sm swim tote header sm swim tote 3 Ahhh….Summertime!  WE love it!  I love swimming with my kids and all of the fun summer days and activities.

One thing I don’t love is packing all of the pool stuff…and forgetting things…being in charge of 4 kids and their swim gear is quite the feat!

My friend shared an idea with me.  She has a swim bag for each of her kids.  Brilliant!  And I love that it teaches my kids to keep track and be responsible for their swim belongings.

Each just has a small bag to carry with the following:

Beach Towel

Flip Flops (if they aren’t wearing them already)


Cover up or tshirt for the boys


We make sure to fill their bag and have it ready to go after each swim.  We have the swim totes in the mud room…so much better than me packing all of the goods!  They love it too!

I found these adorable pink “jelly” totes at H&M for $8!  Perfect for the wet swim gear!

What are some things that you do to keep organized in the summer time?  We’d love to hear!

sm swim tote 4 sm swim tote 1 sm swim tote 2


  1. Great idea! We re-pack our family pool bag after each swim, too. It makes it SO much easier than running down towels and sunscreen and flip flops and …. well, you know 🙂 Love the individual bags, too!

  2. Love it! This will be great for my daughter’s swim classes too! Can you tell me where you got those cute swimsuits?

  3. Great idea! Where did you find the bags?

  4. Great post. We love this idea! Check out our range of cute jelly totes 🙂

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