Hey friends!  I am so excited to tell you about the POWER OF MOMS  retreat that Brooke and I had the privilege of attending a couple of weeks ago.  If you’ve never been to the Power of Moms website, YOU MUST.  It’s always been one of our favorites here at Crafting Chicks and it’s the most amazing parenting site.  Saren and April and their 300 authors are REAL, HONEST, EMPOWERING and so very RESOURCEFUL.  I love it also because they talk so much about “Deliberate” in your parenting.  THIS CONCEPT IS POWERFUL and I love that they remind all of us that we can plan, prepare, and make our families and parenting experiences wonderful and purposeful.

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Retreat Description:  Power of Moms Retreats are uniquely powerful opportunities for learning, sharing, reflecting and relaxing.

Part “professional development” in the field of motherhood and part get-away, Power of Moms Retreats can entail a day-long or weekend get-away or simply a two or three-hour gathering where a group of moms step away from their regular lives to learn from wonderful trainers and from each other and head home empowered with ideas and support.

Our Retreats are designed to unite women from all backgrounds, regardless of religion, age, family size, or employment status. We find common ground in our desires to be deliberate mothers.


(Total nerds getting our parenting awesomeness on.)

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I learned so many things there and here are just a couple of tidbits (and they have amazing worksheets on each of these topics):

  • Family Systems:  It’s all about systems to keep your house running smoothly with as little effort as possible.  
  • Family Economy:  We talked about different ways to  reward and keep track of chores and responsibilities in the home.  It’s great because you start by thinking about what you want your children to learn when they leave the home.  I love their idea about the peg system.  Each child has a number of pegs that they put in the FINISHED spot when they are done with certain chores.  At the end of the week, they get paid for their pegs.  I love the quote Brooke always says, “The purpose of the task is to build the relationship.”
  • Personal Workflow: (based on Getting Things Done by David Allen…which I adore)  They have adapted David Allen’s program for moms, it’s AMAZING.  They discussed how we gather process and organize all of the things, tasks, papers in our lives so we can have clear minds as mothers, brilliant.  I love the idea of the INBOX.
  • Synergistic Parenting:  I love their idea about the 5 facet review for each child, each month, with your spouse.  It’s where you go on a date with your spouse and discuss each child’s mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social state.  You look for possible problems as well as the possibilities and opportunities for each child.  It’s great because I think if we all did this, many problems would be solved before they are real problems.  I LOVE THIS.  What a great reminder to focus on each child individually, because they really are individuals.
  • Family Culture:  What do we want people to remember about THE _________ FAMILY?  You build your family culture with mottos and statements that define who you are as a family what you want your family to be.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.  With my app Kid Chatteroo, this is HUGE and what’s it’s all about.  Family culture is what makes your kids keep coming back to your family now and in the future.  They talk about traditions.  I LOVE this.
  • So. Much. More.  It was amazing.

We were pleased to hear from Linda and Richard Eyre, NYT Best-seller authors…..for just about 35 parenting books.  They just happen to be Saren’s parents who Brooke and I have read their books for years.  It reminds me years ago when I met them at a conference and I think I cried because I was meeting them…they are THAT amazing.  I am THAT nerdy.

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Look who downloaded my App KID CHATTEROO….

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This isn’t the most non-blurry picture but I had to include this since we love Saren’s mom so much, mama EYRE.

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We can’t say enough about this retreat.  You know how some things you walk away a different person?  This was no exception.  It really makes you think about all these things that are so important.  I am so passionate about all these things and it was magical to be there and be totally inspired and to be in such great company.  I even want to go again.  They also have many AMAZING programs for moms online HERE!

Thank you April and Saren from Power of Moms.


Brooke and Kirsten


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