All I Want For Christmas Giveaway Part II


Yes, the rumor is true… our AMAZING “Pick Your Own Prize“  Giveaway JUST ended… but don’t despair, we have the BEST news that will get you JUMPING FOR JOY all over again!! Some amazing businesses caught wind of our last giveaway & decided they want to jump in & help our readers with their Christmas shopping too!!   We are SO excited to tell you about our…. BEST. GIVEAWAY. EVER!! {PART II, hehe} Can you BELIEVE it! We were SO excited!! And this time, there are FIVE WINNERS instead of just three!! You heard me! FIVE more peeps get to cross some more things off their  Christmas list!! Pin It

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All I Want for Christmas….

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**This giveaway is closed and the winners are posted at the bottom of this post. Thanks!** Christmas is coming a little bit EARLY this year… …and we just KNOW you are going to be JUMPING FOR JOY when you see the eye candy we are about to show you!! Now that Black Friday is over, you are completely done with your Christmas shopping, right? NO?!? {GASP!!!} Ok, just kidding…. we aren’t either! BUT – what would you say if I told you that THIS POST is going to help you out with that l’il dilemma? ARE YOU SITTING DOWN?!? INTRODUCING… BEST. GIVEAWAY. EVER!!  Yep, we realized that if WE were entering a giveaway… then we would want to be able to choose which item we wanted! AND TA-DAAHHH!!!! The idea for this giveaway was born!! Are you ready CHOOSE YOUR PRIZE?? A little more about each prize… #1) Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera #2) iPad with Retina display Wi-Fi [Read More…]

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