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HI-Chew Fruit Candy Valentine Printables

We were lucky to partner with Hi-Chew last year when Nikkala made some amazing lunchbox and love note printables. So when I started thinking about valentine’s for my girls to give to friends,I had Hi-Chews on the brain. We sure love these little treats at our house. They are the perfect for times when I need a quick sweet treat.

Not to mention that with every yummy fruit flavor I could think up a fun little Valentine pun. Are you ready for the fun?


I’ve got 2 printable sheets with 4 different printables on each. You can attach the full size packs to some of the tags,


just a little individual wrapped treat to the tag,


or I even made a printable for a mixed bag of individually wrapped ones to give to a teacher or close friend.


Lots of options with these.


Just print these off and have your kids write their names. Then tape the Hi-Chew treat of your choice to the tag and you’re all set. The giving is all up to the kids at this point. And make sure you try a few, as quality control of course. Wouldn’t want to giveaway a treat that wasn’t up to your standards ¬†ūüėČ



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Remember all printables are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP. For personal non-commercial use.


Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be back here with you to share a fun idea to help you out on the next big holiday, Valentines Day! I’m Kiki from Kiki and Company and have a Bite Size Valentines free printable you don’t want to miss today!

Bite Size Valentines at the crafting chicks. SO cute!

I love ANYTHING tiny. Something that isn’t even cute big, is just the best as little as it can be. For today’s printable, we are going small!

Bite Size Valentines at the crafting chicks. Perfect for Valentines Day

At Valentines day, Hershey’s Kisses are huge, right?! So why not make the bottom of them speak to your loved one. Today I created some “Bite Sized Valentines” just for you. Place the “Bite Sized Valentines” on some bite size chocolate and you will have a gift that will wow!

Bite Size Valentines at the crafting chicks. LOVE!

To Make You Will Need:

+ Printable at end of post

+ 3/4″ circle punch (or scissors)

+ Hot Glue

+ Bite Sized Chocolate (I used Kisses and Rolos)

+optional: Something to wrap it all up in

To Make Simply:

1-Print out printable and punch out (or cut out) circles

2-Using Hot Glue add a dab of glue and glue to the bottom of your chocolate

3- If you want to package it up, I used a mason jar and just filled it up. Add ribbon to the ring on the lid with some glue and you are done!

Bite Size Valentines at the crafting chicks.LOVE these.

Here’s an up close look at those tiny Valentines:

Bite Size Valentines

You are Just My Type / Love Bug / Gold Foil Heart / Foxy

Be Mine / I Love You a Whole Watt / You’re Kind of a Big Dill / Love You

I hope you enjoy making these tiny Valentines that show someone you love them a WHOLE lot!

Bite Size Valentines at The Crafting Chicks

To download the Bite Size Valentines, click on the link below:

Bite Size Valentines

 I hope you will come and visit me at Kiki and Company where you will find a lot more freebies for all your Valentines!

Super cute non-candy Valentine idea for girls and teens! I'm Wild about You Valentines with animal print emery boards, nail polish and a hair band!

Hey there, guys!¬† Keri¬†here from Shaken Together … I am so excited to be back¬†with¬†you today sharing a¬†super cute Valentine idea for girls!¬† Now, I have been blessed with two boys.¬† They come with a lot of baseball,¬†stinky shoes, sweat¬†and dirt!¬† And I love every second of it!¬†¬†BUT, when my mom got married to a sweet man named Bill, I was lucky enough to become an aunt to a beautiful niece.¬† A girl!¬† A teenage girl!¬† So I came up with this fun “wild” Valentine idea that would be perfect for tween and teen girls …I’m Wild About You Valentines for Girls!!

Super cute non-candy Valentine idea for girls and teens! I'm Wild about You Valentines!

Would you believe each of these Valentines cost less than $3?!  For all that glittery animal print goodness!  That makes them so reasonable to put together for a few of your favorite tween or teen girls or for your girl to gift to her besties!

