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DIY Garden Markers - A fun way to add color and personality to your garden! A great activity for kids too!

DIY Garden Markers

Spring is in the air and I’m anxious to get outside!  However, it’s not quite warm enough to start planting my garden.  So today we are gathering DIY Garden Marker ideas… you can get them all ready to go now and dream of warmer days.  Get the kids involved, they’ll love it!

Kid Painted Garden Markers from A Girl and A Glue Gun

DIY Garden Markers - A fun way to add color and personality to your garden! A great activity for kids too!

Letter Tile Garden Markers from The Farm Girl Gabs

DIY Garden Markers - A fun way to add color and personality to your garden! A great activity for kids too!

Painted Rock Garden Markers from Crafts By Amanda

DIY Garden Markers - A fun way to add color and personality to your garden! A great activity for kids too!

DIY Garden Plant Markers from Grey Luster Girl

Garden Plant Marker

Brick Herb Markers from Simple Details

Brick Garden Markers

Beaded Garden Markers from Paging Fun Mums

Beaded Garden Markers


Wood Spool Marker from Eighteen25

Wood Spool Garden Markers


Painted Garden Markers from Ready Set Read

Painted spoon garden markers

Chalkboard Garden Markers from Handmade in the Heartland

Chalkboard Garden Markers

Recycled Spoon Garden Markers from Domestic Simplicity

Recycled Spoon Garden Markers

Rainbow Garden Markers from Living Well Spending Less

Rainbow Garden Markers

 Indoor Chalkboard Garden Markers from The Crafting Chicks

Indoor Chalkboard Garden Markers

DIY Garden Markers - A fun way to add color and personality to your garden! A great activity for kids too!

DIY Stackable Bracelets

You’ve probably seen stackable wire bangles similar to this selling at boutiques for a pretty penny. Whether gifting to friends or making for yourself, these Alex & Ani inspired bracelets are easy to make.

Stackable Wire Bangles Tutorial

To make stackable wire bangles you will need:

  • 16 Gauge Jewelry Wire
  • Needle Nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Charms or beads

How to make Ani & Alex bracelets

Start by cutting off a 12 inch piece of wire. Be careful not to bend the wire. Instead of stretching it out to measure, I cut off about 1.5 coils. Bend one end to a 90 degree angle.

Making Ani & Alex bracelets

Then using the needle nose pliers twist a loop on one end.

Adjustable wire bangles

Thread charms or beads onto the other end of wire.

Ani & Alex bracelet tutorial

Then run the same wire end (the one not yet bent) through the loop. If you bend the wire, reshape it by wrapping around a water bottle.

DIY Ani & Alex bracelets

Create the same type of closure on the second end, by creating a 90 degree angle and then creating a loop around the wire. You’ll want to be sure there is an overlap of wire between the loops so the bracelet can expand to fit over your wrist.

stackable wire bangles

Bathroom Organization - Storage ideas, diy shelves, shower organization, medicine cabinets... love these ideas!

Christmas decorations are down and it’s time to get organized!  The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to organize.  We’ve got some great ideas for you!  Storage, DIY shelves, even ideas for kids bathrooms.

Bathroom Organization

Quick and Easy Tips for Kids Bathrooms from The Crafting Chicks

Bathroom Organization - Storage ideas, diy shelves, shower organization, medicine cabinets... love these ideas!

IKEA spice racks for storage from Suite Revival

Bathroom Organization - Storage ideas, diy shelves, shower organization, medicine cabinets... love these ideas!

Custom Vanity from The Crafting Chicks

Bathroom Organization - Storage ideas, diy shelves, shower organization, medicine cabinets... love these ideas!


Full Length Mirror Sliding Storage Cabinet from Ana White

Sliding Mirror Shelves

10 Ways to Take a Bathroom from Drab to Fab from The Crafting Chicks

Take a bathroom from drab to fab

Shelf above the door from My So-Called Home

Bathroom storage

Medicine Cabinet & First Aid Organization from Simply Kierste

Medicine cabinet organization

Organizing the shower from The Crafting Chicks

Shower organization

DIY Bathroom Cabinet from Liz Marie Blog

DIY Bathroom Cabinet

Gabriel Wall System from Ana White

DIY Bathroom Wall System

Hey guys! It’s Kari from Life PreKARIous. These easy DIY Cardboard Santa hats are so fun and easy to make! Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?! These hats are seriously so simple and will only take you a few minutes to put togeher! I’ve seen a ton of different Christmas trees made out of these cardboard cones. These hats are a fun little addition.

DIY Cardboard Santa Hats

You willl need a couple card board cones from the craft store, some felt, pom poms, faux fur, and hot glue.

