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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a favorite in my home. My kids and hubby really get into the decor, costumes and of course YUMMY Halloween Goodies! My season favorite . . . Candy Apples! The tangy apples with a smother of sweet candy shell just seems to hit the spot for me! This year, I thought how much fun it would be to mix the Spooky Halloween season with one of my favorite treats. So I created this Spooky Halloween Candy Apple Treat!

I used a kit from Urban Accents, which made this SUPER easy and quick to make.  For more spooky fun, I added a glittery black stick and an eyeball that I found at Hobby Lobby.  For the little extra touch I HAD to add a tag “I’ve got my EYE on you” which I think really brings it all to life!!!

Here are the supplies you will need
PicMonkey Collage

To get the glitter effect, I used a little bit of spray paint, then applied the glitter to the wet paint. No need for glue.

The candy apple mix was super easy to use;  I found my kit from my local bakery. The mix and sticks are included in the package. A quick tip… a candy thermometer is a MUST for successful candy apples!

Now it’s your turn to add a bit of Spooky Apple fun to your holiday! You can’t go wrong with a Spooky Halloween Candy Apple! Here is the free printable for you to enjoy!


Click on Photo to download!

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I love a good simple craft. Especially one that makes a statement but it takes less than a half hour to put together. Now that I’ve had my new born, I’ve realized that keeping it simple is my new mantra. Having three boys under the age of four is a little exhausting. 🙂 Which is why I made this!

“Lucky Leaves St. Paddy’s Day Ikea Hack.”

Lucky leaves st patricks day ikea hack

This is what you’ll need:

1. Fake plant from Ikea (They are only a few dollars)

2. A pot from Ikea (these are also just a dollar or two)

3. Skewers (You can get these ANYWHERE. I just happened to get mine at Walmart)

4. St. Patricks Day Table Scatter from the Dollar store (I got mine from the Dollar Tree)

First start by taking a little glue (I used Elmers but I think hot glue would have been easier and faster) and glue two of the designs together, with the skewer in between.

st patricks day skewers Let them dry really well. If you’re using Elmer’s glue, let them dry over night. I also put a heavy book on top of mine while they dried so they would be nice and squished together. 🙂

Once they are dry simple insert them into your potted plant!

st pattys day skewers overview After I made these I had a few more ideas that might be fun. You could easily make a kabob with fruit on these babies or you could use them for drink stirrers! How cut would these look in a mug full of something yummy!

lucky leaves st. patricks day ikea hack Welp…good “luck” in making these! (I crack myself up)



Glitter Heart Leotard-2

I’m so excited to share this project because it’s so incredibly EASY PEASY!!!  Dance, soccer, school, etc. etc. is starting up all over again and we thought it would be fun to jazz up Q’s leotard by adding a darling silver iron-on heart….a glittery one.  If you haven’t used the Cricut Explore yet, it’s amazing.  It has opened up a whole new world of crafting in my life, furreals!  (totally a non-sponsored post 😉


  • Cricut silver glitter iron-on
  • Cricut Explore or if you want a more freehand heart, you can cut it yourself 😉
  • leotard or other shirt
  • iron

STEP 1:  If you are using the Cricut, pull up the design space and pull a heart of choice out of the “insert image” section on the left hand side of the screen.  Make the heart the size you want and let the machine cut out the perfect heart.  As you can see below, my heart turned out to be 5.5″.

STEP 2: Iron on your heart….yea that’s it.  The best way to iron on with the Cricut iron-on material is to iron the shirt right before you stick the heart on so increase adhesion.  When the heart is in place, press the iron firmly down on the heart until heart stay in place.  I usually keep that piece of plastic that comes off when you iron it in case it peels up at all.

Glitter Heart Leotard

DONE AND DONE!!!  Enjoy!



I am so excited to be partying with all of you Crafting Chicks readers today! I am McKenzie, a lifestyle/beauty blogger from Girl Loves Glam.

Girl Loves Glam McKenzie

I can’t even tell you how excited I am that it is finally Spring! Even though the weather in Idaho isn’t as happy and springlike as I would hope, I still enjoy adding some springtime charm to my house to make it feel bright and fresh. I knew I wanted to create a sign that also had some sort of natural element in it. I absolutely love wood grain so I chose to create a super cute Spring sign on a wood slice. Of course I needed to add some gold glam to it too!

