I fell in love with this tree skirt by Ashley via Pinterest a few weeks ago. It automatically went on my “must do” list. But really, who am I kidding. There’s no way I’ll actually get around to re-doing my tree skirt + matching stockings to go with it.

So I applied the same idea on a much, much smaller scale and created a ruffled turkey!

Step 1: Gather supplies. Burlap, an old sheet, scissors, glue gun, and a squash.

Step 2: Cut the burlap into strips and rip the sheet.

Step 3: Use the size of the squash to estimate the spread of the tail feathers and cut out of cardboard.

Step 4: Start glueing, creating the ruffles as you go.

Step 5: Continue layering burlap and whit until you’ve fill up the card board.

My original idea was to use a butternut squash, but in the end decided I liked the pumpkin much better. Can you see a turkey there? My boys think he needs a head. But I quite like him just the way he is.



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Also, Brooke is sharing an inexpensive, personalized gift idea for the Pennywise Presents series at Infarrantly Creative today–check out her Family Photo Go-Fish Game idea and show some love! 🙂


  1. I say turn him on his side bc the stem looks like a beak already! Great idea with the fabric ruffles and how to reuse a Halloween pumpkin!

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