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20 Favorite Handmade Christmas Gifts - teacher gift, neighbor gifts, ornaments, pillows, christmas decor, diy nativity, scarf, and so much more!

Handmade Christmas gifts… one of our favorite things!  We love the thought and effort that goes into a handmade gift.  But that doesn’t mean the gift has to take days and days to make.  We’ve gathered 20 of our Favorite Handmade Christmas Gifts.  (These won’t have you burning the midnight oil.)  They are so fun and personal, you’re going to love them!

20 Favorite Handmade Christmas Gifts

DIY Pocket Hand Warmers from I Heart Naptime

20 Favorite Handmade Christmas Gifts - teacher gift, neighbor gifts, ornaments, pillows, christmas decor, diy nativity, scarf, and so much more!

Free Stitchable “Unto Us a Child is Born” from U Create

20 Favorite Handmade Christmas Gifts - teacher gift, neighbor gifts, ornaments, pillows, christmas decor, diy nativity, scarf, and so much more!

Rosemary Infuse Olive Oil from Pepper Design

Rosemary infused olive oil

Hand Stitched Tree Ornaments from The Crafting Chicks

hand stitched tree ornament

DIY Christmas Plates from Simply Kierste

diy christmas plates

Vintage Truck Christmas Pillow from The Crafted Sparrow

vintage truck christmas pillow

DIY Etched Soap Pump from Design Mom

diy etched soap dispenser

Christmas Stovetop Potpourri and Gift Tag from Yellow Bliss Road

christmas stovetop potpourri

DIY Striped Pillow from Infarrantly Creative

diy striped pillow

Homemade Bath Salts from The Idea Room

Bath Salts

50 of the BEST Neighbor Gift Ideas from The Crafting Chicks

50 of the BEST Neighbor Gifts!

Easy DIY Nativity from A Girl and A Glue Gun

diy nativity

DIY Ninja Turtle Ornaments from The Crafting Chicks

DIY Ninja Turtle Ornaments

Christmas Peppermint Striped Candlesticks from Simply Kierste

diy peppermint stripped candlesticks

Mason Jar Lid Tree Ornaments from Suburble

mason jar lid ornaments

Stamped Christmas Gift Bags from The Casual Craftlete

stamped christmas gift bag

Crocheted Winter Blanket Tutorial from Dream Crafter

crocheted winter blanket

Hand Stamped Wooden Spoons from The Idea Room

hand stamped wooden spoons

Jersey Knit Scarf from The Crafting Chicks

Jersey Knit Scarf

I am Brave from Barn Owl Primitives

I am Brave home decor

20 Favorite Handmade Christmas Gifts - teacher gift, neighbor gifts, ornaments, pillows, christmas decor, diy nativity, scarf, and so much more!

Hi Friends! I am so happy to be with you and The Crafting Chicks again. I like to make special gifts and things for holidays but I also like them to be used after the holiday if at all possible. I give little gifts to my kids for St. Patrick’s Day, nothing big but something special to help celebrate the day. One year the gifts were in a St. Patrick’s Day mug, another year each of the kids got a green Old Navy hat with treats inside, this year I made these awesome Confetti Burlap Bags. Of course they will be filled with little treats and gifts.

St. Patrick's Day Confetti Burlap Bags

What You Need:

3 Paints (I used Sour Apple, Snow White and Metallic Glorious Gold – all DecoArt)
Small Burlap Drawstring Bags (Target Dollar Spot)
Pencil Eraser
Wax Paper

St. Patrick's Day Confetti Bag 13

Place a piece of wax paper inside the bag so the paint doesn’t bleed through to the back side. Use the eraser side of a pencil, dip in paint and apply to bag to make the confetti dots. I reload the eraser with paint after each dot. Make the dots random. I have a had time making random dots, it’s the perfectionist in me. The first color has the most dots (green), gold has less, and white has the least.

St. Patrick's Day Confetti Bag 14

I still need to practice a bit on the random placement, but I love how they turned out.

St. Patrick's Day Confetti Bag 8

The treats always include chocolate gold wrapped coins.

St. Patrick's Day Confetti Bag 7

I also added skittles (catch the rainbow) to every bag, the boys included small paper pads and a pencil, and Emilee’s included green nail polish. My boys love to play games or draw little cartoon sketches so the paper is the perfect size to take anywhere.

St. Patrick's Day Confetti Bag 6

The bags are ready to be hidden on St. Patrick’s Day.  The kids like hunting for them by following the confetti trail the leprechaun left behind. Who doesn’t like searching for a treasure?

