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An Easy (and silly) Fathers Day Gift I love silly sayings to tease dads! This oven mitt was at the dollar store and I grabbed some white vinyl heat transfer from Expressions Vinyl. I made the saying in Cricut Design Space on my iPad using the Southwest cartridge font. Of course who doesn’t love this saying, ‘I’m too hot to handle’!

Make sure your reverse your image so that the words come out right. Load your mat and VHT into the machine and use the Iron-On setting on your Cricut’s smart dial, then press the C to cut.

Create and easy and inexpensive Fathers Day gift using a dollar store oven mitt and your Cricut Explore Peel the backing off you VHT so the positive of the image is showing. Whatever is stuck on the film will be ironed on to your material. Use a dry iron and on medium heat, place the iron on the backing and move back and forth for about 30 seconds. Once it’s stuck, gently peel off the backing. Then take your iron again and gently go back over the design to secure it. On my mitt, there was stitching so I went over those areas good so I had no lifting.

Once your mitt is done, wrap it up and let the laughs come!

Create and easy and inexpensive Fathers Day gift using a dollar store oven mitt and your Cricut Explore

Make sure you check out some of my ongoing projects over on the Frenchie blog and follow me on Pinterest and Instagram to see what my latest projects are. While you’re at it, here are some of my latest recipes perfect for Father’s Day!

Bacon and Goat Cheese omelet for a Father's Day Breakfast                      mini icebox lemon pie



This Father’s Day Handprint Tree has become one of the most requested posts for this time of year. In fact, I’m always surprised how early you all start asking for this.

This year I went a little more simple with the frame but added in a different tree to give you a few more options.  I think that I’ll have my three girls just add their hands wherever they want on the tree. Usually I try to stage it a bit but they are getting old enough that they can just place their hands and then it has more of their touch to it.

If you have questions on how to do this please refer back to previous Father’s Day Handprint trees like:

2012 Father’s Day Handprint Tree Father's Day Handprint Tree printable 2013 Father’s Day Handprint Tree


and 2014 Father’s Day Handprint Tree

Make a Father's Day Handprint Tree

For the 2015 version download below

Download All printables are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP. For personal noncommercial use only. It’s good karma to leave a comment if you download.


Homemade Easter Candy Basket So when I was younger, my Oma and I would always make these fun Easter basket candies to pass out to our neighbors and friends. I remember her making these when I was around 5 and then I was so excited when she came into town and I was able to make them with her when I was around 9. My mom always encouraged me to keep up my creativity and so I think that it always was something that was taught when I was young and praised so I encourage you also to get your little’s into the kitchen as soon as their able to and help out with fun gifts like these.

Make these delicious and homemade Easter chocolate baskets for the upcoming holiday! Such a fun tradition to start and so easy that little hands can can help in the process.

Homemade Chocolate Easter Baskets
  • Mini Cupcake Liners
  • Red Pull-Apart Twizzlers
  • Easter M&M's
  • Sweetened Coconut
  • White Chocolate or White CandyMelts
  • Green Food Coloring
  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and spread your coconut onto a non-stick baking sheet. Place it into the oven for 7 minutes, stir, cook for a remaining 2 minutes until most of the coconut has browned.
  2. Set up all your mini cupcake liners, M&M's and Twizzlers so that your baskets will be ready to assemble. Cut your Twizzlers into 3" pieces and separate them into individual strands.
  3. Next, temper your chocolate in the microwave in 30 second intervals until all the chocolate is mostly melted. Add the coconut and 2 drops of green food coloring and stir until it is combined.
  4. Pour the chocolate mixture into each liner and then you'll drop your 'eggs' into the basket.
  5. Next take your Twizzlers and bend it around so that it creates the handle. Hold it until it is set.
I have found it's easier to use a mini muffin tin when forming these. It gives stability to the liners and won't cause the handles to fall over. For more tips on tempering your chocolate, visit http://frenchiewraps.com/matchstick-valentines-free-printable
So these are super easy and not hard at all, it just takes a few tricks to know. First, when coloring your chocolate, you want to use gel coloring and you want to make it a bit brighter than you think that you’ll need. These will dry a bit light so I recommend 2 drops rather than one for about a cup of the white chocolate. Also, use a mini muffin tin if you have one, if not, try and find something that will help hold up the sides of your ‘baskets’ because the Twizzlers can be a little tricky to get to stand straight while you’re waiting for the chocolate to dry. And last but definitely not least, watch the coconut. It burns very easy and very fast so if you’re nervous, just take it out before you think.

