Hey, it’s Brooke with another “trash to treasure” project! I love finding things for cheap or free and giving them a makeover! This project was totally inspired by Char from the awesome blog Crap I’ve Made–she thrifted some old shutters and turned them into something AMAZING. Ever since I saw her shutters I wanted to do a project like it for my home. So when I saw a small set of sad old shutters at the D.I. (a thrift store in Utah) I grabbed them right up!

These puppies were fairly nasty but for only $2 each they were a bargain!

These shutters got a makeover over the weekend and are living a much happier (and prettier and more useful) life hanging out on my daughter’s bedroom wall to feature art and photos and things that she loves! 🙂

pink shutters display

Here’s what I did:

I cleaned up the shutters, removed the old hardware and sanded them down a bit. Then I primed them and spray painted the shutters with Krylon Pink Ballet Slipper spray paint. Once dry, I hung them on the wall just using regular old nails and a hammer.

I hung them up backwards (with the little “wand” thingie against the wall) because I wanted to use the shutter slats to hold photos and other little trinkets.

Once the shutters were on the wall I had some fun making a few little decorations for it! 🙂 Like a mini banner made from paper doilies and jute string, stuff I had in my craft closet already!

Just fold the doilies in half over the string and use a glue stick to hold it together.

I just can’t get enough of banners of any kind!

I decided to use some clothespins to hang some photos, artwork and quotes on the shutters. I covered them with some ribbon and hot glued some fabric and crochet flowers to the clothespins to spiffy them up. Took about 30 seconds each. 🙂

I love this quote I found on Pinterest so I made a small framed quote in Photoshop. I also made a few other little designs and my daughter’s name in Photoshop to hang up (graphics are by Crystal Wilkerson).

I found that using mini clothespins really worked well too (plus they are just adorable, don’t you think?) to hang photos onto the slats.

I left lots of room for my Annie girl to fill it up with her special treasures!

I’m really happy with my repurposed shutters wall display and just love the way they turned out. (And I’m already on the lookout for more shutters!)

Here are some other links for shutter inspiration!

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  1. That is sooooo cute! Great job!

  2. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. Says: August 8, 2011 at 7:25 am

    Super cute!

  3. We love repurposed window shutters. These are really cool. Well done.

  4. I adore old shutters and this is such a creative idea!

  5. This is so sweet. Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Gah! I love them so much!

  7. This is a fantastic idea! I absolutely love what you did with these shutters; I pinned your after photo in Pinterest!

  8. Adorable project! Love the colors too:)

  9. Adorable! I love the banner and the cute clothespins!

  10. Oh my gosh I absolutely LOVE this! So pretty and the little garland is sweet! 🙂

  11. Rebecca Cooper Says: August 9, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    gorgeous Brooke! 🙂

  12. Very cute!!! I love the texture or shutters and how they fill a space.

  13. LOVE it!

  14. Love! I have an old pink window bulletin board hanging in my daugher’s room. What paint color is on your walls?

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  17. I love this idea! Next year I will be officially living on my own in an apartment with three other friends. I have brainstorming lately on how I want my new room to look and some fun accents I can bring to our apartment as a whole. I do have to say, however, this shutter transformation will be going into my new room. Do you have any tips on how to make the actual shutter to have a more vintage look? I am going for a light cream color with gold finish. I just dont know what the best way would be to create the “vintage” look. Thanks again for this idea!

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