This is the second DIY Quiet Book I made. It is an adorable way to occupy tots and babies – see how to do it below!

Page 1- Zip up Lady bug (dots attach with velcro)

Page 2 & 3- Shape match, and build a snowman (I had too much fun making clothes and accessories for this little guy-notice how the felt pockets are overflowing!)

Page 4 & 5- Go Fish( I still haven’t finished making the fishing pole-still not sure how to make a good one) & hang up the laundry (good for fine motor skills-grasping and pinching the little clothes pins)

Page 6 & 7-Alphabet

Page 8 & 9- Stop Light & Cars-road and garages (My little man loves this page!)

Page 10- Notes-pocket for notepad and pencil


  1. I absolutely ADORE your quiet books! Awesome job, I’m sure your children love them.

  2. o my gosh, jamie, these are so adorable!!!! how long did this project take you? i’d love to make some for my kids.

  3. So So cute! Would you be willing to make one for me? I’d pay for it for sure!

  4. Thanks Guys-I don’t think I could possibly make them again-it was a ton of work and took a couple of months (it would take much less time if I didn’t have toddlers!) I might make a pattern though-we will seel!

  5. Jamie those are SO cute! I’d happily buy a pattern if you made one 🙂 Just a little encouragement 🙂

  6. those are way too cute!!! I love it!

  7. I am with the others- I would love a book- but I am horrible at sewing… would you sell one? Or atleast a pattern?

  8. oh…my email is

  9. These are so wonderful. I want to make a quite book in the worst way but it just takes so much time. Your pages are adorable. Great inspiration.

  10. I am pretty much in awe Jamie…seriously, so cute.

  11. those quiet books are the CUTEST things ever!

    i wish i had kids so i can make them!

    hopefully when I do i will remember these so i can make them!


  12. LOVE these ideas! Thanks for sharing. I’m linking them to my blog!

  13. so i just made a quiet book for my daughter and included a link to this post in my posting as i got some ideas from ya! thanks for sharing. love the blog! i posted about it here-


  14. Such a bright and cheerful looking quiet book….love the cute little pockets for the cars to park!

  15. Love the book. Would you share the patter?
    Thanks, Amy

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  17. Kara Beth Says: June 27, 2012 at 10:48 pm

    Hey! Do you make these? I realize this post is older, but I was wondering if you ever make quiet books to sell?

  18. ann herrington Says: October 10, 2012 at 9:59 am

    I am joining the “Please can you make one for me” team! How can I order one? I hope that is an option. Can you let me know either way. Thanks.

  19. I love it as for the fishing pole slide it in the pink felt wiht a string and a magnet at the end

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