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Valentine Party in a Box

Valentine’s Day is hands down my favorite time of year to send mail. A pink envelope in the mailbox is a very happy surprise in the dead of winter! I took it a little further with this party-in-a-box for my nieces and nephews.

Valentine Sprinkles

I’m a sucker for holiday sprinkles, it is impossible for me to walk by an end cap of jars full of colorful little jars of jimmies and holiday shapes without stopping. I just can’t.

Party in a box sprinkles

I mean, look how cute these are.

Valentine sprinkles

As my collection kept expanding I realized it’s actually quite difficult to use an entire container of sprinkles per holiday. Let alone 3 or 4 containers.

That’s when I it hit me that if I divided them into small containers I could share! And if there’s one thing I love more than sprinkles it is sending happy mail to my sisters and the nieces and nephews. Someone’s got to be the favorite aunt, and why shouldn’t it be me?

Happy Mail

So I set to work filling these little tins with sprinkles. Then I decided to make it a package deal I’d add Valentine cupcake liners to go with the sprinkles. And then to finish off the little party in a box I made a banner. Because parties just can’t happen without banners. And sprinkles.

Valentine Happy Mail

Since these were going to be shipped, I wanted a cheap, lightweight and fun container to send them in. After rummaging around, I found these disposable containers, which fit all of my requirements. How fun to get a clear package in the mail! I added Scotch tape around the edges of the tins, just to be sure they didn’t spill in transit and then nestled everything inside.

Valentine Party in a Box

Added the folded banner to the top and sealed it all with a kiss (and a fair amount of packing tape).

Valentine Party in a Box Happy Mail

The lady at the post office thought they were so cute, so cute in fact that she asked if I got them off of Pinterest…

NO. I thought of it myself, thankyouverymuch.

Because I absolutely love these little banners, I’m going to share it with you today! Mine gets hung somewhere different every year, and last year I used them to decorate doors when we did “Heart Attacks”. They are so versatile, I’d love to see pictures of how you use yours.

Download Black


I recommend printing on matte photo paper if you are printing from home. Just, print, cut, and hot glue or tape to a string and you are in business!

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What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever mailed at the post office? Did you get weird looks?