When is comes to systems, there is definitely a need for good systems in dealing with the onslaught of paperwork, homework, STUFF, event reminders, all the schedules and everything else.  Moms have to be TASK & ORGANIZED WONDERWOMEN to keep up with life’s fast pace.  I’m here today to talk about simple systems that help me keep track of my kids’ schedules, homework, activities, car pools, and the other 5o million things on our plates.

At our house…organization (I’m not even sure I would call it that) starts with our FAMILY CALENDAR.  I LOVE MY FAMILY CALENDAR.  I have to see things in my own handwriting or I’ll forget….must be the visual side of me.  To buy this, I went against my rule that I can’t buy something I can make…well after trying to figure this baby out for the whole year, I ended up buying it at Swiss Days and I have loved it ever since.  This ALA BOARD was $115 at Swiss Days a couple of years ago, yes I know that seems like a lot (I about wet myself buying it), but I LOVE IT.  The numbers and months are magents, LOVE IT!


This COAT RACK BY THE DOOR TO THE GARAGE was $5 to make.  I was so sick of the coats and backpacks everywhere….so cheap.

It’s nothing fancy but super functional.

1.  Find a 1″x5″ board and some hooks

2.  cut board to length and fasten coat hooks to board

3.  screw wood nails into the studs (important for hanging heavy backpacks and things)

4.  Done.

MAGNET BOARD (Ikea $14.99 I think, magnet clamps to hold paper:  Wal-Mart $3)


1.  1 magnet for each child

2.  I use these hooks for all the things I need to see again, while making sure I throw things away frequently…..

**homework sheets that need to be turned in by the end of the week**

**class schedules**

**sports sign-ups that I need to think more about before doing anything about it**

**Pictures (ok so these are normally up here, it looked a little drab without them :)**

**Reading & Incentive Charts**

**anything you want to see and use again….be picky**

 Thanks to Cousin Brooke,  (see her cute board HERE) I have this awesome wall storage system (Target $7.99)…extra crap now contained, priceless.

With Fall and Winter coming up, it’s super important to have places to store all those coats, gloves, hats, and all the other small cool weather items.  We store our sunscreen and summer hats here as well in the warmer months.  This shoe organizer has SAVED ME.


**see through pockets**

**somewhat sturdy pockets**

**24 of more pockets**

These are some of the little BIG THINGS that make this house run.  I’ve realized that it’s not about

whether I can DO IT ALL….or have all the time in the world, it’s about having good systems that save

you time and brain power that make all the difference.  What systems have you found that work for you?


  1. Love it all. Great ways to stay organized!!! I am in organization mode right now too, I need it so I can stay SANE! 🙂 xoxo

  2. I love all these great ideas to help keep the kids organized. They sure do save a lot of time. I have a linky party every Wednesday through Friday and would love for you to join if you get a chance. Have a great day!

  3. These are great things to stay organized…I hate that the kids throw everything around & then we have to go find it all. Or it sits on the backs of the chairs at the dining room table & looks off for when company comes over…thanks for the ideas!!

  4. That hanging pocket thingie has SAVED my life 🙂

  5. Please tell me where you got the calendar page…did you do it yourself? Is it a template? I’m graphically challenged when it comes to these types of things. Maybe you could post your template for us challenged people to use 🙂

  6. I think this idea is a lifesaver. My toddler isn’t studying yet but I love the bag hook and the magnetic board. It keeps things organized for both parents and kids. I know I’ll be needing this one soon.

    Thanks for the tip!

  7. I use the clear over-the-door shoe organizer to hold our hats, sunscreen, shoes, and crap, too!!! Our front door is magnetic so I use magnetic backed clips to clip all the each child’s schedule, drawings, and other important things. When the clip gets too full or I need to remind myself about something I grab a magnet and put it on the front door separately. It helps to see the stuff right before we head out the door. I am also known to scribble something on a brightly colored post it note and place it on the handle or right at eye level so I won’t forget something really important!

  8. On my calendar every family member has their own color, so I can easily see who has something going on without having to write their name each time. I wish I had a wall in my kitchen/dining to put the magnet board, I really struggle trying to keep track of papers like those. I definately need to get a “shoe organizer”. Thanks for the cute ideas.

  9. Okay, I think you just saved my life! I am in love with the closet organizer and the magnetic board with a place for each family member! GENIUS!

  10. Love the over the door organizer! Now I need to figure out how to modify some of this for my hubby!!

  11. These are great ideas! Can’t wait to copy the shoe pocket idea. Unrelated question–where did you get that runner on the floor?!

  12. Just bought an over the door organization TODAY on Amazon right after I read this post! Genius!

  13. Where can find hooks like that??

    • I found these at Ikea…..they were actually part of another coat rack that you could assemble…but you can find some similar at Lowe’s or Home Depot 🙂

  14. love your entry rug…where did you get it?

  15. Love your organizational ideas. I featured one of them on my blog at:


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