We’re back with this month’s pinboard! It’s our Rainy Day board and I’ve had so much fun putting it together for you. Whether you’re looking for cute rain gear, activities for rainy days, or even rain art (it exists!) – you’ll find it here!

I’m kind of obsessed with umbrellas, maybe it’s because I grew up in windy Southern Idaho where there is no reason to even attempt using an umbrella. And boots-so many cute boots out there. Here’s a small peak at what you’ll find over there!

rainy_day_kids Classic Striped Rain Boots / 25 Rainy Day Activities for Kids / Scuba Umbrella

rain_drops Polka Dot Boots / Rain Drops Wooden Sign / Striped Umbrella


Smile in the Rain / 4 Chic Outfits for Rainy Days / 5 Steps to Building a FortRainy Day Hair

Come check it out and follow us on Pinterest while you’re there!

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