Here is what you need for each I’m Wild About You Valentine:

  • Animal Print¬†Glitter Emery Boards ($1 at the dollar store)
  • Coordinating nail polish ($1 at the dollar store)
  • Elastic hair band (the leopard and black bands are from a 5-pack at Target)
  • Stamped Tag

To make the stamped tag, you need a few basic craft supplies:

Super cute non-candy Valentine idea for girls and teens! I'm Wild about You Valentines with animal print emery boards, nail polish and a hair band!

Stamped tags are one of my favorite things – I use them on almost all of my gifts!¬†¬†You can see¬†similar stamped tags on my¬†Valentine candy corn mason jar gift, this love potion no. 9 gift and this pucker¬†up lemon drop valentine!¬† See?¬†¬†Stamped tags are adorable and you don’t have to worry about messy handwriting!¬† Plus, if you don’t quite line up the stamped letters perfectly, it just adds to the charm!¬† For these “I’m Wild About You” tags, I cut off the boring brown ties and added glittery ribbon and bakers twine.¬† I also used a gold or silver Sharpie to add a little shimmer around the edge!

Once you have stamped your tags and gathered your supplies, you can assemble each Valentine in 3 quick steps:

  1. Slide elastic hair band around the package of emery boards.
  2. Tuck the nail polish under the elastic hair band.
  3. Attach your tag with a piece of coordinating washi tape.

Super cute non-candy Valentine idea for girls and teens! I'm Wild about You Valentines with animal print emery boards, nail polish and a hair band!

These are so fun and I can’t wait to give these to my niece!¬† If you can’t find these exact items, don’t be afraid to get creative! I bet you can find animal print socks, barrettes, pajama pants, school supplies, a make up or pencil bag¬†or even a cute t-shirt!¬† Just go for it and go wild ūüėČ

Here are a few more Valentine ideas you just might LOVE!

This post brought to you by Duck Brand provided by ShurTech Brands, LLC. All opinions are 100% mine.

Valentine Tic Tac Bow

Every year I send Valentines to my family, and I know my nieces will love this interactive one! They are the perfect age for Tic Tac Toe. Did you catch that play on words? Just you wait, there’s more where that came from! Duck Tape

Have you seen the fun colors and patterns Duck Tape¬ģ has? They’ve come a long way! After looking at these Valetine Duck Tapes for a few days, and them begging to be made into tiny, shiny bows I gave in and made them as a Valentine‚Äôs Day craft. They are so simple to make, but put a really fun twist, as they look more like patent leather than Duck Tape¬ģ when they are finished. Pink Duck Tape

Step 1: Cut off a strip of Duck Tape¬ģ. About 4″ long is a good place to start. You can trim it later if you need to. I’m going to give a shout out to my non-stick scissors here, because Duck Tape¬ģ is extremely sticky and I tried 2 other pairs of scissors before I remembered I had these non-stick ones. And they really don’t stick. Two thumbs up for the husband giving them to me for Christmas (although at the time I couldn’t think of a reason I’d need non-stick scissors.) Duck Tape Bows

Step 2: Off of that piece of tape, cut a small strip. This is going to be the center of the bow. I’d guess somewhere between 1/4″ and a 1/2″. Step 3: Fold the remaining piece of tape over on itself in half, so that the sticky is all covered.

Duck Tape Bows

Step 4: Fold that piece in half again. This is just to help the bow shape up nicely.

Duck Tape Bow

Step 5: Bring the 2 ends to meet in the middle like so.

SODuck Tape Bow

Step 6: Pinch and form the bow. I like my bows to have equal puckers, so I kind of accordion fold it.

Duck Tape Bow

Step 7: Wrap the small strip of Duck Tape¬ģ around the middle to keep the bow together. Trim off the excess. And there you have a cute and indestructible little bow. Seriously, these things are tough, yet they look so shiny and feminine!

