Other Ways to Use Digital Scrapbooking Products


While I consider myself a digital scrapbooker, I haven’t scrapped a page in over 4 years. I learned how to digital scrapbook about 5 years ago and it seems once I figured out Photoshop the excitement was gone. But I still love Photoshop and I love the products. Much like non-scrappers have huge stashes of paper and scissors filling up closets, there’s a pretty good stash of digital products filling up our hard drive. I’m sharing a few of my favorite ways to use them here. Digital products let you have a well put together project in no time, especially quick pages and layouts just waiting for photos. Here are some Other Ways to Use Digital Scrapbooking Products: My favorite way to use brag books? Shipping labels. They have the perfect spot for an address–right where the photo should be. They take practically no time, and I like to think that I’m cheering up the receiver’s day as well as the [Read More…]

DIY Library Bags & Tags for Summer Reading

I made some simple DIY Library Bags & Tags for Summer Reading for my kids, and wanted to share. I thought it would be great for them to have a place to store their books (so they won’t get mixed up with our books at home) and also a way to carry their books to and from the library. I followed this bag tutorial. I used it on the monogram bags as well. These were much more simple without the letters and pockets. I used canvas material to line the bags, to make them more sturdy to carry the books. I cut the material 16 inches wide and about 19 inches long. I sewed the bag with about a 1/2 seam. The straps were about 14 inches. These bags will carry most sizes of books. I also digitally scrapbooked a little tag with my kids’ names to tie around the strap. I used the same plastic name tag holders that Brooke [Read More…]

DIY National Donut Day Medallions Ribbons


I’m sort of really – a lot in love with these DIY National Donut Day Medallions Ribbons! It all started with the Minute to Win It prize, and has continued through the end of school and on! I don’t know if I’ll ever get enough of them. National Donut Day is this Friday, and I think these ribbons would make a drop-by surprise of donuts to your friends even cuter. Use with just 1 donut, or go for the whole dozen if you are feeling generous! I really wanted to share the Super Teacher one with all of you, but as far as I could tell sharing isn’t allowed with the papers I used. So I came up with this cute one using a free kit from Shabby Princess for National Doughnut Day. Does anyone know the real spelling of doughnut/donut? I couldn’t find a definite answer so I went with donut as it fits on the tag easier! They [Read More…]

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DIY Personalized Photo Jewelry

Sorry I’m a little bit tardy on my post today! My computer was having a small tantrum, I have an eye infection and my spectacles make me dizzy, and on top of that, it is SNOWING at my house today! What a lovely Monday morning. Lately I’ve been having fun making some DIY Personalized Photo Jewelry. I love personalized stuff! There are so many great tutorials out there and awesome supplies for the DIY-ers. While this isn’t really a super detailed step-by-step tutorial, I thought I’d share a few cute things I’ve made recently with some simple instructions. A glass tile family photo pendant A bracelet with faces of my loves. I love using photos for different projects. I made the bracelets for my mom and mother-in-law (and myself!) for Mother’s Day, with photos of their grandchildren. They were a big hit! Supplies needed: **  Your favorite brand of “diamond glaze” (I got mine on Etsy called “Sun and Moon Scrabble and [Read More…]

DIY Photo Magnets

I made these cute DIY Photo Magnets for my mom. I had saved some of these frozen juice can tops, (I know why am I saving such things) but… I did come up with a few fun ways to use these tops. Here are the steps to make the photo magnets:First, digi scrap the circle with a photo, (I used papers from the Modish Boy kit and Bella Kit at Shabby Princess)-but you could use regular scrapbook paper and a photo. Second, print and cut out the circles. I then inked the edges a bit. Third, Mod Podge the circles on the metal top. Let dry. And last, add a magnet to the back with hot glue. And… you have an adorable magnet with a picture of your little one! I also thought of other ideas: *Make one for each of your children with a photo of just them. Use this special magnet to display their artwork that they bring [Read More…]

