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If you are anything like me you might be suspecting that Santa may miss a few things on your list.  Well, have no fear we are here to help by giving you some things in the shape of an amazing craft tool and supplies.

How about a Cricut Expressions 2?!?

Cricut Expression 2

Oh and we want to throw in some supplies so you can create amazing things!!  Like 2 extra mats and some red and black vinyl!

Cricut Vinyl package


Here’s the best part… you do not have to buy cartridges!!!!  They have this great site, Cricut Craft Room, where you can buy single images online instantly!  If you own cartridges, or buy them at the store, you can sync them up to your online account.  Cricut Craft Room allows you to manipulate images like adjusting size, flipping horizontally and vertically, rotating and skewing.

Wanna know my favorite part???  There is free content, like images and designs, that will appear in your account for a limited time so you can craft up something fun and forget about it later!

I am amazed at what my Cricut Mini can do.  LOVE IT and I’m sure you will love this Cricut Expression 2!

Cricut has a great deal on the products listed above!  Get the Cricut Expression 2 for $199.99 and the mats and vinyl for $29.99.  These are some great deals and they are only good until January 31, 2013.

There are also some other great sales over on the Cricut site so make sure you stop by and load up!

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