Ok, I don’t know if you understand how cool this giveaway is.  This is the event of the year and we are lucky enough to throw the kick-off party opening night with the one and only CRICUT team! We LOOOOOOOOOOVE Cricut and their whole team.  I don’t know if you remember THIS POST where I almost hyperventilated from the new Cricut Explore excitement.  Well, needless to say, it’s going to be THE BEST and YOU are going to help us plan it!!!  WE have the theme, and YOU have the ideas.  Read on if you dare. SNAP the Conference is April 24th-26th in Salt Lake City, Utah.  If you haven’t heard about SNAP before, then hop on over to their page and check it out.  It’s the ULTIMATE in creative conferences, trust me.  We are super excited to share the excitement and we want YOU, one of our readers to be able to join us.   If you have a ticket and you win, [Read More…]

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“OH SNAP” Camera **Printable**


In honor of SNAP the Conference that we will be teaching the ADOBE LIGHTROOM class at this weekend (more tips on that coming soon), I thought I would create a fun printable to share with you…taking pictures and creativity are such a huge part of a good life, in my opinion.  I hope you enjoy this one (personal use only please). DOWNLOAD BELOW. FOLLOW the CRAFTING CHICKS #SNAPCONF HAPPENINGS IN REAL TIME ON INSTAGRAM: Kirsten: @craftykirsten @chatterooapps Nikkala:  @nikkala Brooke:  @brookekemp Becky:  @bljam Jamie:  @craftyjamie Thanks so much to BLACK RIVER IMAGING for being so amazing about printing our business cards!  They are awesome and they are printed on pearl paper and they are a part of their “specialty shaped” business cards.  We each have our cards that look like this but they are personalized.  We ALWAYS get compliments on our business cards.  THANK YOU BLACK RIVER. They also print the business cards for my iphone app KID CHATTEROO (shamless plug), SHARE [Read More…]

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Snappy Bags


Snappy Bags are perfect for keeping little hands busy (they take a while for them to get open) or to hold the small items hanging out at the bottom of your purse. They use pieces of tape measure in the top to “snap” closed when you let go, so they automatically stay closed! So tricky. To make some Snappy Bags of your own you will need, fabric (scrap or fat quarters work great), a tape measure (my husband freely handed over a broken one), and decorative trim if you so desire. First, cut two pieces of fabric to be the same size. I found that 6″x12″ was a good size (but you can make them to fit anything!). And place them right sides together. Then sew the ends with a 1/4″ seam. Next, flip it so the right sides are out. Press with an iron. Here’s the trickiest part. Take a screw driver and remove the screws from the back [Read More…]

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Business Card Wallet


We just spent the weekend at SNAP! and met so many great people! And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from attending conferences, it’s that business cards are everywhere. Typically, you can find me digging around to find one to hand out, and the cards I gather end up a scattered mess. To help with this problem I sewed up a little business card wallet. I shared this tutorial on Kojo Designs as part of her Sewing for Me series. And just the other day I realized that if I made it a little bigger it would also be perfect as a passport cover. It’s a small project and I found everything I needed in my stash. Fabric, interfacing, elastic, and vinyl. To start, cut 2 pieces of fabric and 1 piece of interfacing down to size. Mine were 4.5″ x 5.5″. I also cut the elastic to 6″ and 2 pieces of vinyl 2.5″ x 4″. Go ahead and [Read More…]

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