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sm cricut collage cricut-explore-one-machine We are rounding up some of our favorite projects we’ve made using our Cricut Explore Machines!  AND…we are excited to give away the new Cricut Explore One from Michaels craft stores…to one of our lucky readers! We love using our cricut to make items personalized, for DIY projects, to add names and letters, and we love to create holiday projects too.   Here is a countdown of 21 cleverly awesome ways to use a Cricut Explore.  We would love you to be able to create with one too… so enter below to win a new machine! pencil bag header sm   Personalized Pencil Bags– This is a fun project for Back to school.  You can add a name to any pencil bag with the iron on vinyl. je tiame header Je T’aime Graphic Tee – Graphic tees are a hit!  This french inspired tee is adorable with sparkly gold iron on vinyl. maryjanes_scallop Scallop Mary Janes – How sweet are these Mary Jane toddler shoes.  Can you believe they were made with a Cricut machine!! I-Whaley-Love-You-Notebook I Whale-y Love you Notebook –  Love this “whale-y” sweet notebook and its message. sm chalkboard notebook Chalkboard Notebook – A notebook and chalkboard and one.  A fun project for back to school!  The kids will love it personalized with their name. sm love tee header LOVE Graphic Tee – Another cute graphic tee…this time with black iron on vinyl, the word love and arrows. sm adventure tote header   DIY Adventure Book Tote – The perfect book tote!  “Adventure is Out There!” and a cute sparkly gold hot air balloon. sm bag 6 Scripture Bag – Personalize any mini bag or tote with iron on vinyl.  And add a sweet, easy to make, fabric flower. Glitter Heart Leotard-2 Glitter Heart Leotard – Spice up a plain black leotard with a heart from gold iron on vinyl. sm olaf book box 4 Olaf Book Box – The perfect box to store those early readers… with a very cute Olaf quote. Pencil Posies Pencil Posies – Sweet pencil flowers…perfect teacher gift!   Thanksgiving-Hostess-Gift Thanksgiving Vase – A fun centerpiece for Thanksgiving or a great Hostess gift. sm thankful tree 3 Thankful Tree – Remind your family how important gratitude is with this pretty Thankful tree and silver leaves. ppcricut top Mini Box Nut Cup Place Cards – Cute mini boxes to add to your Thanksgiving table scape.  The boxes double as a nut cup and place card.   Or add a mini surprise in each box for your guest. Mini-Pine-Tree Mason Jar Pine Tree – Everything is cuter in a mason jar…like this mini Pine tree.  Look at the intricate cut outs from the Cricut machine. sm christmas pillow 1 Jingle All the Way Pillow – Silver glitter iron on is perfect for this “Jingle All The Way” pillow. christmaspillows Christmas Throw Pillows – Or use red iron on vinyl for these festive, graphic throw pillows. nap cricut top Metallic Bow Napkin Rings – Add these silver metallic napkin rings to pretty up any party! sm album 1 DIY Photo Album Cover – A sweet message to add to any photo album cover! stocking countdown header sm Stocking Garland Countdown – You kids will love this countdown.  It’s easy to make with Sparkly cardstock and a Cricut. halloween advent header Halloween Window Cling Advent Calendar – Try out the Cricut Window cling material with the Halloween countdown. halloween tic tac toe header Halloween Tic-tac-toe -Another fun window cling project for Halloween!

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Glitter Heart Leotard-2

I’m so excited to share this project because it’s so incredibly EASY PEASY!!!  Dance, soccer, school, etc. etc. is starting up all over again and we thought it would be fun to jazz up Q’s leotard by adding a darling silver iron-on heart….a glittery one.  If you haven’t used the Cricut Explore yet, it’s amazing.  It has opened up a whole new world of crafting in my life, furreals!  (totally a non-sponsored post 😉


  • Cricut silver glitter iron-on
  • Cricut Explore or if you want a more freehand heart, you can cut it yourself 😉
  • leotard or other shirt
  • iron

STEP 1:  If you are using the Cricut, pull up the design space and pull a heart of choice out of the “insert image” section on the left hand side of the screen.  Make the heart the size you want and let the machine cut out the perfect heart.  As you can see below, my heart turned out to be 5.5″.

STEP 2: Iron on your heart….yea that’s it.  The best way to iron on with the Cricut iron-on material is to iron the shirt right before you stick the heart on so increase adhesion.  When the heart is in place, press the iron firmly down on the heart until heart stay in place.  I usually keep that piece of plastic that comes off when you iron it in case it peels up at all.

Glitter Heart Leotard

DONE AND DONE!!!  Enjoy!



Disclosure: This is post is part of Michael’s #createtoeducate campaign and I received a gift card for my supplies. All opinions are mine.