St. Patrick's Day Confetti Bag 5

Now, to my favorite part about the bags. They can be used after the holiday to hold anything from hair accessories, Lego people, little travel games, really anything your kids can think of.

St. Patrick's Day Confetti Bag 3

And because they have a drawstring they can easily be hung on a hook or knob.

St. Patrick's Day Confetti BurlapBag

Thank you for letting me share these Confetti Bags with you. The confetti process can be used on almost anything. Be creative and go confetti something.


Hey there!  It’s Katie from The Casual Craftlete.  Are you enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas Series?  I sure am.  Today I am sharing my super cute and easy DIY Stamped Christmas Gift Bags.

Stamped Christmas Gift Bags The Casual Craftlete

I am a huge lover of all things packaging.  Giving a homemade gift bag or wrapping lets the person know how much you love them.  Plus, you can be as creative as you want to be when it comes to making these stamped gift bags.

I love these fabric gift bags!  I ordered mine from a website but you can always make your own.  You can use the gift bags for just about anything.  Sweet treats, homemade candies or those odd shaped gifts that you can’t wrap.

Let’s get to it!

Stamped Gift Bags


  • Fabric gift bags
  • Stamps
  • Ink pads
  • Fabric scraps
  • Scissors
  • Paint *optional
  • Glitter *optional

I wanted my bags to look simple and rustic and I think they turned out pretty good.  For my bags I used Christmas stamps that I have been collecting over the years.  I just bought that cute little reindeer stamp this year and I love it!  I used black and red ink pads for the stamps and stamped the bag directly in the middle.  You can add paint and glitter to your bags for color and texture.  I like dipping Q-Tips into paint to create tiny dots on the bags.

Two tips I have learned when using stamps are:

  1. Do NOT press the stamp into the ink pad.  Instead hold the stamp in your hand and gently press the ink pad onto the stamp.  This will prevent any smudges.
  2. Use a baby wipe or wet wipe to remove the ink from your stamps when you are done.  Clean up is easy.

Handmade Christmas Gift Bags

These bags have drawstrings already on them, but I wanted to give the bags some color and a cute little tie.  I like searching through the extra or scrap fabric section at my local craft store.  The prices are so much cheaper.  I thought this red fabric with white leafy vines would be a nice colorful rustic touch to add to the bags.  I just cut small strips of the fabric and tied them around the tops of the bags.

Christmas Gift Bags

These little stamped Christmas gift bags are darling.  Plus, they are very easy to make and take no time at all.

I hope I have inspired you to make some of your own stamp Christmas gift bags this season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Stamped Christmas Gift Bags


My name is Katie and I am the blogger behind The Casual Craftlete.  I am a wife and stay at home mom to our three year daughter.  I started blogging in July 2013 to give myself a creative outlet.  Some of the things you will find me sharing are easy diy/craft projects, yummy recipes (mostly sweet treats) and my running journey and weight loss.  That’s where my name came from: Craft and Athlete.  Everything I do is quick, easy and simple since I spend most of my day chasing around my daughter.

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Snappy Bags Snappy Bags are perfect for keeping little hands busy (they take a while for them to get open) or to hold the small items hanging out at the bottom of your purse. They use pieces of tape measure in the top to “snap” closed when you let go, so they automatically stay closed! So tricky.

Snappy Bag Supplies

To make some Snappy Bags of your own you will need, fabric (scrap or fat quarters work great), a tape measure (my husband freely handed over a broken one), and decorative trim if you so desire.

Sewing a Snappy Bag First, cut two pieces of fabric to be the same size. I found that 6″x12″ was a good size (but you can make them to fit anything!). And place them right sides together.

Making Your Own Snappy Bag Then sew the ends with a 1/4″ seam.

How To Make a Snappy Bag Next, flip it so the right sides are out. Press with an iron.

Snappy Bag Secret Piece Here’s the trickiest part. Take a screw driver and remove the screws from the back of the tape measure and remove the back-but be careful, the tape might go crazy once it is let free. Using bad scissors (they’ll never be the same after this) cut your tape to the length you need (5.5″ if making a 6″ wide bag) and round the corners. Then to prevent them from cutting through the fabric wrap them with tape.

Snappy Bag Then make a casing for the tape (mine was 1″ wide) and slide the tape in. To work right, the concave part of the tape (the back of the tape measure) needs to be towards the outside of the bag.

Fold right sides together and sew up the sides. Go ahead and zig zag the edges to keep them from fraying, and then turn the bag right side out and start filling it. Snappy Bag Tutorial

When we go on little trips, or to grandma’s house, I like to give each kid a snappy bag to fill with their own treasures. Only what will fit is allowed, and they think it is awesome that they get to pick their favorites to take with us!