Tic Tac Bow Follow Duck Tape¬ģ¬†on Twitter.

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I was given the cute ducks from Oriental Trading Company but all ideas and thoughts are my own.

I love unique ways for my girls to share Valentine’s with classmates. ¬†This year I took a stop on the Oriental Trading Company website for some ideas. I saw these cute ducks and I came up with a fun idea and that idea passed the 7-year-olds approval and we were set!


Here’s what you’ll need:

      • download of tags


      • scissors
      • paper cutter
      • craft tape or double sided tape
      • ribbon or bakers twine
      • hole punch


Once you have downloaded your tags print them out on copy paper and cut the strips apart.

Take one of the tags and place the craft tape or double sided tape on one side and then fold the tag in half.

Hole punch a corner and then tie onto your ducky with bakers twine, ribbon, or whatever you want. ūüôā

Ta-Dah! ¬†Now you have a very unique Valentine’s gift that is sure to make the kids happy and you didn’t break the bank!


Do you like to make fun Valentine’s?

All printables and downloads designed by The Crafting Chicks are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not alter or claim as your own. This file is not intended for resale, nor are the printed versions of this file. Feel free to link back to www.thecraftingchicks.com if you like our printables, and we’d appreciate a comment if you download. 

Oh BOY, have we got some exciting news! Hang onto your hats ladies, because we have the DEAL of all DEALS for you today! Not even kidding.

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Big Collage

Yep, that’s right! 22 popular bloggers & designers created 22 of the most DARLING printable packs to make this the most successful & memorable Valentine’s Day you’ve EVER had!!

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Packs 1-6

1. The Dating Divas“Choose Your Own Valentine Adventure Date Night OUT!” Get ready for an adventure! That’s right, we have your Valentine’s date already planned out for you. Just print the clever “Choose Your Own Valentine Adventure” booklet, hand it to your honey, and let him decide how the night will go. {If you can’t get out for Valentine’s Day- no worries! See #20}

2. Paging Supermom“Heart-on-a-String Lunch Kit” Why not send the kiddos to school with a little extra LOVE in their lunch this Valentine’s Day? The Lunch Bag Seal, Sandwich String Charms, and Juice Box Wrap are sure to make it a lunch they’ll remember! (I’m thinking the hubby would love it too!)

3. Yellow Bliss Road “Valentine Monster Bingo” Add some fun to the holiday by playing this cute but simple game with your kids. Bingo set includes 6 different Bingo cards as well as the calling cards. (This would be a FUN one to bring to class parties too!)

4. Whimsicle Design Studio“Valentine Gift Wrap Set” Your Valentine gift-giving just got a whole lot easier (& cuter!!) This darling set includes 5 gift tags, 3 bows, & 3 wrapping paper sheets! (And hey- you can use most of it even AFTER Valentine’s Day too!)

5. My Sister’s Suitcase“Valentine’s Dinner for Kids” Let the kids enjoy a special dinner that’s just for them! Included in the Dinner Kit: printable Invitation, Coloring Placemat, Straw Flags, Mini Banner, and a Tic Tac Toe game (for a little after-dinner activity).

6. Strawberry Mommycakes“Babysitter in a Bag” Everything you need to keep the kids entertained while you’re out on your HOT V-day date! Includes the cute Bag Label, a Babysitter Information Card, Dragon Treasure Hunt Instructions, AND the darling Puzzle/Clue Treasure Hunt Pieces.

Packs 7-12

7. Thirty Handmade Days“You Color My World Valentine’s Pack” Youwon’t believe all of the cuteness included in this pack! The Bag Toppers and Sticker Labels are perfect for pairing with a box of crayons as Valentine’s for the kids’ classmates and friends. The two gift card holder templates are perfect as a cute teacher gift… AND the Valentine’s coloring page finishes off the set!

