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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a favorite in my home. My kids and hubby really get into the decor, costumes and of course YUMMY Halloween Goodies! My season favorite . . . Candy Apples! The tangy apples with a smother of sweet candy shell just seems to hit the spot for me! This year, I thought how much fun it would be to mix the Spooky Halloween season with one of my favorite treats. So I created this Spooky Halloween Candy Apple Treat!

I used a kit from Urban Accents, which made this SUPER easy and quick to make.  For more spooky fun, I added a glittery black stick and an eyeball that I found at Hobby Lobby.  For the little extra touch I HAD to add a tag “I’ve got my EYE on you” which I think really brings it all to life!!!

Here are the supplies you will need
PicMonkey Collage

To get the glitter effect, I used a little bit of spray paint, then applied the glitter to the wet paint. No need for glue.

The candy apple mix was super easy to use;  I found my kit from my local bakery. The mix and sticks are included in the package. A quick tip… a candy thermometer is a MUST for successful candy apples!

Now it’s your turn to add a bit of Spooky Apple fun to your holiday! You can’t go wrong with a Spooky Halloween Candy Apple! Here is the free printable for you to enjoy!


Click on Photo to download!

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PB Inspired Silver Egg Stands {Dolen Diaries for The Crafting Chicks}

Hello friends! I’m SO thrilled to be back hanging out with you and the Crafting Chicks again! Easter is a big deal here in the Dolen household and I couldn’t wait to get started on my first Easter project of the year! I spied some Mercury Glass Egg Stands in the Pottery Barn catalog and thought they were super cute & fun! I decided to make my own PB Inspired Silver Egg Stands.

PB Inspired Egg Stands {Dolen Diaries for The Crafting Chicks}

To make your own PB Inspired Silver Egg Stands you’ll need:

  • wooden egg
  • wooden candle stick
  • epoxy
  • spray paint {I used silver metallic and mirror finish}

PB Inspired Egg Stands {Dolen Diaries for The Crafting Chicks}

This piece didn’t allow the egg to sit flat on top of the the candle stick. I took a screw driver and lifted up the edges…

PB Inspired Egg Stands {Dolen Diaries for The Crafting Chicks}

then folded the edges down into itself.

PB Inspired Egg Stands {Dolen Diaries for The Crafting Chicks}

I made sure I had all the stickers and tags peeled off the eggs and candle sticks before I squeezed out the expoy.

PB Inspired Egg Stands {Dolen Diaries for The Crafting Chicks}

Then I mixed the two gels together. *This stuff sets up fast so be prepared!

PB Inspired Egg Stands {Dolen Diaries for The Crafting Chicks}

I quickly spread the epoxy on the bottom of the egg and the top of the candle stick.

PB Inspired Egg Stands {Dolen Diaries}

Then I stuck the egg right onto the top of the candle stick and let the epoxy dry. *With our climate I let the epoxy sit for 15 minutes before I began painting just to make sure they were secure before I started handling them.

PB Inspired Silver Egg Stands {Dolen Diaries for The Crafting Chicks}

Once the expoy was set, I sprayed the egg stands with the metallic silver paint. After the second coat of silver, I sprayed on a coat of the mirror finish. I had never used the mirror finish spray paint and I love it! It added a bit of depth to the finish that the plain silver just didn’t have. I can’t wait to find the perfect home for my PB Inspired Egg Stands! I may even play with other finishes! Perhaps a shabby chic chippy white or a sweet & soft pastel!?!

PB Inspired Silver Egg Stands {Dolen Diaries for The Crafting Chicks}

Thanks SO much for letting me share my PB Inspired Silver Egg Stands with you! I would love for you to pop on by Dolen Diaries to say hi and don’t forget to pin this Easter craft to your Spring and Easter boards!


Disclaimer: This project is sponsored by Elmer’s.

Glittered Jar Are you looking for a way to add a little glam to your home for very little cost? Well, then this project is for you! I love the sparkle and shine, and who would guess this was once a pickle jar! And it is so easy too (given you have warm temperatures this time of year).

Glittered Jar Supplies To make yourself, you’ll need empty glass jars, spray paint, and matching glitter colors. I loved the Craft Bond glue and glitter from Elmer’s.