Flower Topped Pencils Bouquet -Teacher Gift Idea

Here’s a cute little back to school gift that is completely applicable and useful for the classroom!


Pencil Posies


Americana Chalky Finish Paint

6″ Double-Sided Cardstock


Mason Jar

Bakers Twine

Cricut Explore

Step 1:

Paint the jar with the the Americana Chalky Finish paint and while it is drying we’ll work on the flowers.

Pencil Posies

Step 2:

First, cut flowers out. I used a Cricut Explore and one of their 3D flowers. The hole is already in the middle and was the perfect size to fit over the eraser. I cut 5 layers that gradually get smaller from double sided cardstock. All 5 flowers fit perfectly on the 6″ cardstock, which was perfect! I love double sided cardstock because the colors always coordinate and you can get a different patterns without having to load and cut a ton of paper in the Cricut.

Pencil Posies

Once the flowers are cut, crumple them. This will give them dimension and texture.


See how they no longer lay flat and the petals go both up and down.

Pencil Posies

Then simply slide the petals over the eraser and arrange so that the edges alternate and you can see the scalloped edges.

Pencil Posies

Place flowers in the painted jar and tie up with baker’s twine.

Pencil Posies



We are so super excited to introduce to you…..drum roll please…..i’m not sure if you know how big of a deal this is….it’s a big deal…the NEW CRICUT EXPLORE machine!!!!  This lovely baby was unveiled in Salt Lake City, Utah Monday evening at an event hosted by Cricut.  We were lucky enough to be in attendance and were able to see and USE this beauty first-hand.  It’s everything other cutter machines are NOT and we are so excited to tell you about it so here it goes…..



10.  It’s the FIRST machine that CUTS, SCORES, and PRINTS all in the same simple machine. YES, it’s TRUE!!!  This is truly groundbreaking and when we heard about it just last night, we couldn’t believe what we were hearing.  We got to see it in action and it’s AAAAHHHmazing!  Down below, you see a picture of this in action…at least the cutting and printing part.  As you can see, it’s cutting around the letters and the letters are being drawn right on the card.

Cut & Write

9.  YOU don’t have to change the SETTINGS!!!!  You just turn the dial.  In machines similar to this one, the depth of the blade has to be set, the thickness of the materials being cut, etc etc.  With this new machine, you just turn the dial and the machine knows how deep and how fast to cut.


8.  You can go from Inspiration to Creation in just a few clicks.  There is a project library that you can go through and choose a project and with a couple clicks, you can create those projects, the machine and software know exactly what to do!! How many times do we look on Pinterest and NEVER make any of the projects we pin?  Now you can choose the project and create it FAST!

Design Space 2

7.  It’s NOT JUST FOR PAPER & VINYL CRAFTING anymore. While this machine cuts paper and vinyl like a champion,  the fact that it cuts a variety of other materials, makes it perfect for home decor, jewelry, accessories, and many other things.  I think in the past, similar machines have been more focused on paper and vinyl.  This machine is focused on the whole DIY spectrum and is much more versatile.


6.  PRECISE cut, big or small!  WE love that IT WORKS!  It’s precise and cuts tiny tiny pieces that are 1/4″ up to 23 1/2″ tall.  The well-engineered blade is astounding.


5. CUT OUT THE IMAGES YOU DESIGN!!!  Upload .jpg, .png, .bmp and .gif files for free, or use .svg and .dxf files as part of a monthly subscription. I’m not going to lie, i’m SOOOO happy about this.  This is AWESOME!!!

Explore System Shot

4.  You can now use fonts already installed on your computer & any Cricut cartridges you already own.  Better yet, once you upload them to the design software, you don’t ever have to upload them again and they are there for your use as you need them!

An Idea is Born Photo

3.  Designed for a lifetime of use!!!!  The German engineering is precise, compact, and well-made.  They didn’t mess around when making and designing this product.  I want to know that when I buy something, it’s going to last me a very long time and be reliable, duh don’t we all!

Cut Smart

2.  The design software is EASY. TO. USE & you have access to 25,000+ images for just $.99 or do a lovely monthly subscription to have all access….AWESOME.  It’s very user friendly and designed for the consumer.

An Idea Is Born Canvas

1.  I would have to say the #1 reason for me to use the Cricut Explore  and my 1st favorite thing besides all the awesome features, all the possibilities, and all the bells and whistles….what is it, what is it?  It’s their staff, their people, their employees that are down right delightful.  I’ve never met a group of people that are so focused on the consumer and what to know EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT & NEED.  I kid you not, we deal with a lot of companies in the industry of crafting and DIY and you won’t find a more delightful group of people that care so much! SOLD. SOLD. SOLD.