8. The Girl Creative“4 Valentine’s Day Prints” Add some instant V-day decor to your home with these 4 different, GORGEOUS Valentine’s Day Prints. You can print and frame all 4 in both 5×7 and 8×10 sizes! (These are so beautiful, I’d leave them up year round!)

9. The Dating Divas “Dine & Be Mine Bedroom Fun” Surprise your sweetie with this sassy but classy way to spice things up on Valentine’s Day! Give him the invitation to a night of romance, then present him with the romantic Menu of Services and his Love Cash. Now what man wouldn’t love THAT?! *wink*

10. Somewhat Simple“Valentine Advent Boxes” Countdown to “LOVE Day” all month long with these 14 ADORABLE Advent Boxes. Fill them up with sweets & treats, activities to do as a family, or anything your heart desires!

11. CdotLove“Valentines Wall Art” These 3 Valentine’s printables are perfect for displaying together or separately. You can trim to 8×10 for framing OR put behind a mat in a larger frame. (I’m thinking it would make for darling bedroom decor!)

12. I’m Topsy Turvy“Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt” Chose from two different Scavenger Hunts for your spouse OR kids! The Kids’ Scavenger Hunt will have them hunting for Valentine’s related items, and the String Scavenger Hunt leaves a trail of string with lots of sweet love notes!

Packs 13-18

13. Petite Party Studio“Love Checks” These darling love checks from “The Love Bank” make the perfect, meaningful gift for your Valentine. They even come with a cute checkbook cover to put them in!

14. Falala Designs“Woodland Creatures Valentine Craft”Help your kids create their own Valentines with this simple craft. I can’t even get over how CUTE these little critters are. The heart they’re holding even opens up to deliver a personal message.

15. Love the Day“Valentine’s Party Printables” If you’re hosting a party this Valentines, this pack has everything you’ll need! We’re talking: Party Flags, Cupcake Wrappers, Drink Labels, AND lots of different Party Tags! (I think I’ll throw a mini-family party just so I can use them!)

16. Smitten By“3 Love Cards” No need to buy Valentine’s cards this year, this printable pack has everything you need. Including: A DIY Scratch-off Card (with instructions), an “I Love You” card, and an “I love you because…” card! Good luck choosing just one.

17. Tatertots and Jello“Valentine’s Dinner Printables” This printable pack is jammed packed with goodies for a memorable Valentine’s Dinner. Included: Cupcake Toppers, Banner, Plate Toppers or Silverware Holders, Place Cards, Straw Toppers, and even 2 5×7 prints!

18. 733 Blog“Love Coupons” Give your honey some love coupons this Valentine’s Day! It’s a fun gift that keeps on giving. And who wouldn’t love some spoiling and pampering from their sweetie? It even has a page of blank coupons so you can personalize it with your own ideas!

Packs 19-22

19. The Crafting Chicks“Kid Valentines”Sing it with me…. “What does my {heart} say? Ha Ha Ha Ha HaHa Happy Valentines!” These cute and clever Valentines are perfect for the kiddos to give their classmates and friends. 6 fit on a sheet and they even come in 3 different colors: red, green, and pink!

20. The 36th Avenue“Party of 2 At-Home Date Night” Can’t get out for Valentine’s Day? This printable pack has absolutely everything you need for a romantic night in- no babysitter required! Including: Invitation, Menu, Napkin Rings, Coasters, Food Toppers, Small Banner, Bottle Wrapper, AND Valentine Print.

21. Family Ever After“3 Valentine’s Prints” Still need more festive decor to get your house decked out for V-day? We’ve totally got you covered. Print and frame all 3 of these cute Valentine’s prints, available in 4×6, 5×7, AND 8×10 sizes.

22. Kristen Duke“Our Love Story” And last, but definitely not least- check out this cute printable Love Story Journal. With places to write down “His Version” and “Her Version” this is a keepsake you’ll want to keep forever!

See? Told ya! EVERYTHING you could EVER want or need to pull off the BEST V-Day EVER!

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