Spray Painted Jars First, spray paint your jars. I love how pretty these jars are with a coat of paint on them. Spray on 3 light coats, or until you can’t see through the jars. I like to start with the tops down, and coat the bottom and sides, then flip and get around the top and a little on the inside to make sure it is all covered.

Jar with glue for glitter Give the jars time to dry and cure. I waited overnight. To keep the glue/glitter line really straight and clean, I taped it off with painters tape before adding the glue. Warning: The tape took some of the shine off of the metallic paint when I removed it. It wasn’t noticeable on the aqua and pink jars though.

Glittered jars glue Brush on the Craft Bond adhesive in thin coat. I found it worked best to work in one section at a time instead of trying to cover the whole jar before the glue dried.

Glittered Jar Sprinkle the glitter onto the glue. Go ahead and lay it on thick so it covers really well. Be very generous with the glitter!

glitter Elmer’s glitter kit came with this little funnel that is perfect for putting the extra glitter back in the jar for future use!

Glittered Jars All glittered up!

gold glitter jar

Any re-purposing empty jars going on at your house?


Today I’m sharing  a really easy way to customize your calendars with one of my favorite craft supplies—washi tape! 

For this project you need:

  • Any kind of calendar–I really love my dry erase calendar from Poppy Seed Projects (I used the Lemon Quatrefoil calendar with the Eleanor frame, Brooklyn trim, & I also got the magnetic backing)
  • Sand paper
  • Paint (I used spray paint)
  • Dry erase marker
  • Black Sharpie permanent marker
  • variety of Washi Tape–it’s a thin, sort of papery non-permanent crafting tape that comes in a ton of different colors and patterns

dry erase calendar -2986

First, grab your calendar–it can be a paper one, a dry erase one, a planner–whatever you are using. For mine, I got a dry erase calendar kit from Poppy Seed Projects as I mentioned above—they are so cute, and did you know that our Crafting Chick Jamie designed the calendars? They are darling! 🙂 I sanded the unfinished frame and trim, making sure to wipe off any dust, and then I spray painted it. I chose a glossy spray paint for the frame (Rustoleum Glossy Dark Gray) and I painted the trim with a satin white spray paint also from Rustoleum.

dry erase calendar -2991

I used wood glue to attach the white trim piece to the gray frame and let it sit for 24 hours. Next I inserted the dry erase calendar print and wrote in the dates with a dry erase marker.

dry erase calendar -2987

Now for the fun part! 🙂 I have a growing collection of washi tape in happy colors and patterns that make perfect little customizable labels for your calendar! I’ve gotten my stash at lots of different places, like Pick Your Plum, Target and Michaels. I love it because it’s easy to stick on, easy to peel off, and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

dry erase calendar -2992


dry erase calendar -2994

You can either tear or cut the washi tape with scissors, depending on what look you want. For this Valentine’s Day label I added a little bit of flair with the notch cut out of one side of the tape to make it like a little flag. Then you can write with a Sharpie on top of the tape label and decorate it however you want. It makes certain days (like holidays or birthdays or events) really stand out on your calendar. And it is easily removable. (Make sure you don’t write on the calendar itself with Sharpie!!!) I double checked to make sure the Sharpie wasn’t bleeding through the washi tape and ruining my dry erase calendar. It worked just fine.

dry erase calendar -2995

It’s a fun way to make the different months pop!

dry erase calendar -3010

You can organize and use the labels however you want. For our calendar, I used different colors/patterns for different events we have happening this month, such as dance, orchestra, etc. I even made a little “code” in the notes section to remind us what the labels stand for. For the repeating weekly events it was nice to just stick that particular piece of tape on that day instead of rewriting it each week. It works for me!

dry erase calendar -3006

dry erase calendar -3005

Once you have your dates and labels on the calendar, hang that cute thing on the wall!  It’s so colorful and customized, and I can use completely different colors next month. I love it! 🙂

Disclosure: I was provided with products from Poppy Seed Projects to use in this post. All opinions, photography and text are my own.

Wreaths aren’t just for the front door anymore! They’re finding their way to practically every room of the house. And when you’re creating a wreath to celebrate the season or a special occasion, you’re only limited by your imagination. There are some great wreath ideas in The Home Depot Fall Style Guide.

