Lucky Hedbanz

lucky hedbanz

We had so much fun with our Valentine Hedbanz cards, that I’m back with a set for St. Patrick’s Day. If you aren’t familiar with the game HedBanz* here’s a quick break down. You wear awesome plastic headbands that have a slit to hold the card. Without looking at the card you insert it into the slit, and then by asking questions you try to figure out what you are. Kind of like 20 questions. Only instead of 20 questions, you are racing against a timer. If you get it before your time is up you pick another card and keep asking until your time expires. Then it’s the next person’s turn. When it comes around to you again, you pick up asking questions where you left off before. It promotes logical thinking and a lot of laughs! If you don’t have the game, I bet you could make elastic headbands, like the elastic hair ties only larger, and they would [Read More…]

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Chicks Picks–{Board Games}


  We are excited to share our favorite games for you on this Friday!  It’s been fun to share some of our favorites so far this year and can’t wait to share more in the coming months!  Check out our other “CHICKS PICKS” posts here: CHICKS PICKS:  FAVORITE TREATS CHICKS PICKS:  DATE IDEAS CHICKS PICKS:   FAVORITE CLEANING SUPPLIES Wackee Six Some friends introduced us to this game and I can’t get enough.  I don’t win too often but love to play. Spot It This is a fun one for the kiddos.  They  like to look for the pictures and don’t get bored with it. Word On The Street A game we play ladies against men, and I have to say, it gets pretty ruthless. Blokus My brain game.  I feel smart when I win this one. Slamwich:  Fun for the whole family Sequence for Kids:  Our boys (4&7) play this one by themselves–which I love! Ticket To Ride:  We play [Read More…]

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