Some of our families favorite recipes come from Our Best Bites. Like their Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos. I make them when I want to impress without looking like I’m trying too hard. It works every time. Maybe that’s why I love Sara and Kate (the ladies behind Our Best Bites) so much–because the have delicious and realistic recipes that busy mom’s can make.

Their newest cookbook, Savoring the Seasons, is available today! And can I tell you how validated this book made me feel?! For years my husband has rolled his eyes at my “season appropriate food” spiel. Which means every food belongs to a particular season and I won’t make it unless it’s time. So there’s no lasagna in July around here and soups are saved for rainy days.

Look at that! The whole cookbook is organized by the season! Which means no skimming through the casserole section in August looking for dinner ideas–just flip to Summer and light the grill cause these ladies are here to make your life easy! They also have seasonal craft projects and list their favorite things about every season. Have I mentioned how much I love this!

No matter if you own their first cookbook and/or follow their site you won’t be disappointed in this book, it’s full of brand new recipes you haven’t seen before!

If you are in the Salt Lake City area you can meet Sara and Kate this Thursday at their launch party at Orson Gygi from 11-1pm!

 All images from Our Best Bites

*Disclaimer we received Savoring the Seasons in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own, and I’m not kidding about having season appropriate food. or the eye rolling.


  1. Looks like one Fantastic cookbook and nice that they have the seasons all well organized that way. Looks like it’s a ‘must have’ book to add to my collection

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