Food Photography: The Easy Way

food photos10

When it comes to photographing food there is soooooo much to be said. Everything from lighting and shutter speed to staging and composition. Some photographers devote their entire work to food, like Michael Ray or Lou Manna. (*beware…you WILL be hungry by the time you finish looking at their photos!) But I like to take an easy, natural approach to food. If there is one thing you need to know about me it’s that I like to keep things simple. If something takes too much time, set up or clean-up, I tend to stay away. Could this be a form of laziness? Perhaps…but because I’m not a fan of elaborate set-up I’ve found quick, easy and stunning ways to do things. So let’s start. Food Photography Tip #1 The way to get natural looking pictures is to only use natural light. So turn off all of your overhead lights and only use what is coming in from the windows.  With that said let [Read More…]

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