Easy Ruffle Fabric Flowers

sm fabric flowers 2

These fabric flowers are so fun and easy to make. I have used them on my mini Bakeshop Aprons and many other things. My 7 year old can make them and she loves it.  Here are the quick and easy steps! What You’ll Need to make the Fabric Flowers: Material (12 in x 3 in strip) These fabrics are from Riley Blake Designs (Love the happy colors!) You can cut your fabric longer for more ruffles:), Thread & needle, and something for the center, (jewels or buttons) Step 1: Cut a 12 x 3 in strip from your fabric.  Iron the strip folded in half the long way.  Fold right sides up. Step 2: Thread your needle.  Double knot at the bottom.  Then sew a straight running stitch (not on the folded side)  along the strip…You can begin to pull and ruffle as you go.  Don’t pull too hard or it will break your thread.  Just pull slowly. Step 4: Keep [Read More…]

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Easiest Strip Quilt-Part 2-Block & Quilt Assembly


PART 1 of this post RIGHT HERE: If you are just coming upon this post, now, look for the link above and see PART 1 of this post where I explained: quilt basics fabrics to use and amount where to find the patterns shown (RILEY BLAKE OF COURSE) below is the fabric chart if you missed it on the last post   Quilt Block Assembly:  Even though the pictures have great explanations, there are a couple tips you can use. YES that is glue stick.  It’s Elmer’s Washable WHITE glue stick.  I got this tip from NUBBIN the true professional that wins all sorts of quilting competitions.  When putting on your first strip, lightly dab glue down the middle of the strip.  You don’t want it to go all the way to the edges as to avoid sewing through the glue and making the needle sticky.  When that’s done, iron it and that will make it stick.  For this pattern, you [Read More…]

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Easiest Strip Quilt for DOLLS-Part 1-Prep


I’m so excited to share this post mainly since I have wanted to make a quilt of sorts for a long time.  I finally had the excuse to make one with RILEY BLAKE FABRICS  and for even more fun, check out the Riley Blake Fabric Fest in Las Vegas, NV in September where we will be teaching a class. Anyhow, Riley Blake has THE CUTEST selection of fabrics so it was hard to pick.  It’s a good thing I picked the quilt that requires many colors and patterns because I got to use most of my very favorites. One of my dear friends has a quilting professional friend named NUBBIN that so kindly, sat down with me for almost a whole day and taught me the basics of quilting.  I’ve tried quilting before and to be honest, you really have to know the tricks or your sunk.  There are a lot of things you can fudge in the DIY world, [Read More…]

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Baby Party Dress with Riley Blake Designs


We’ve recently joined the Riley Blake Designs Project Design Team and this is the first project I made for their blog. A few months ago we added a little dolly to our family! It has been fun to have a baby girl to dress up after the jeans of tees 2 boys. I fell in love with the colors of the Millie’s Closet line, with the very girly red with purses and the coordinating blue. It had something to make each of my kids happy! Finding a baby dress pattern that was what I wanted was a lot harder than I had expected, even after sifting through my mom’s pattern collection. What I learned was there aren’t many dress pattern written for itty bitties, so my mom helped me piece together a few patterns.  Sew Much Ado’s infant peasant dress pattern was used as a starting point and a yoke was added to accommodate the top ruffle. I love this [Read More…]

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How to Ombre


Here’s a short tutorial on how to dye fabric with the popular ombre effect. I took these pictures for a tutorial back in May and just realized I never posted it while I was ombre-ing a baby gift this weekend. So here’s how to ombre and I’ll be back to share my ombre project with you soon! I used 100% cotton and a box of Rit dye to achieve the ombre. First step: Add equal parts dye to three buckets and some salt, maybe a tablespoon to each bucket to help set the dye. Then add different amounts of water to create 3 different shades of the color. In bucket #1 I added 8 cups of water, #2 I added 5 cups of water, and bucket #3 I added 2 cups of water. Starting with bucket #1 (the lighest) I dunked the entire piece of fabric and let it sit until it had reached the desired color. Squeeze out the [Read More…]

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