So there have been a couple of ideas I have seen lately that have made me SWOOOOOON!!!  We are doing something new around here once a month and that is featuring some of the fun things we have seen around some of our very favorite blogs.  I am really really excited to share these DARLING ideas and give a shout out to our crafty friends out there in BLOGLAND.

#1.  This first one comes from Robyn over at The Pink Peony.  I love the whole silhouette marries Halloween flair this year.  I love the frames she put them in.  She purchased the black frame at a yard sale, and the shutters at Goodwill.  This is re-purposing at its finest!  She has some darling ideas on her blog, check it out if you have a second.

#2.  These cute monster eyes are from the blog IT IS WHAT IT IS.  They are treat pack and you wouldn’t believe what the treats are.  If you follow this link, it will take you to the freebie ready for downloading.  SO CUTE!!

monster eyes

#3.  Carisa is one of our readers that send in her take on the handprint/footprint ghosties inspired by our own BECKY JAMES.  See Becky’s tutorial HERE.  I like the footprint and how she chose to put it on a sanded wood block with a ribbon, what a fun touch.  Thanks Carisa!  See Carisa’s tutorial HERE.

#4.  I love these Halloween pendant pillows from Jen at Tatertots & Jello.  If you haven’t been to her site, you must go and check it out.  She has so many project features from herself as well as many of her readers.  This site is a must on your trip down blog lane ;).

#5.  I love the clean lines on these darling framed pumpkins.  This beauty comes from the talented gals at Eighteen25.  If you got a chance to check out their Spooktacular September projects, you would know that their taste is up there, they are AMAZING!!  It’s crafters like these girls that make me want to run away to a craft compound with some paper and glue and never come back.

#6.   The SPECIMENS.  I am loving these.  This set is from Jenny at Embelishing LIFE.  You can never go wrong when you use this color scheme, so cute.  I am so glad that our own Nikkala decided to do this projects as well.  You can see hers HERE.  Can you just make me a set Nik?  Please? 

#7.  These darling interpretations are from Jen at Tatertots & Jello.  How cute are these???  I love the colors she used as well and the set of three frames really makes a statement.  Once again, I love the specimens this year!

#8.  Let’s just say that I about DIED when I saw this gorgeous display.  Are you kidding me?  Shelley at HOUSE OF SMITHS totally outdid herself on this one.  She actually made most of the decoration on those plates with vinyl.  I love the color scheme and the set-up with the treats (and the treat names).  I think this is one of the cutest display I’ve seen all month.

Halloween Decor House of Smiths

Shelley has a vinyl business she runs from her home and she sells these designs right HERE, I want some of those right this instant!

#9.  These frames come from the queen of re-purposing, Brooke from ALL THINGS THRIFTY.  She does all sorts of amazing reupholstering projects, painting projects and a whole slew of other things that involve paint, nails, and great design.  She made these frames out of an OLD CHAIR for heavens sakes.  Brooke you are one crafty cat.

Picture Frames All Things Thrifty

#10.  This is another picture project that really stands out.  Over at HOW DOES SHE, they really know about good design.  I love those cute drapes in the background with the ruffles and the turquoise vase, not to mention the crazy cute picture wall of her darling kids.  Check them out if you haven’t yet.

So really I feel like I want to go and make every single one of these projects now, and you?  Which one is your favorite from the bunch?

Happy FRIDAY!!!


  1. Woah! Thanks so much for your amazing shout out!
    You guuuuys! 🙂 So sweet!
    Now send me some address, so I can get you some dang vinyl 🙂

  2. Oh I love this idea! There is so much good stuff out there. Thanks for all of the links!

  3. Thanks for featuring my monster eye printables! Love it here–you girls are so darn creative!

  4. thanks for sharing our pumpkin art.
    there are a lot of my favorites included in your list!! as i scrolled down i said to myself each time… oh… yeah. i love that too!!

  5. How do we get invited to see carisa’s tutorial? When I click on it it states that you have to be invited to see her blog. Could you let me know how I could see the tutorial?

  6. Hello ladies, i enjoyed the feature project challenge today on studio5. i am just getting started in the blogging world and 2wanted you to know that you bring me such inspiration. Keep shining.
    Melanie lott

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