We have a very light kitchen–white cabinets, white backsplash, light countertops, stainless steel appliances, light gray walls, and white board batten  around the dining room. I love how bright it is, and actually chose it to be that way, but I like a pop of color to liven things up. We have a weird upper cabinet that angle out towards the dining room. One day I hope to put glass doors on it and fill it with bright serving dishes, but until then I try to keep wreaths hanging on the doors.

I love this tip from Home Depot’s Fall Style Guide: “Create your home’s oasis with the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom décor by using muted, natural hues that sing to warm, cozy spaces, or metal finishes that make your home sparkle.” It was what inspired these two wreaths. (more…)

With the 4th of July just next week, BBQ season is in full swing! And with BBQ’s at our house also comes a yard full of kids looking for games to play. And even though my boys have never played traditional croquet, they really love this modified version–a cross between kickball and croquet! It is an easy game to create and I picked everything up from the dollar store–so the expense was minimal.

To start, use a hack saw to cut the hula hoops in half.

These balls came right off the shelf at the dollar store, but seem really ugly to me in comparison to the fun colors of the hula hoops. So I gave them a good coat of spray paint…and waited… and waited for them to dry.  I wasn’t sure how spray painting these balls would to turn out, but after about 2 days they were finally dry. (And I breathed a sigh of relief that the paint didn’t eat the balls or something.) After chasing rolling balls all over the place, I wised up and used the spray paint lids as stands to hold them in place. Plus it made it much easier to move the still wet balls without getting paint all over myself.

Using ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape I taped off the middle of the balls to paint a white stripe on, you know, so they looked a little more croquet-ish. After spending a few minutes messing with newspaper to cover the top and bottom of the ball, a stroke of brilliancy hit me and I realized I could just use ScotchBlue tape to cover it up! It work super slick and only took a minute for each ball.

I painted and waited for the stripes to dry. (Then my 3 year old dumped a bottle of bubbles on top of everything, but that step isn’t necessary.) Once they were dry, we simply peeled off the ScotchBlue tape and were ready to play.

To keep the hula hoops upright, I used small branches off a tree we are cutting down. If you don’t have the luxury of a dieing tree to use, dowels cut about 6″ long would work too. Push the sticks into the ground and slip the hula hoops over them. Easy peasy!

To hold interest a little longer, and to make it more challenging, use a stopwatch to see who can get their ball through all the hoops the fastest! My boys love a good competition.

Mark, Get Set, GO!!!

This post is a collaboration with ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape. 

Hey friends! Mother’s Day is coming up soon! So I am excited to be a part of a campaign with Blueprint Social to share some ideas for Mother’s Day using Martha Stewart Crafts products by Plaid. I like to give my mom personalized gifts and thought a colorful and whimsical framed gallery wall featuring her adorable grandchildren would be just the ticket to make her smile! I’ll tell you more about it . . .

For this project I was sent a big box of Martha Stewart Crafts supplies to use—I honestly couldn’t believe the jackpot of goodies that was delivered to my door! Opening that box was like Christmas morning, or like Mary Poppin’s bag where you reach in and good things keep on coming out! 🙂

martha stewart crafts supplies

The motherlode of crafting delight! Happy early Mother’s Day to ME, I say! 🙂

 There were stencils, brushes of all shapes and sizes, a multipurpose heat tool, a ton of pretty paint in satin and pearl and metallic finishes, a spray paint kit, a mini paint roller. . .and more. Once I unloaded all of my loot, I racked my brain to come up with ideas that would make my mama (and Martha!) happy. I knew I wanted to create something using pictures of the grandkids, because you can’t go wrong with that! All of us Chicks like to use photos in our projects! Inspired by a project done by Becky Higgins (see her framed gallery HERE), I decided it would be fun to update my mom’s photo gallery wall with bright colors, updated pictures, a fun piece of artwork/quote, and frame it all up with a gigantic frame.

