Yay!!!  I am so excited to be ‘decking the halls’!  I love Christmas and I love giving gifts.  I am always trying to come up with cute and fun Christmas gift ideas for teachers and neighbors.  I don’t want to spend a lot and I want them to be something that they can use.  This year, I decided to make some little Christmas magnets and put them in some darling little tins for my kids teachers.

Here is the one I made for my Kylie’s teacher…

I used Altoids tins.  I found them at Smith’s grocery store.  I had a really hard finding them for some reason.  Altoids tins are the best, you can do so many fun things with them.

I made some cute, Christmasy magnets.  I used the December Flair kit by Crystal Wilkerson.  Her Christmas kits are so adorable, I love using them!  I am LOVING the colors in this holiday kit, I think it is so fun because it really doesn’t have a lot of the typical ‘Christmas colors’.  It is different and the cutest.  🙂

I digiscrapped a little tag for the top and stuck it on with some glue dots. To make my tags, I used  the December Holiday kit by Crystal Wilkerson.  So, so easy and they turned out fabulous!

Here is the one I made for my Blake’s teacher…

If you are new to making magnets, check out Jamie’s awesome magnet making tutorial.  They are really easy and fun to make.

Another fun gift that I made this year is this framed mini Christmas word art.  I got the frame at Micheals for $1.00. It is 8″x8″.  I painted it and sanded it a little to make it look worn.  Then I added my simple mini Christmas word art that I made.  The opening in the frame is 3.5″x3.5″, so that is what I sized my word art. 

Finally, I added some rick rack, some ribbon, and two little jingle bells.  I loved it after I added the bells, it made it much more festive.

Here is the mini Christmas word art that I made…

As a little gift to you, here are the free downloads.  There is one in green and one in blue.  If you would like to make your own framed mini Christmas word art, right click on the image and save.

Happy gift-giving everyone!!!

 ♥ ♥ ♥   Jen



  1. Hi there! I love the magnets! Can you tell me where you purchased the clear stones? Can I find them at Joannes or Michaels? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Kristen,
      Thanks! I got my clear stones at Micheals. They had a lot
      of different sizes. I think you can get them at most craft stores. 🙂

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  3. I love the little mini subway art! So very cute! I wonder if you have it in a white background? I was thinking I could print it on scrapbook paper and match the paint to it. You are AMAZING!!! (PS, I have been a follower for quite a while. I love your stuff!)

  4. LOVE THEM JEN!!! I’m gonna have to make those magnets for sure!!! Too cute!

  5. Very cute gift ideas! And thank you so much for the download! 🙂

  6. My husband is a teacher so we always try to come up with something fun and USEFUL! Magnets are great because they are something one might use… you have no idea how many little trinkets he gets (he is a High school teacher) that go in the garbage. Gift cards are ALWAYS nice and appreciated. I am doing a 12 days of Christmas for each of my kids teachers. Each day a rhyme is attached to some useful goodie for the day… pencils, paperclips, candy canes, a clip board. You get the idea! Merry Christmas!

  7. I love the magnet idea! What a great idea for a teacher gift.

  8. Just a FYI – we use these clear stones to make neckalces with – super, super cute, easy, and cheap. Best of all-we get our bags from the Dollar Tree in their floral decor section! I love your site-I WILL be doing the magnets this year!!! Awesome idea!

  9. Hi! Love the magnets!! Can you use hot glue or dies the mod pog work best? Is that sold at Michaels craft store too?

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