I am falling more in love with my Silhouette every time I use it….I had so much fun making these personailized T-shirts for my kiddos this week.

You should of seen me and my little ones looking down in amazement while we were watching the silhouette cut out these images.  Where has it been all of my life!

I received these heat transfer materials in smooth and flocked.  I thought we could have fun with the flocked heat transfer material and make some cute t-shirts.  I figured it was a great beginning project…but the possibilieties are endless…pillows, lampshades, material designs on canvas, etc.

Since my little boy LOVE dogs…we designed a shirt with a dog that says “TOP DOG”-random but he LOVES it…
He loved the fact that the dog was “fuzzy” (white flocked heat transfer)

and for my sweet Abby…She is in love with Tangled right now…she sings aloud to the soundtrack while we drive around town and since one of her favorite Tangled songs is “I’ve Got A Dream” we decided to make a princess shirt with those words.

I love that you can get creative and make it personalized with what you love.

These were quite easy to use.  You don’t need to use your cutting mats with the heat transfer material.  I did make one mistake on the princess castle, I forgot to flip it horizontally…A MUST DO!  I loved how all of the instructions were listed on the back of the heat transfer material-made it much quicker.

While taking photos of my little boy in his new dog shirt, he made me pause so he could run and grab his favorite stuffed dog to pose in the photo with:)

My kiddos wanted to wear these shirts immediately and were SO EXCITED-who would have thought a t-shirt could make them so happy!

Right now Silhouette has a great deal going on-so you can make these too!

For $219 you can get a Silhouette SD and 3 rolls of heat transfer material.  Just go to Silhouette  and use the promo code “CHICKS” until May 25th to receive this deal (savings of over 125 dollars!)
If you already have a Silhouette you can get 25% off all heat transfer material.

We would love to see your Silhouette creations!


  1. Is this kit all you need to start or do you recommend anything else in the shop? I am a newbie so any help you have would be great!!!

  2. Jennifer Says: May 19, 2011 at 8:06 am

    LOVE it! Going to check it out now!

  3. I love your work, your arts, your blog!

    Kisses and blessings.
    from Brazil

  4. Love these! What’s the name of the castle shape you used from the silhouette gallery?

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