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With my most recent baby I discovered muslin blankets (which I’m pretty sure weren’t around with my other 2 babies). And I absolutely love them! Maybe it’s because she’s a summer baby, but I love the stretchiness of them and how light weight they are. They are big and great to feed under too! But they are kind of spendy.

The fabric they are made from is called gauze and not muslin. Although they call the blankets muslin. If that isn’t confusing then I don’t know what is! I made a trip to JoAnn’s in search of the gauze fabric and all our store had was a cream color. I didn’t love, or even like the color, but brought home 4 yds and a box of Rit dye. Because the gauze was 44″ wide, I cut the fabric 44″ long to make them squares. Then I hemmed the sides. I used pink thread because my cream thread was a polyester blend and I wasn’t sure it would take the dye and I didn’t want cream thread on the pink blankets.

I followed these instruction on how to ombre to dye the 3 blankets. One blanket fades from dark to light and another I folded in half so the middle of the fabric is the darkest and fades towards the edges. And the 3rd is dyed a solid pink.

The color faded quite a bit when I washed them for the first time. I actually stood watching the wash color turn from clear to bright pink and wondered if my blankets would come out the original color. But I’m really happy with the end colors, they’re much calmer than they started out. The ombre is subtle, but adds a fun touch.

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