I’ve fallen in love with vintage Pyrex dishes.  Have you seen these?  Fun colors and some with fun patterns and prints.  In one of my recent thrift store runs I picked up a couple dishes and just knew that something fun would be in store for them.  I received a challenge from Studio 5 to use a Martha Stewart stencil set  in a fun unique way.  My dishes came to mind and I was super excited.  

I wanted to make these dishes pop with color.  I got some fun, bright paint colors from the Martha Stewart paint line and carefully chose which stencils I wanted to place on each dish.  That was the hard part because the stencil set I got had so many fun stencils.

First off, I cut my stencil out so it would fit inside my dishes and taped it down.


I used the Martha Stewart sponge pouncers to apply the paint.  Be careful not to get too much paint because it will bleed underneath the stencil.  The best bet is to apply a few thin coats so that you can get a nice pattern.


If you want to layer colors then just wait for the first paint color to dry and then move the stencil and start again.


I just love the whimsy the stencil adds to the dishes.

Now just load these up with treats and you are all set.  I can’t wait to take these to some fun picnics this summer.  You might have to make sure no one takes your dish now. 😉

What fun things would you stencil?


  1. Love your blog and all your great ideas.
    Just wondering ,would this be food safe?

    • Vicki–I used a food safe sealer so I’m hoping so. Just in case I am going to hand wash and make sure that it doesn’t come off in food. 😉

  2. This is so cool! How did you make sure the paint doesn’t come off?

  3. I love this and am definetly going to try this!!!

  4. Oh my eyes?! LOL Of course you can do whatever you want with your own dishes but to those of us hardcore vintage pyrex collectors… this is pretty much a sin! Oh and FYI – Hand wash ALL of your vintage Pyrex. Dishwashers ruin them and their original gorgeous colorful retro finishes.

  5. What a GREAT idea!!! I love it!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

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