Gold Glitter Wood Slice Spring Sign Tutorial

I am kind of obsessed with how it turned out. It is modern and fun! It was so easy to make too. Here is what you need to make your very own…

Spring Wood Sign Supplies

*Wood slice

*Vinyl (Just a scrap of vinyl will work because you won’t actually be using the vinyl for anything other than a stencil)

*Vinyl cutter

*Gold paint

*Gold glitter

*Glitter glue

Wood Sign Tutorial

First, cut out the word “Spring” out of vinyl and stick it onto the slice of wood.

Wood Slice Sign Tutorial

Paint over the vinyl and fan out slightly around the edges.

Gold Glitter Spring Sign

Spread glue around the edges of the gold paint and dump glitter on top of it. Spread the glitter out to make sure it covers all of the glue. Let the glue dry.

Spring Wooden Sign Tutorial

Peel off vinyl and scrape off excess glitter. You may even want to take a little sand paper to it to give it more of an ombre effect. I also went back and painted the gold paint on top of the glitter and fanned it out to blend it all together a little bit more.

DIY Gold Glitter Wood Slice Spring Sign

Find a spot on a shelf to display your pretty new sign! It fits right in!

Make sure to check out these great Spring tutorials from last year too!

Geometric Spring Art

Spring Wreath

Disclaimer: This project is sponsored by Elmer’s.


Do you love this playfulness of Valentine’s Day like I do?  I love to add a little fun flare to my Valentine’s decor and what better way then with GLITTER!


I decided the best way to do that this year was to add that fun sparkle to some plain white dishes, some in cute heart shapes.  I snagged some Elmer’s Craft Bond Glitter and got to work.


I followed all package directions and made sure my dishes were clean and ready to go. Applied the included glue, just a thin layer, and then let the glittery fun begin.


I shook off the excess glitter and then let the dishes set so the glue could dry completely before I did anything else.


Next, I took some Elmer’s Glue-All and put a thin layer of that over top of the glitter so that it would seal it in.  I don’t plan on washing these pieces in my dishwasher so it shouldn’t be a problem that way. If you are wanting to wash I would suggest hand washing.


Here a finished candy dish ready for gifting!  I love that pink sparkle!!



I added a cute little heart to one corner of this dish. I love the little cute surprise it is.


I used the fun hearts as jewelry dishes.  What a fun way to get a cute little piece of jewelry?  I love it!

What would you add glitter to to make your Valentine’s Day sparkle?

Jessica’s tagline is “creating a happy home on a real life budget”, which is something we’re all working towards I believe! We’re happy she is joining us today!

Deer Silhouette Christmas Decor Hey, hey Crafty peeps! I’m Jessica from Mom 4 Real, and I am so excited to be hanging here with some of the coolest chicks around! I am totally obsessed with silver and white this year, and have created my version of a Winter Wonderland in my breakfast nook. Today I want to share a simple and inexpensive Deer Silhouette Christmas Decor project…

Deer Silhouette Supplies I started with a wooden deer silhouette of a deer head that I picked up for $1 at Michaels, a roll of Merry Christmas wrapping paper, some glitter, glue, ribbon and jingle bells.

Deer Silhouette Christmas Ornament Mde with Wrapping Paper I started by painting a very thin coat of decoupage on the front of the deer silhouette, then placing it face down on the back side of the wrapping paper.

Deer Silhouette Ornament Once the decoupage was dry, I used an X-acto knife to cut the excess paper off.

Deer Silhouette with Glitter I then used a paint brush to apply glue all around the wooden silhouette, then dusted it with silver glitter. Deer Silhouette Ornament with Glitter Pretty, right?

Deer Silhouette with Bells Once all of the glitter and glue had dried, I tied 3 jingle bells with ribbon, then hot glued them to the bottom of one of the antlers…she is a doe, I guess.

Make a Deer Silhouette Christmas Ornament I hung my sweet sparkly deer close to the top of my little tree that was already decorated in silver and white!

Deer Silhouette Christmas Tree It fits in perfectly with the rest of the decor in my breakfast nook, and I couldn’t be happier!

White and Silver Santa Sled Come on by for a visit and find the tutorial for the Stacked Christmas Tree Topiaries shown above, and many more fun holiday crafts and decor!

Happy Holidays, and thank you so much for having me over!