Make these delicious and homemade Easter chocolate baskets for the upcoming holiday! Such a fun tradition to start and so easy that little hands can can help in the process. I hope that you love this recipe and have a chance to make memories with your children or grandchildren like I was able to make memories with my grandma. I hope that you’ll stop by my blog and check out some of my other recipes as well. I really love this Lemon Dill Aioli that I made a few weeks ago and one of my favorite drinks ever, this Creamy Coco-Cola! XOXO,                                   Lemon-Dill-Aioli   Creamy Coco-Cola


Fathers-Day-Handprint-Tree You asked for it and now it’s back.

 The 2013 Father’s Day Handprint Tree!

I sure loved giving this to the grandpa’s and my husband.  Everyone really loved it.  My girls have so much fun getting their hands painted and then stamping them on the page. I think they could do it all day long.  If you want instructions on how to do it, I wrote it all up on 2012’s tree post. I hope that you enjoy it! [wpdm_file id=32] All printables and downloads designed by The Crafting Chicks are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not alter or claim as your own. This file is not intended for resale, nor are the printed versions of this file. Feel free to link back to www.thecraftingchicks.com if you like our printables, and we’d appreciate a comment if you download.   **The 2014 version can be found here.

Giving Dad a tie for Father’s Day is kind of a no brainer–but this year give him one he’ll never forget! fathers_day_tie

A couple year’s ago, we started the tradition of having the kids help me decorate a tie for my husband. They proudly give it to them Father’s Day morning and love that he puts it on and wears it to church. I think he likes being able to wear it once and then hangs it in his closet with the other Father’s Day ties, and there are no questions asked of where it went, or why he doesn’t use it like so many of the other creations they give him.

This one was super easy. We started with a bargain tie. I found this one for $5 (some years Micheal’s sells all white ties just for this), and taped off diagonal stripes using painters tape. The kids painted the lines while I cut out their cute little heads and wording out of iron vinyl on my Silhouette. (Their silhouettes were already done, since that’s what we give Grandma for Mother’s Day.) Once the paint was dry we ironed the silhouettes on and added the teeny little bow to baby girl.

Would the Dad in your life wear a tie like this?

Today’s theme for the Father’s Day Round-Up is DIY Crafts. I know, sometimes it’s hard to think of crafts that the men in our lives would actually want to display at work. 😉 So hopefully this list of ideas from some of our favorite bloggers will help you out in your crafty quest!

Father’s Day Round-Up: DIY Crafts

#1) Measure Up: Father’s Day Card {The Dating Divas} – Write a cute note to your spouse or father on this special day to let him know he “measures up!”

#2) Sculpey Pens {Little Birdie Secrets} – Dads can be hard to craft for, but every dad can use a pen, right? This fun and creative craft gives kids a chance to make something for dad that he’ll actually use!

#3) A 2×4 We Love Daddy Photo Stand {How Does She?} – The perfect desktop frame to remind him how much he is loved!

#4) Father’s Day Magnet Board {WhipperBerry} – A fun magnet board to dress up Daddy’s office.

#5) Father’s Day Super Hero Pop Box Set {Lil’ Luna} – A SUPER cute and SUPER easy gift filled with your hubby or daddy’s favorite goodies to give on Father’s Day!

#6) Father’s Day Handprint Tree (Free Printable) {The Crafting Chicks} – Showcase and preserve the kids’ handprints in this sentimental gift for Father’s Day. Free Printable too!

#7) Remote Control Cookie {Somewhat Simple} – Yep, that picture is an actual edible cookie! (Almost too cute to eat!) Give your husband the remote for the day with this darling cookie idea!

#8) Father’s Day Candy Bouquet {The Dating Divas} – Women aren’t the ONLY ones who like to receive bouquets! Change those flowers out for some of your man’s favorite treats and this easy idea is sure to be a hit!

#9) Finger Paint Picture Frame {Sweet Rose Studio} – What Dad doesn’t love a little artwork from his kidlets to decorate his office? These picture frames are a perfect way to showcase your little one’s masterpiece!

