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Zombie Apocalypse Pillows I’m so super excited to be posting this project today and i’m even more excited to talk about this awesome fabric from Riley Blake!!! Yes, it’s ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE fabric created by Emily Taylor Design for Riley Blake Designs, who would have thought!!!  When I first saw this fabric when their yearly catalogue came out a handful of months ago, I knew I had to get my hands on some.  I love it so much because it’s stylish and goes with my decor and it’s actually cute!  You can see below, how fun it is.  I also love this design because it’s Halloween-ish, but doesn’t look cheesy like most Halloween fabric.  SCORE.


There are a million and one pillow tutorials out there so I will spare you those details.  I just wanted to share this fabric…isn’t it cute.  I love the quotes on this one.


Here’s the simple pocket on the back of the pillow.  I purchased pillows on the clearance rack at Marshalls.  The long pillow was $13 and the square pillow was $5.  I took off the other pillow cover and used the down insert in the new pillow cover I created.


I LOVE this one. All the zombies…so clever without being gross.


Call me crazy, but they’re just so cute.

_MG_1286 I love these so much and my kids do as well!! There’s just something unconventional and amazing about it. What do you think??

dish-mat-title I shared this fun tutorial last week over on Riley Blake’s blog as part of their Design Team.  We sure love working with them and the wonderful fabric.

Today I wanted to share this fun Strip Quilted Dish Mat.


I was at my sister’s house when she whipped one of these out that her mother-in-law had made.  I needed one and I know you do too. Oh, and they are so easy and fun that you probably want to make some for your friend’s and family members for gifts.

Fabric requirements:


I used a Rollie Polie of Priscilla. Love this fabric line. I also used an old bath towel I had for the backing.  You could buy terry cloth if you wanted but if you have an old towel hanging around I’d recommend using that.


Now this Rollie Polie will make about 3 dish mats, so you are welcome to cut your own fabric if you don’t want the left overs (honestly who doesn’t want left over fabric though?).  The strips are 2.5″ wide and I cut them each in half making them 21.5″ long.


First you will want to decide how large you would like your mat.  I decided I would want it 40″ long so I used 17 of the strips from the Rollie Polie.  I pinned my strips, right sides together, and sewed a straight line.  Repeat until all your strips are connected.


Once the strips have been sewn all together, you’ll want to iron it to press the seams.



I then placed my ironed strips, right sides down, on top of my old towel and trimmed it to the same size. Then pinned the edges together so I could sew it.


Sew around the edges leaving room to turn it right side. and then finish with a top stitch to give it a great finished look.

dish-mat-finished To finish it off, I measured out 5″ across the length of the mat and did a straight stitch in 3 places.  This just adds to the quilted look and feel of the mat and also helps the layers to stay together.  You could do more or less depending on the look you are going for.

dish-mat-title-2 And there you have it.  A great project that you are sure to love. Or a great gift that others will enjoy.

Happy sewing!


This project was originally posted as a member of their project design team on the Riley Blake Design blog.

How-to Make a Pelmet Box

I’m so excited to show how I gave my kitchen window a make over in 20 minutes and for $5!

We’ve painted our kitchen cabinets, the walls, and replaced the light above the sink but something was still missing in here. That something happens to be the Serenata peacock fabric from Riley Blake Designs. I love the entire line, but this particular fabric makes my heart sing. In fact I had a hard time deciding which room to use it in, and have restrained myself to only using it in 2 rooms! (Maybe you remember it as the pillows in my front room in this chalk paint post.) serenata

I made a pelmet (or valance bow or cornice box or whatever you want to call it) adapted from these instructions by Little Green Notebook. pelmet box supplies

The supplies: batting, duct tape, stapler, foam board, and fabric. I had everything on hand except for the fabric-score! pelmet box backer Using an X-atco knife, my ruler and cutting mat I cut the foam board in to the width I wanted. I went with 10 inches and then cut each piece to be 20 inches long, since I figured I needed a 40 inch long piece. In hind site, I think 12 or 13 inches wide may have been better. You’ll have to decide the size that will work best for your window.

pelmet box instructions

Then duct tape the two pieces together. I’ll be honest, my husband is totally cringing at this point. First foam board, and then duct tape?!? He would have been much happier if I would have broke out the plywood and saw. But there was a reason for the madness, as you’ll see.

pelmet box corners Then tape the side pieces on. Mine are 3 inches wide, and 10 inches long. Figure out how far you want it to stick out to determine your width.

pelmet box steps

After your box is together, cut the fabric to size. I figured in an extra 5 inches to wrap around the board and staple. Iron it well and place right side down.

batting for pelmet box Lay the batting on top of the fabric. Thicker batting will obviously give you a puffier pelmet, but this is what I had stashed in my closet.

Building a Pelmet Box Lay the pelmet on top of the batting and using a staple gun, and 1/4″ staples, pull the fabric and batting around to the back and staple. Keep stapling until you have it tight and secured.

Window Pelmet Box Like this!

Window Before Pelmet Box

Here’s the before shot, as you can see it is in need of a little color. And the cabinets are really close to the window trim. Which is why I chose the foam board method, because I didn’t want to drill the cabinets or the trim to hang this. Hanging Pelmet Box

Since the foam board is so light, I used the help of 3M Command Strip hooks to hang it. I used one on each side on the bottom for it to sit in. And then one more on each side flipped over the top. Can you see it there holding on? It worked like a charm!

Window With Pelmet Box Ahh, just what we needed! And I love that it only took 20 minutes and cost about $5!




We’ve recently joined the Riley Blake Designs Project Design Team and this is the first project I made for their blog.

A few months ago we added a little dolly to our family! It has been fun to have a baby girl to dress up after the jeans of tees 2 boys. I fell in love with the colors of the Millie’s Closet line, with the very girly red with purses and the coordinating blue. It had something to make each of my kids happy!

Finding a baby dress pattern that was what I wanted was a lot harder than I had expected, even after sifting through my mom’s pattern collection. What I learned was there aren’t many dress pattern written for itty bitties, so my mom helped me piece together a few patterns.  Sew Much Ado’s infant peasant dress pattern was used as a starting point and a yoke was added to accommodate the top ruffle. I love this pattern and used it for her blessing dress in July, and might have made her another dress just last week with it too! I might have a problem.

The ruffle pieces were 2.5 inch strips, sewn, turned, ironed, stitched on the top and bottom and then a gathering stitch ran down the middle. It was gathered to just the right amount of ruffle and then sewn onto the dress. The top ruffle was sewn into the seams of the yoke.

And to finish it off, a fabric flower with a red button center was added and the non-elastic edges were top-stitched! I love these ruffle leggings (baby gift) under it!

My boys have been on a bowtie kick lately, so I let them each choose which fabric they wanted and used this tutorial from A Lemon Squeezy Home. The only adaptation from the pattern made was using interfacing, instead of fleece, to give them some stiffness without being bulky.

I love that my kids coordinate with handsome bowties and a cute little girly dress! And my boys love getting compliments on their bowties as they walk down the hall at church! And since I know you’re going to ask–the ruffle legging where a baby gift from my aunt. And I love them!