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Disclaimer: This project is sponsored by Elmer’s.


Do you love this playfulness of Valentine’s Day like I do?  I love to add a little fun flare to my Valentine’s decor and what better way then with GLITTER!


I decided the best way to do that this year was to add that fun sparkle to some plain white dishes, some in cute heart shapes.  I snagged some Elmer’s Craft Bond Glitter and got to work.


I followed all package directions and made sure my dishes were clean and ready to go. Applied the included glue, just a thin layer, and then let the glittery fun begin.


I shook off the excess glitter and then let the dishes set so the glue could dry completely before I did anything else.


Next, I took some Elmer’s Glue-All and put a thin layer of that over top of the glitter so that it would seal it in.  I don’t plan on washing these pieces in my dishwasher so it shouldn’t be a problem that way. If you are wanting to wash I would suggest hand washing.


Here a finished candy dish ready for gifting!  I love that pink sparkle!!



I added a cute little heart to one corner of this dish. I love the little cute surprise it is.


I used the fun hearts as jewelry dishes.  What a fun way to get a cute little piece of jewelry?  I love it!

What would you add glitter to to make your Valentine’s Day sparkle?