#10) Golf Get Together {My Insanity} – Easy golf-themed cupcakes and lots more ideas that would be great for a Father’s Day celebration for a golfer.

#11) Cereal Box Craft Tutorial {The Dating Divas} – Made out of CEREAL BOXES – you can showcase 30 reasons why you love your spouse! The results are stunning!

#12) A Tie-riffic Father’s Day {My Insanity} – DIY banner, food, gift packaging and more–all paying homage to the quintissenntial Father’s Day symbol: The Tie
That got my creative juices flowing!!! With such a variety of ideas, there is a little something for every guy out there. Who knew you could get crafty and still have it come out manly? Thanks again to The Dating Divas for gathering all of these ideas from our blogging friends!

Hey, we’re back again with even MORE fun ideas for Father’s Day! If you are running out of time and need to come up with something FABULOUS for Father’s Day, this is the post for you because this is the “Quick & Easy” section! These ideas should take you 15 minutes or less to prepare. The only problem? Choosing which one you want to do. Take a look!

Father’s Day Round-Up: Quick & Easy Ideas

#1) Framed Father’s Day Quote {Somewhat Simple} – Darling and sooooo easy!! It doesn’t get any easier than this! Print directly from the computer or use some vinyl to stick on the glass with scrapbook paper behind it. Simple and sweet.

#2) Money Shirt For Your Guy {HowDoesShe?} – A new way to give him some “man cash” to show how much you love him: An Origami Man Shirt

#3) Homemade M&M Dispenser {The Dating Divas} – If the father of the house LOVES M&M’s – then you should definitely check out this hilarious and fun idea to surprise him on Father’s Day!

#4) A Basket of Love For Dad or Grandpa {Somewhat Simple} – Get the kids involved by asking them what they love most about their dad or grandpa. Type up and print their responses and attach them to small items that illustrate their answers. With this gift, it isn’t so much about the items you buy, but more about the meaning of those items that will make him feel special- perfect for the guy who already has everything!!!

#5) Father’s Day Card Tutorial {The Dating Divas} – Print off this printable listing all the synonyms that go along with being a father! Grab some colorful paper and your Father’s Day card is complete!

#6) Father’s Day Printables {WhipperBerry} – A cute little tag to add to Dad’s favorite bottle of Pop. It says “Pop you put the Fizz into my Life!”

#7) Surprise Love Notes {HowDoesShe?} – Surprise him throughout the day with these adorable love notes on his favorite foods and places.

#8) Father’s Day Print {Sweet Rose Studio} – This simple gift is perfect and easy for a last minute present for the special dad in your life! Print it out, frame it, and it’s ready to go!

#9) Father’s Day Word Art {The Crafting Chicks} – A meaningful quote turned into a beautiful free printable to frame for Dad.

#10) The Sock Bouquet {HowDoesShe?} – A beautiful new way to give your love his favorite socks!

#11) Free Father’s Day Questionaire Printable {The Crafting Chicks} – Kids say the funniest things! Quiz your kids to see what they think about their dads and grandpas, it’ll be the hit of the day!

#12) World’s Best POP! {The Dating Divas} – All you need is a can of your man’s favorite soda, this darling printable, and a strip of fabric. Adorable way to let him know he’s loved.

#13) More Father’s Day Printables {Sweet Rose Studio} – Celebrate Dad on his special day with these great cupcake toppers and a sweet banner!

Did you find the perfect gift idea? I found like TEN! Holy cow! If you did find something amazing, don’t be shy about sharing the love! PIN it, comment on our post, comment on our amazing friends’ posts!! We love hearing from you! And we love making it easy for you, too!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!

Father’s Day is coming up in just a few days, so we are excited to be part of a Father’s Day Round-up organized by The Dating Divas! Over the next few days we’ll be sharing tons of creative ideas from us and our blogging friends to help you celebrate the special DADS in your life. There is so much to choose from, and if you like an idea click on the title. It’s that easy!


#1) Spouse Subway Art {The Dating Divas} – Custom-make a subway art piece based ON your husband! This free site we found will help you do just that!

#2) Luggage Handle Cover {Little Birdie Secrets} – A great “manly” gift for the guy who travels! This luggage handle cover is a quick and easy project, but one that will surely be appreciated by the dad in your life. Not only does it make his luggage handle more comfortable when lugging it through the airport, but it makes his bag easier to spot on the luggage carousel!

