow slipcovers.  Throws also add a soft ‘homey’ feel to any room.


lr 19

lr 10

4. Accessories:  Ahhhh…the icing on the cake.  These Malta lanterns are dreamy.  I paired mine on a tray (lined with polka-dot fabric) to place on my coffee table.


lr 12

lr a

lr 17

lr 15

I love how this room came together.  Love the beautiful items I found at Pottery Barn.  I Love how the Sliver Piano is quite the statement piece (some say I’m crazy but I love it) and I love seeing the Gallery Wall of my cute kids tie into the design.  It’s a happy room.

lr 2


  1. SO gorgeous Jamie!! 🙂

  2. The room turned out great, Jamie! I absolutely love how bright and fresh it feels! Great job, my friend!

  3. Beautiful room!

  4. Heather Says: July 26, 2013 at 8:19 am

    Oh I looooove it!!!! It’s so pretty!!!! Seriously love it all!!! & Sita is pretty great too!! Xxoo

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  7. This is beautiful! Can you let me know where the side tables are from? i LOVE them!

  8. I love the wall color. It goes perfect with the blues and silvers. Do you mind sharing what it is? Is it the same color in your master bedroom?

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