12 FREE Printables for THANKSGIVING & Thanksgiving Planning Sheet

Thanksgiving Grid

OK FRIENDS, are you ready for this?! This is one of my favorite posts of the month as we come together with 11 other blogs to present printables for the season!  I LOVE seeing what everyone else comes up with and we all love sharing them with YOU, our readers!  These are nothing short of clever and awesome! ENJOY!!!  Which one is your favorite?? As a quick recap, here are some of our past themes: 12 Back to School Printables,  12 FREE Spring Themed Printables, 12 FREE Cinco de Mayo Printables, 12 FREE 4th of July Themed Printables. This time, mine was the THANKSGIVING DAY PLANNING SHEETS!!! Ok folks, this is the first time I have hosted Thanksgiving at my house, YIKES, where do I start?  To get my thoughts organized, I created these two planning sheets: The first one is all about the food and activities because you’ve gotta have those, we all know that! The second one is all about the meaning [Read More...]

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Home Depot Blogger Network: Decking the Hall


Want to know a little secret? Not every house has a beautiful mantle decorated for Christmas. sshhhh….I know right? They seem to be everywhere and everyone seems to have one, but our house is very lacking in the mantle department. I almost convinced the husband to help me build a faux fireplace just so I could have the mantle. But luckily for him, I came to my senses when I realized we don’t have a spot one would work in and took to decorating our stair area instead. I love what Home Depot’s Director of Trends and Design, Sarah Fishburne says, “Find the designer within and deck more than just the halls. Start with the front door and go from room to room, adding a wreath here and some garland there.” And that’s exactly what I did! Home Depot’s Style Guide is full of great advice and ideas for decorating your home. Download the latest Style Guide to enter your [Read More...]

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