For the Santa hat, using hot glue, cover the cone with red felt first.

DIY Cardboard Santa Hats

It’s ok if the felt doesn’t go all the way to the edge. Next, you’ll add the faux fur around the bottom and at the top.

Use the same process to make the fun elf hat, too. I used red and green felt and pom poms instead of faux fur.

DIY Cardboard Santa Hats

These would be so perfect for a holiday mantel or entry table! I might even add a fun reindeer one using brown felt, a red pom pom for the nose and pipe cleaners for the antlers!

Merry Christmas!

Hey guys! It’s Kari from Life PreKARIous! I am so excited to show you this easy wooden Rudolph, today! It’s the perfect edition to your holiday entryway or mantle!

Easy Wooden Rudolph

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Wood (I used a 2″x12″ board and cut it the height I wanted.)
  • 2 branches for antlers
  • a pendant lamp cord (I found mine at IKEA for only $5!)
  • red light bulb
  • drill and drill bits
  • wood glue

First, cut your board to the desired height. Mine is about two feet tall. Then, decide where you want the nose to be and drill a hole for the end of the lamp cord. My lamp cord is an inch and a half.

Easy Wooden Rudolph

If needed, use glue to keep lamp cord in place. I was able to just screw mine in so I didn’t end up needing glue.

Easy Wooden Rudolph

Next, drill some holes on the top of the board for the antlers. Use wood glue in the holes to hold the branches in place.

Easy Wooden Rudolph

Finally, screw in your light bulb and turn it on!

Easy Wooden Rudolph

It’s so simple and will go great along side any other holiday decor!

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Photobooth Setup

Photobooths are a really big deal right now, maybe they are a trend but I don’t see them leaving anytime soon!

Last week I was in charge of Red Ribbon Week at the school. We decided instead of spending money on little prizes for all the kids (think Smarties and glow sticks) like they had in the past, we would blow our budget on a photobooth. Turns out renting a photobooth for 2 hours cost more than we had in our budget! So I started researching how we could do it on our own, turns out it was really simple! I didn’t plan on doing a post, so I don’t have many photos of our set up, but I couldn’t believe how many time I’ve been asked how we did. So I’m thinking there are others out there interested in a DIY photobooth!

Because I already had some of the big ticket items we spent about $120 – including the printing of photos for 600 kids. Ready to see how it all works?

This is not a sponsored post, but I have included affiliate links for your convenience.

You’ll need:

I know some of you are going to ask about other tablets, and I would assume there are similar apps available but I haven’t looked.


Here is the only photo I snapped of our setup at the school. We used red and white plastic tablecloths from the dollar store for our backdrop, but you can get fairly inexpensive photobackdrops off Amazon. You can see the tripod and iPad mini. The quick release feature of the tripod was great, because we had the photobooth going before school, during lunch and after school so I could quickly release it and take the iPad with me.


Pocketbooth Party App

The Pocketbooth Party App is the main key that makes this whole setup work. It let’s the photo takers see themselves and automatically sends the photos to the printer. Making the whole photobooth experience very user friendly and automatic. It costs $39.99. There is also a $0.99 version called Pocketbooth, but after researching both it seemed that Pocketbooth Party would be better for the large group we were working with.

pocketbooth settings

Pocketbooth Party gives you a lot of options, so you can find something that works perfect for your group. You can choose the number of poses, the arrangement on the sheet, if you want a caption and even different photo effects. It also let’s you choose if you want to save the photos, send them straight to the printer, or save and print them.

Wireless Printer

The app requires a wireless printer connected to the same network as the iPad to be able to print wirelessly. Which sounds more complicated than it really is.

I already had the wireless HP Envy printer so as soon as the kids were done with their poses the printer would automatically start printing. It prints on 4×6 photo paper. At the school we had it take 6 different poses so we cut them apart so everyone kid was able to have a photo. Some of the kids complained that it took so long to print, and I would laugh because obviously they don’t remember the photobooths that had to develop the film before you could get your pictures!


It doesn’t matter which model of iPad you use or if you use a full size or iPad mini, but be aware that the app uses the front camera which is much better in newer iPads than older.

photobooth halloween

The setup worked so well I moved it to the church for our congregations Halloween Carnival later in the week.

diy photobooth
50 Free Prints 728 x 90

Hello, there! It’s Ginger from GingerSnapCrafts.com. I’m back to share another cute & easy project with you! Today I am excited to share how you can get that nice, soft weathered wood look with just a few simple steps & supplies. I used it to make this cute fall sign for our home. So let’s get started. 🙂

Weathered Wood Sign GingerSnapCrafts.com

Just check out this before & after.

weathered wood tutorial

To make a sign like mine, you’ll need a few supplies:

  • wood board (I cut a 1×8 down to size.)
  • chalk paint
  • paint brush
  • wood finishing cloths in natural oak
  • rubber gloves
  • sandpaper
  • old rag
  • vinyl lettering (I used this design from Silhouette.)


