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Patriotic HedBanz

We love playing HedBanz!

It’s such a fun game that the whole family can get into.

I’ve created an American version to help you pass the time waiting for fireworks. The kids will have a great time playing Patriotic HedBanz, and can learn a few things about our country’s history and some of our symbols. Heck, the adults might even learn a thing or two.

America HedBanz USA HedBanz


All printables are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP. For personal noncommercial use only. It’s good karma to leave a comment if you download.

Other versions of HedBanz: Lucky HedBanz, Valentine’s HedBanz


sm mother hen america

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Girls are so much fun!  I love doing my girls hair but not spending hours on it.  The best way to add that touch of cuteness…and dress up any hair style is to add cute accessories.  We have loved getting to know The Sunshine Shoppe Supply!  I am in love with their hair accessory supplies.  The best part…you can create your own with the many lovely bits and pieces.  Here are some of my favorite “must have” hair accessories for my girls…ages 5 & 8!  My 8 year old agreed to model…she’s a gem.

We are also thrilled to be giving away 4  $25 gift cards to the Sunshine Shoppe Supply !  Don’t forget to enter down below!

hair accessories

1st “must have”-  Headwraps: Right now we are loving headwraps.  These are so great for a quick on-the-go look, especially early mornings.  My daughter also loves to wear them to dance or other sport activities.  They also look really cute with a top knot bun!  Polka-dots and Stripes are my fave!  (Black and Gold Heart Tee from Livandhope.com)

sm hair 12 sm hair 6

2nd “must have”-  Satin Flower Headbands- Using these Satin Flowers and Large Satin headbands, I made these fancy flower headbands. I love doing quick curl “beachy waves” on my girls and adding a pop with a pretty headband.

sm girls 2 sm girls 1 sm hair 2

3rd “must have”  Crocheted flower headwrap, These are so fun for an on-the-go look!  Great for early mornings…especially on fall or winter days.  We love to make a low side pony or side braid and then add the head wrap.  These also look adorable with a top knot bun or high pony tail.  We also love to throw on a infinity scarf!

sm hair 14 sm hair 7

4th “must have”  Sparkle sequin bow headband- I LOVE these large sparkle bows.  I paired them with a thin metal headband and love the combo!  They spice up any hair do!  I also added clips to the back of a few bows for pony tails or buns.

sm hair 13 sm hair 5

5th “must have”  Bow clips or Flower Clips.  I found these adorable polka-dot bows and hot glued an alligator clip on the back.  We love using these on the bottom of a side braid.

sm hair 15 sm hair 4

6th “must have”   Large Bow & Bun- I’m a sucker for bows on my girls…and so it doesn’t look cheesy, we add them to the back of a top bun…super cute!

sm hair 11 sm hair 10 sm hair 1

7th “must have”  Jewel Trim headband- I love this look on my older daughter!  Such a fun touch to any fancy occasion!  Or even to dress up an ordinary outfit!

sm hair 9

You will love looking through all of the pretty items at the Sunshine Shoppe Supply!  I wanted to try one of every thing!  The fun part was crafting with my girls.  I let them choose what they liked and we also picked out a few items and colors that go with their favorite outfits and dresses.  It was fun to be able to “create” with such pretty things!  All I needed was a hot glue gun!

sm hair 8

My girls are loving their dolls right now!  They even love to match their dolls…I don’t want them to grow.  I love this stage.  I found these adorable “Doll and Me” Necklaces and couldn’t wait to surprise them!  The necklaces were a hit!  Such a fun gift idea!

sm hallie 1

We want 4 of our lucky readers to have fun crafting up adorable hair accessories.  Enter below!

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This is the most simple project….and it’s actually an idea that Q my 5 year-old came up with.  She is the best and so creative.  She did this one day and I thought, “what a great idea that is!”  She even staged a lot of this shoot which  I think is so awesome.  I love when she joins me in my shenanigans.  This is a fun project you can use for any age of girl.

SUPPLIES:  All you need is blank headbands.  They have a great supply over at Hairbow Supplies Etc.  The only other thing is washi tape.  Easy enough.

_MG_1511edited full res

HAVE I TOLD YOU I LOVE WASHI TAPE!!!!  I do…that’s all.   You can use any type of washi tape for this projects.  I noticed that when Q and I were making these, that patterned tapes look different when they are on the headband.  Ones I thought would be cute, didn’t necessarily look cute and visa versa.  So try out a bunch of different ones.

_MG_1510edited full res

Start at one end of the headband and wrap it tightly around the whole headband.  Easy enough! Finish it up with washi tape on each end to make it finished.

_MG_1512edited full res

There you have it.  Done.  These are fun because you can make any pattern, quickly and cheaply.

Wahoo, that’s what we like :).

_MG_1517edited full res Happy crafting!!!!!

xo,  Kirsten

I’m so excited to share with you today the online shop Hair Bow Supplies Etc!  Why you might ask?  Check out the awesomeness below.  I don’t know about you, but when I get my hands on ribbon, especially ribbon with stripes, trinkets, jewels, fabric flowers, stretchy elastic and glittery stretchy elastic, I get extremely giddy.  This is what I came up with when I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the very best stuff from Hair Bow Supplies Etc.

DIY Interchangeable Belts

Keep going…


So there are a thousand things you could make with these awesome supplies.  I wanted to come up with something unique, something my little 5 year-old Q would adore.

tutorial picture 2014

Oh and check out their Valentine ribbon…

ribbon valentine 2013

So we came up with Interchangeable belts, with interchangeable things to put on them.  Easy enough right?!.


Here’s an example:



-1 yard of elastic

-alligator clips

-glue gun and glue


_MG_0929-2edited full res

Glue the flowers onto a circle of felt so they fit on nicely.  When I made this one, I cut around where the flowers were glued so there wasn’t any overhang that could be seen from the front.

_MG_0930-2edited full res

Fold the glitter elastic to make a bow.  Glue the bow in place in the center of the arrangement, or whatever you want to call it.

_MG_0932-2edited full res

Glue the other piece across the bow and glue the jewel in place.  Almost done.  You don’t even need a Diet Coke yet.

_MG_0933-2edited full res

Turn over the arrangement and glue the alligator clips vertically in place.  Make sure when you do this, you glue them with the top of the alligator clip aligned with the top of the arrangement so the arrangement won’t fall off the belt.

Take one yard of elastic and measure your little person’s waste.  You can either tie them all in advance or when you decide to wear that particular one. Clip the arrangement onto the elastic, in fact use two if you would like.

_MG_0934-2edited full res

There you have it.  I’m excited because I can mix and match many clips with many different bands, depending on what she’s wearing that day.  I don’t know about your girls, but mine like to accessorize.  I can’t wait to explore the possibilities and build our collection of arrangements and belts, wahoo!

_MG_0935-2edited full res All of these great supplies were purchased at Hair Bow Supplies Etc and there’s so much more there than is shown here.  It also helps that the owner is sweet as pie.  Can you see yourself making these?  I can’t wait to make more.

Hair Bow Supplies Etc

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