I’ll show you how I did the different parts: the large outer frame, the “Happy” canvas, the yellow and orange bracket frame, and the mounted 8×10 photos. Buckle up, it’s a doozy of a post! 🙂

Painted and Glazed Outer Frame

martha stewart crafts mother's day framed gallery

Supplies for frame:

Large frame

Sanding block or sandpaper

Martha Stewart Spray Paint Kit

Martha Stewart Crafts Paint in a variety of colors

Tinted Glaze



I found this awesome 30×40 (HUGE) frame for only $15 at a local thrift store. I love looking for cool frames at thrift stores—I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a frame hoarder! I knew this big frame would be the perfect thing to surround the entire gallery, especially with some fresh paint and glaze. If you don’t have a large enough frame you can always make a customized one using molding or trim from the hardware store.

Check out the gold trim and the black velvet, ooh la la! This frame needed some TLC for sure. First I cleaned and sanded it, then I primed the entire frame with a spray primer and let it dry. Then I sprayed it with a few coats of paint using the Martha Stewart Spray Paint Kit. (I was really eager to try this product out since I love spray painting things!)

martha-stewart-crafts paint sprayer

The spray paint kit is so cool because you can use any color of the craft paint you want. You attach the sprayer to a bottle with a mixture of equal amounts of gloss spray medium and the acrylic paint. I was careful to follow the directions exactly, and I was happy with the results after a few coats of paint. I am in love with this beautiful SURF satin paint color!

This frame had a lot of intricate details that I wanted to bring out, so I glazed it. It’s a really simple technique that makes a huge difference.

martha stewart crafts glazed frame1

You can find glaze medium at Home Depot or Lowe’s. I tinted mine a dark brown. Apply the glaze with a brush onto the frame, making sure to get into all of the grooves and nooks and crevices.

martha stewart crafts glaze2

Then you can use wet wipes to wipe off the glaze. It will stay in the detailed parts and make them pop. You can wipe most of it off, or leave as much of the glaze on as you want. I love it.

To finish off the frame and cover up the yucky velvet part I just covered it with white grosgrain ribbon, using small dots of hot glue on the corners to hold it down.

“You make me so very HAPPY” canvas

Next I’ll show you how I created a happy quote canvas that I totally love (and kinda want to keep for myself!).

martha-stewart-crafts happy canvas

martha stewart crafts quote art supplies

Supplies to make canvas:

Blank Canvas (mine was 12×16 in)

Martha Stewart Crafts Paint in a variety of colors

Martha Stewart Crafts Mini Paint Roller

Martha Stewart Crafts Sea Sponge

Martha Stewart Crafts Foam Pouncer Tops & Stencil Brush

Martha Stewart Crafts Stencils (Birds and Berries)

Vinyl or Martha Stewart Crafts Stencil Film

First of all I decided on my quote, “you make me so very happy”. My mom adores her grandkids and they bring her so much joy, so I thought this idea would be perfect! You could do anything you want, that’s the fun thing about this project. I created it using my Silhouette software and cut the quote in vinyl with the Silhouette Cameo. I placed it on the blank canvas so the words would stay white. You could also use the Martha Stewart Crafts Stencil Film to make any stencil design you want.

Next I used the mini paint roller to give the canvas a coat of paint. I used AQUARIUM Pearl paint for this, and it’s so shiny and pretty. I made sure to cover up the vinyl words as well.

martha stewart crafts mother's day framed gallery-20

Once the entire canvas was covered I decided to add a little bit more dimension by using a sea sponge to give it more texture. I used a small amount of paint on the sponge and dabbed it all over the canvas until I was happy.


martha-stewart-crafts canvas

Before the paint completely dried I peeled off the vinyl words–yay, it worked! Then once it was all dry I added the “HAPPY” vinyl to the canvas.

martha-stewart-crafts canvas

I used the foam pouncers on this part. They are so cool because you just stick them right onto the paint bottles and get right to work! They worked really well and then were a cinch to clean up.

YUMMY HAPPY COLORS! They honestly put me in a good mood. I have to say, I am super impressed with this paint line–it is one paint that works on all kinds of surfaces, and the colors are so dreamy. It worked awesomely on canvas, the wood frame, and even plastic. I’m a fan!