iPhone Valentines and Fancy Nancy Valentines

Hi everyone, it’s Brooke here with some fun Valentine’s Day ideas—I always love Valentine’s Day crafts and have seen so many awesome ideas here and around the www. So I’m really excited about my kids’ valentines this year because it was so much fun to make them!! Each year I like to ask them what kind of valentines they want to make and give out to their friends. I’m a weirdo and like to design them myself and get creative with them. My son Brandon and I thought about making the cute iPod one that I’ve seen all over the internet, but then thinking about how much he loves Daddy’s iPhone, we decided to go in that direction instead. Plus I haven’t seen this idea ANYWHERE, so I knew it would be unique. For my daughter Annie’s valentines, she just loves Fancy Nancy and chose that for her theme. So we decided to do something fun with that. I’ll chat [Read More…]

Thanksgiving Canvas and Banner

Hello, it’s Brooke here! Before Thanksgiving has come and gone, I wanted to share 2 little Thanksgiving projects with you: one I made last year, and one I finished TODAY. If you’re feeling crafty, I bet you could whip up this Thanksgiving Canvas and Banner projects just in time for your Thanksgiving celebrations. Thanksgiving Canvas I love making things in photoshop using digital scrapbooking supplies, then combining them with other mediums, such as canvas and ribbon. I created this in photoshop using a scripture that I love from the Book of Mormon (Alma 34:38)—Live in thanksgiving daily. I finished up this project this morning. I LOVE that and really need to apply it in my life on a daily basis! So I needed to make a cute reminder. I printed it at Costco on luster paper. Meanwhile, I had a canvas just sitting around, so I painted it dark brown, and once I picked up my photo I used Mod Podge to [Read More…]

Easy Valentine Ideas and free templates

Last February I was about 7 months pregnant with my 3rd child, and was nesting like a crazy woman. So I must’ve had a burst of creativity because I made a bunch of different Valentine projects back then and just reposted them on my personal blog today. I thought I’d share the Easy Valentine Ideas and free templates here as well, in case you’re looking for some cute ideas for your lovies. I even have some free downloads for you! Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas I made these EASY photo tiles! {I used “Schnookums” from http://www.ggdigitaldesigns.com/.} Here’s what you need–it’s really simple and makes a cute gift or decoration for your home. **whatever size of tile you want (the ones I made were 4.5 x 4.5 inches, only like 13 cent cheapos from Home Depot) **whatever photo or design you want (I made little mini digital layouts sized to fit a little smaller than the tile–I forgot to do exact measurements [Read More…]

Handmade Paper Christmas Tree

I’ve been wanting to make a Handmade Paper Christmas Tree and finally got around to it a few weeks ago! Supplies I used: styrofoam cone from craft store fun Christmas paper (I printed out some digital designs from GG Digital Designs–Tinsel Town) paper trimmer distress ink pen ribbon hot glue gun I printed the paper (double-sided) and cut it into 1 inch by 3 inch strips, inking the edges. I also curled up one end of the strip by wrapping it around the barrel of a pen. I glued a wide band of ribbon at the bottom of the cone, then hot glued the strips onto the cone, staggering and layering them to cover the styrofoam. I think it turned out pretty cute. Maybe next time I’d add a chipboard star or some glitter or something, but for now I am done! Merry Christmas!!!

Halloween Decor Inspiration

Halloween is such a fun holiday to me, and I love Halloween Decor Inspiration.  I have a few simple Halloween decor projects to share and an idea for treat giving! All are digiscrap related. I made this Trick or Treat canvas–it was featured as a hybrid digi project and tutorial in the September issue of Bella Scraps Magazine, so I can finally blog about it! I just made the design in photoshop, printed it at Costco, and Mod Podged it onto a blank canvas that I’d painted black. Then I trimmed the edges with black ribbon. I love how it turned out. This was probably the easiest project ever. Forgive the not-so-great photo of it, I was in a hurry. I just typed the letters on orange damask digi paper (from http://www.shabbymissjenndesigns.com/, the Harvest Night kit) and printed as 8×8 layouts at Costco. Then stuck them in frames I already had. EASY! Last I made a little Happy Halloween pillow [Read More…]