15 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas!


This post contains affiliate links.  We have gathered all the great ideas we could find so that stuffing the stockings could be easier on you!  Here's a list of our top picks for stocking stuffers! Lifesavers Sweet Storybook I always had these in my stocking as a kid and I ALWAYS looked forward to getting them. Lipsmackers These are also so easy and fun to include. A girl can never have too much lip gloss. Oranges Always had an orange in the toe of my stocking.  This is a great filler, easy, healthy and a tradition at our house. Peanuts Santa always left peanuts in our stockings growing up.  Easy way to fill the stocking without adding too much extra candy. Hershey's Kisses Candy filled Canes Another tradition for stocking at our house.  Loved getting this cane as a child and happy that Santa keeps it coming.   Silly Putty Little nerdy thing that kids seem to love are always fun to throw in! Mini Etch A Sketch Little things are so fun for kids.  They are easier … [Read more...]