The key to getting clean, crisp lines when stenciling is to make sure you have a strong seal along the edges of the letters so that paint doesn’t seep under the stencil. Also, don’t glob the paint onto the stencil—use it somewhat sparingly and do multiple coats.

Oh, and to finish off the canvas I added a little birdie on a branch using the Birds and Berries stencil from Martha Stewart Crafts. My mom likes birds. 😉 It was pretty painless—I haven’t used very many stencils in my life so I was a tiny bit nervous it would be a total craft fail but it turned out just fine! 🙂

Actually, I really love it.

Then I added a mini pennant (using canvas fabric cut into triangles and painted with the Martha Stewart Crafts paint) hung with yellow baker’s twine on top of the whole thing and it made me so very happy.

martha stewart crafts happy canvas

Painted Bracket Frame

So I’ll let you in on a little secret—this isn’t actually a frame! It’s a tray I found at Hobby Lobby for $5! It was a burgundy color originally.

I traced the bracket shape with some wax paper, so I could fit the photo into the “frame”. Then primed the tray with spray primer. I used a flat brush from Martha Stewart Crafts to paint the outer edges–in JONQUIL satin and TIGER LILY pearl paints. Once dry I stuck the photo inside using Mod Podge. I am using 3M Command Strips to hang this on the wall.

Mounted 8×10 Photos

To make the 8×10 photos stand out I mounted them onto plain 8×10 canvases (2 for $3.99 at Hobby Lobby) using spray adhesive. Trim any overhanging edges and you are done! To protect the photos you can add some Mod Podge on top or a clear coat spray.

Whew! You made it through! HUGE THANKS to Blueprint Social and to Martha Stewart Crafts and Plaid Crafts for letting me participate in this fun campaign! I love this fun & colorful framed gallery wall!

You can find these products and more at your local Michaels stores as well as Jo-Ann’s. Here’s where you can find Martha Stewart Crafts & Plaid Crafts online:

Twitter: @plaidcrafts

Facebook: http://facebook.com/InspiredByPlaid

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/plaidcrafts

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Plaid and Blueprint Social. The opinions and projects in this post are my own, as always!

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Ok, so a little glitter never hurt any project, especially ones needing updates or a little sparkle.  So I have been so in love with stripes….especially the aqua stripes.  There’s just something about aqua stripes that scream summer to me….ok so I’m jumping ahead to summer but mixing it a bit with Spring.  I made this wreath last year out of a pair of pants HERE and it needed a little love…what do YOU think?

This is super easy.  I have had a bunch of windows like this and my dear, sweet husband has wanted to throw them away for YEARS…..yes, years.  I knew I would do something with them sometime and when I did, of course I had to LOVINGLY point out that I finally had used them :).

SUPPLIES:  Windows or surface to make stripes on (frames, windows, wreaths, etc), GLITTER BLAST spray paint from KRYLON in the color, Sparkling Waters, and painter’s tape.


2.  APPLY THE GLITTER BLAST.  If you want to keep a lighter and summery feel,  cover the window in a lighter layer of glitter blast.  TIP:  Apply paint at about 12-15″ distance for a smooth and even application and to avoid dripping.

3.  Apply a light coat of glitter blast to the wreaths.  Sometimes a little glitter can instantly update any item.

2&3.  Back to step 2 & 3:  apply the painter’s tape…..apply glitter blast to your next object.  This frame was started at the Poppyseed Night we hosted and I just knew this little frame needed some glitter stripes.

TAKE THE TAPE OFF….it can come off within minutes….I love that. Oh those stripes make me smile and the shape of that frame from poppyseed projects makes me smile.

Ah….and the print that Crafting Chick Jamie made……ahhh I LOVE IT.

The tape can be removed quickly as said before….I love the glitter blast, it seems to dry really quickly especially if you hold the paint can 15-20″ away fron the surface.  I love my little models with chubby fingers :).  The kids had a BLAST helping me with this.  They are always fascinated when I bust out the spray paint.

Little birdy even got a little but glittery.

I love the results.  I think this whole window was made with under $10, SWEET.

This is one of those projects that makes me smile when I walk by…because it was cheap, I love the colors, and it reminds me of SUMMER.

What do you see that makes YOU think of SUMMER???

xoxo & happy crafting,