So watch for this beautiful baby….it will be available on HSN in February and will be available on many popular consumer shelves on March 15th!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on one….CRICUT EXPLORE.


super_hero My 4 year old was invited to a dress up birthday party a while ago. Although we have a drawer full of costumes to choose from, he wanted to be a super hero. A real super hero. No amount of talking was going to get him to go as a pirate or dinosaur.

The instruction he gave me were,

1. An L on the back of the cape
2. A mask
3. Arm bands

With these instructions, I did what any mom in a hurry would and I turned to Google. I found this instruction for a superhero mask, and this one for superhero arm cuffs, as well as this one for shoe wings.

I pulled out some leftover orange Naugahyde (which was remnants of a Halloween costume years ago), silver iron-on vinyl from Cricut, and grabbed a cape that has been floating around the house and we set to work. SONY DSC

Because I figured it would be faster (hello, no sewing!) and more rugged than felt, I used the Naugahyde for the mask and the arm cuffs. They worked up really quickly. I cut them out and added adhesive Velcro to the cuffs and sewed on a sparkly piece of elastic to the mask and they were finished (5 minutes total).

While I was cutting Super Lincoln’s logo out of iron-on I cut a couple of extra little stars for the arm cuffs. I wasn’t sure how well the iron-on vinyl would work with the Naugahyde, but figured I didn’t have much to loose. Because Naugahyde is plastic I was afraid of it melting so I was really shy with the iron. But it worked really well. Maybe you could use a lower heat setting, but I found that applying heat for a short amount of time, checking to make sure it wasn’t melting, and then applying more heat until it was attached seemed to work.


And then because everything else had come together so quickly, I played around with the shoe wings. I imported a wing image into my Silhouette software and cut the wing out of the iron-on. I ironed it onto the Naugahyde and then cut around the wing shape with scissors. The last step was to punch holes into the wings with a hole punch. I lined the wings up with the laces and marked where the holes should go and used a regular old hole punch to make the holes.

These wings ended up being my favorite part and the perfect touch to complete this real super hero! You can download the Silhouette file below.

[wpdm_file id=57 title=”true” ]

All downloads designed by The Crafting Chicks are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not alter or claim as your own. This file is not intended for resale, nor is the finished product. Feel free to link back to www.thecraftingchicks.com, and we’d appreciate a comment if you download.  This file is zipped.  To extract and use, right click on the file after download, and select extract all and import into Silhouette Studio.

Our local DownEast has piles of name brand backpacks and luggage with names embroidered on that no one ever buys, because the who wants the wrong name stitched on their bag?


The larger backpack has wheels and a pull out handle–perfect to use as luggage for trips to grandma’s house. Even little travelers can wheel it along. Here’s a quick way to take advantage of these mis-named bags and personalize them with the names you want.

Step 1: Score some bags. These backpacks cost less than $15 for the two (together the retail price is just shy of $100).

Step 2: Using your electronic cutter, cut out correctly spelled names using heat transfer vinyl. Remember to mirror the name before cutting.

Step 3: Prep a piece of matching fabric. Cut to size, iron under edges, and stitch to prevent fraying.

Step 4: Iron name onto fabric piece.

Step 5: Use fabric glue to adhere the new name right over the top of the embroidered name. (You will still be able to see the embroidered stitching inside the front pocket.)

Step 6: Gift to your favorite kid(s) and watch their face light up when they notice it is just for them!

I am so excited to be part of Color My Summer on Delia’s amazing blog.

I am excited to share my RED summer project with you!  I am a preschool teacher and in a couple of weeks, we are going to be having a Hawaiian Luau!  I thought it would be fun for the kids to make their own paper Leis.  I loved the idea of using bright RED paper flowers.  Here are some tricks to how we made these-so you can get ready for a LUAU party this summer!

Let’s get started.

Supplies you need to make homemade Hawaiian Leis:

-Large Flower Punch

-Thick Cardstock

-drinking straws cut into 1 inch pieces

-Paper Hole Punch

-Yarn or Thick String

-Floss Threaders (important for little ones)

These floss threaders are a must if you are having kids make these leis.  Tie the yarn or string around the hole of the floss threader and your child will have a much easier time placing the straws and flowers on the yarn.  I use these in my preschool for lacing and other neclace making activities as well.

To make these lies:

-Start by cutting your straws into 1 inch pieces and punching out your flowers.

-Punch a hole in the center of each flower.

-Cut your yarn or string to the desired length and then tie on your floss threader at the end.

-Let your little one add a straw then a flower, creating a pattern.  You could use multiple colors of flowers and make an even brighter pattern.

-When finished adding straws and flowers, tie the end strings together!  Now you have a very cute Paper Lei!  You are ready to HULA!


My little girl was excited to wear her Paper Lei!  Can’t wait for our LUAU!