#3) Best Daddy Ever Beans {The Letter 4} – This is so fun for the daddy who loves jelly beans! The printable provided renames the jelly bean jar “Best Daddy Ever Beans” and the flavors of each bean are replaced with a trait of daddy. ex. smart, caring, kind, etc.

#4) “You’re a Catch” Pail {Lil’ Luna} – Super cute and easy gift to give to your spouse to thank him for being such a great catch and awesome daddy!

#5) All About You” Basket {The Dating Divas} – Who DOESN’T love to get compliments? Write down things you love about the man in your life & pair them with fun little presents to create the ULTIMATE “all about you” basket!

#6)Father’s Day Canvas Collage {Somewhat Simple} – A sweet and simple gift to Dad from the kiddos.

#7) Manly Apron for Dad {The Crafting Chicks} – Here’s an idea for a more manly apron for the grillmaster in the family, using Silhouette’s heat transfer kit.

#8) “My Pop Rocks!” {My Insanity} – This gift basket is so fun and easy to put together with free printables! Does your “pop” rock? Tell him with this pop-themed basket, featuring pop rocks, popcorn, soda pop and more!

#9)Map O’Love {How Does She?} – Create a memory of your lives together using maps of where you have lived and the special moments that happened there…all in one special Map O’Love book. A beautiful, meaningful, personal gift.

#10)Hot Stuff Grilling Father {My Insanity} – “Hot Stuff”-themed Father’s Day for the the grill master (or hot man) in your life. DIY grilling apron and cake that lights on fire!

#11)The Tickle Monster {How Does She?} – There is not much that is more beautiful than a child’s laugh. This tickle set is the perfect gift your love and his children.

#12)Father’s Day Message Plaque {The Crafting Chicks} – A fun and simple gift where the kiddos can write love messages to their daddy. The best part is that it’s dry erase vinyl, so the message can be changed every day!

#13) Birthday Week Gifts 4 Him {The Dating Divas} – Originally a birthday post, these GREAT ideas for “manly” gifts would double perfectly for Father’s Day!

There are so many ideas for Father’s Day presents! We hope that you like what you have seen as we spent lots of time making sure that we presented you with AMAZING and thoughtful gifts to give to your man. Be sure to check back tomorrow for even more ideas!

Am I the only one who has a hard time crafting up a gift for dads? Seriously, I love to give a handmade gift–but also try to give something they’ll like and those two don’t always go together when it comes to dads. They’re not really into the cutesy stuff like moms are.

It’s not very often my husband gets excited about using supplies from my craft room! So I knew this was a success when I suggested it as a Christmas gift for my husband’s boss, and the husband was on board. And then he made more to give to co-workers and his dad. It’s a welcome mat, but instead of putting an initial or last name it uses the GPS coordinates to the front door.

Let’s get our geek on:

To find the GPS coordinates you can either sneak up to their doorstep with a GPS unit, or using Google Earth you can locate the house and the front door to get the coordinates. This is probably the fastest way.

After finding the coordinates I cut them out with my Silhouette. (The rug is from IKEA and costs about $10.)

We measure to make sure we’ve found the middle of the rug and then tape it down.


And after trying all sorts of things to attached the middles of the O’s and such we’ve found that straight pins really work the best to keep things in place.

Then go ahead and paint. You could stop here, but I decided to add some red stripes since this one was for our doorstep.

I marked it off with more painters tape and painted red.

It looks a lot like a flag. Guess I could have added stars in the big stripes and called it our Americana rug!

A simple gift that any geek will love! And use!

Do you have geeks in your life?


Since the Mother’s Day questionnaire was a huge hit…I couldn’t leave out the guys in our lives right?!  So today I am sharing the “Father’s Day Questionnaire” with you today.  One for dad & one for grandpa!

Father's Day Questionnaire


Ask the questions to your kids and write their answers on the sheet. What they say will have you rolling! Kids say the darnedest things!

You can turn the questionnaire into a card, or just slip inside a large envelope to present to Dad or Grandpa.


EDIT** This link will download a PDF that will open full screen. Right click to save and then print the file from your computer.

(Personal Use only Please)

Father's Day Questionnaire


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