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Disclaimer: This project is sponsored by Elmer’s.

Glittered Jar Are you looking for a way to add a little glam to your home for very little cost? Well, then this project is for you! I love the sparkle and shine, and who would guess this was once a pickle jar! And it is so easy too (given you have warm temperatures this time of year).

Glittered Jar Supplies To make yourself, you’ll need empty glass jars, spray paint, and matching glitter colors. I loved the Craft Bond glue and glitter from Elmer’s.

Spray Painted Jars First, spray paint your jars. I love how pretty these jars are with a coat of paint on them. Spray on 3 light coats, or until you can’t see through the jars. I like to start with the tops down, and coat the bottom and sides, then flip and get around the top and a little on the inside to make sure it is all covered.

Jar with glue for glitter Give the jars time to dry and cure. I waited overnight. To keep the glue/glitter line really straight and clean, I taped it off with painters tape before adding the glue. Warning: The tape took some of the shine off of the metallic paint when I removed it. It wasn’t noticeable on the aqua and pink jars though.

Glittered jars glue Brush on the Craft Bond adhesive in thin coat. I found it worked best to work in one section at a time instead of trying to cover the whole jar before the glue dried.

Glittered Jar Sprinkle the glitter onto the glue. Go ahead and lay it on thick so it covers really well. Be very generous with the glitter!

glitter Elmer’s glitter kit came with this little funnel that is perfect for putting the extra glitter back in the jar for future use!

Glittered Jars All glittered up!

gold glitter jar

Any re-purposing empty jars going on at your house?