First, I painted my board with two coats of chalk paint. Letting it dry between coats.

fall sign with chalk paint

After the paint had dried completely I sanded the edges with sandpaper.

distressing a board

Next I got out these amazing wood finishing cloths. These guys are awesome!

staining a board

While wearing protective gloves I rubbed the stain over the board.

how to weather a board

Wipe off the excess with an old rag. Let dry. Sand again slightly.


To finish this fall sign I just applied the vinyl lettering.

vinyl lettering

fall sign

I can’t wait to try this distressing technique on some more projects!

Crafting Chicks Fall Sign

Do you love the distressed look?
What do you love about fall?
I’d love to hear! 🙂

Weathered Wood Sign GingerSnapCrafts.com


Hey guys! It’s Kari from Life PreKARIous. I’m so excited to show you guys how I made these fun DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards. I love Thanksgiving for a few reason… Food, of course, and having all of my family together. I have so much to be thankful for and am excited to use these on our table this year. I’m hoping they will be fun way to get everyone thinking about all the reasons we have to be thankful. And, they’ll look great on the holiday table, too!

DIY Thanksgiving Place Card

First, I made the pencils. I used brown floral tape, feathers and regular number two pencils.

DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards

I used a small hand saw to cut the pencils into thirds, then covered them completely with the floral tape.

Thanksgiving Place Cards

Then, I added the feathers and secured them with more floral tape.

DIY Thanksgiving Place Card

To finish, I printed the place cards and added the pencils. I used an exacto knife to make two small slits, then inserted the pencil.

That’s it! They were super quick and easy to put together.

DIY Thanksgiving Place Card

I think they turned perfectly! I can’t wait to use them and see what my guests have to be thankful for, too!

You can print your own place cards [HERE].

Happy Thanksgiving!


Hi Everyone! Kiki from Kiki and Company back here to share a fun printable that can be used for so many Halloween events! 

Vampire Candy Wrap from kiki and company at the crafting chicks. SO cute!

I don’t know about you, but around my house, we have Halloween events GALORE! Whether it be a class party, a friend party or trick or treating…this freebie will be the hit of the holiday!

Vampire Candy Wrap from kiki and company at the crafting chicks. LOVE!

These Vampire Candy Wraps are super easy to make.


  • Free printables at the end of this post
  • scissors
  • candy
  • adhesive (hot glue, double sided tape, etc)
  • ribbon


  1. Download, print and cut out free printable. I printed mine as a double sided print. Print the polka dot pattern on back.
  2. Fold in wings.
  3. Attach candy with hot glue, double sided tape or any other  adhesive you have around
  4. Tie up with ribbon and attach small tag.

Vampire Candy Wrap from kiki and company at the crafting chicks. Cute!

Easy, right?! These are seriously the cutest little treats around!

Vampire Candy Wrap from kiki and company at the crafting chicks

I hope you have the Happiest Halloween around!

To download this free Halloween Vampire Candy Wraps, click on the link below:

Vampire Candy Wraps

Scrap Paper HalloweenArt

Hey guys! It’s Kari from Life PreKARIous. I’m sharing this super fun scrap paper Halloween art, today! I’m a sucker for all holiday decor, but especially Halloween! I tend to go a little overboard so, I decided that I won’t buy any new Halloween decor this year… but hey! I can always make some, right?

I have accumulated a ton of scrapbook paper over the years and never like to throw even the smallest piece away. This fun Frankenstein and mummy were the perfect way to finally get some good use out of  all the scraps I have laying around.

Scrap Paper Halloween Art

I found the frames at IKEA for only $2. I had planned to use them in my gallery wall, but never did.

First, I gathered my paper. Green and black for the Frankenstein.

Scrap Paper Halloween Art

Then, I just started ripping pieces of paper and sticking it to the back of the frame using double-sided tape. Once I was done with the green, I turned the frame over and trimmed the edges. Then I repeated the process with black paper for Frank’s hair.

Scrap Paper Halloween Art

Scrap Paper Halloween Art2

Scrap Paper Halloween Art3

I wanted a more abstract look so I chose not to add a face. I did add big bolts to the back of the frame using hot glue.

For the mummy, I just used white and tan paper in a white frame. Then, I cut some strips from a drop cloth I had to tie around the outside of the frame.

Scrap Paper Halloween Art

I love how they turned out! And they look great on my entry table with my DIY moss ball topiary.

Scrap Paper Halloween Art

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