This was so fast.  I think I started this project 1 hour before Q’s first soccer game, a game I had much anticipated.  I played soccer all through school and couldn’t wait until I had a daughter to watch on the soccer field.  Let me first start by saying that when I was playing, I had a hard time with the thought of girly cleats, or course I was older, but stil.  These just seemed to fit little Q though without question.  She is super girly and I wasn’t quite sure she would even put on the uniform, I thought these would help.  She loves them.


  1. Take out laces and clean the surface of the shoes really well with a damp clothe, let dry.
  2. Tape off the parts of the shoe that you don’t want glitter on.
  3. Spray shoes 12″ away with Krylon Glitter Blast to your desired glitteryness (not a word, :).
  4. Before the glitter dries, take the tape off and let dry.
  5. ENJOY!!

All the glitter didn’t stay but most of it, and we love how they still look.  The first game went well, I got these kisses afterwards, so I guess she likes them.


xoxo, Kirsten



  1. Aww! Perfect for girly girl girls!

  2. Love this last pic, Kirsten! She is such a doll…just like her mamma! Miss you!

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