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When wracking my brain for an idea for day four, or 4 Calling Birds, I thought of a few ideas for the “calling”. But it seems that calling cards are a thing of the past. But while long distance calling may be extinct we certainly still spend a lot of time on the phone, so a fun phone case it was. This makeover was quick and inexpensive, plus it turned out so cute and the washi is easy to take off when you want a change. I think it would be a great gift! You’ll need a phone case to fit your model of phone (this one was just a few bucks), and X-acto knife, and the washi tape of course. Cover the back of your case with washi tape. This plaid was on a wide roll, so I use the black Noel to cover the 1 seam I ended up with. Cut around the edge of the case with [Read More…]

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Quick & Easy Coffee Filter Party Favors

Quick and easy coffee filter party favors!

Well, hey there!  It’s Keri from Shaken Together and I couldn’t be happier to be here with you today!  Now, despite all the exclamation points, I am still trying to come to grips that this time of year means that I now have boys in middle school and high school {say what?!}.  But, I have decided I have to shake off the back to school blues.  Want to know why?  We are heading into party season!  Back to school parties, class parties, birthday parties, football parties, holiday parties and just because parties!  And in my book, every great party needs a really great party favor.  So, I am sharing a super cute {but totally inexpensive} party idea that you can make for any holiday, season or theme … Quick & Easy Coffee Filter Party Favors! That’s right!  Can you believe that those super cute stamped pockets start from humble cone shaped coffee filters?  They are naturally the perfect shape to hold candy, confetti, [Read More…]

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Washi Tape Headbands


This is the most simple project….and it’s actually an idea that Q my 5 year-old came up with.  She is the best and so creative.  She did this one day and I thought, “what a great idea that is!”  She even staged a lot of this shoot which  I think is so awesome.  I love when she joins me in my shenanigans.  This is a fun project you can use for any age of girl. SUPPLIES:  All you need is blank headbands.  They have a great supply over at Hairbow Supplies Etc.  The only other thing is washi tape.  Easy enough. HAVE I TOLD YOU I LOVE WASHI TAPE!!!!  I do…that’s all.   You can use any type of washi tape for this projects.  I noticed that when Q and I were making these, that patterned tapes look different when they are on the headband.  Ones I thought would be cute, didn’t necessarily look cute and visa versa.  So try out [Read More…]

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Washi Tape Labels & Dry Erase Calendar


Today I’m sharing  a really easy way to customize your calendars with one of my favorite craft supplies—washi tape!  For this project you need: Any kind of calendar–I really love my dry erase calendar from Poppy Seed Projects (I used the Lemon Quatrefoil calendar with the Eleanor frame, Brooklyn trim, & I also got the magnetic backing) Sand paper Paint (I used spray paint) Dry erase marker Black Sharpie permanent marker variety of Washi Tape–it’s a thin, sort of papery non-permanent crafting tape that comes in a ton of different colors and patterns First, grab your calendar–it can be a paper one, a dry erase one, a planner–whatever you are using. For mine, I got a dry erase calendar kit from Poppy Seed Projects as I mentioned above—they are so cute, and did you know that our Crafting Chick Jamie designed the calendars? They are darling! I sanded the unfinished frame and trim, making sure to wipe off any dust, and then I spray [Read More…]

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Halloween Crafting with EKSuccess Tools!


With Halloween coming up next month it’s the perfect time to craft up some fun Halloween decorations! Using a variety of tools sent to me from EKSuccess I created this cute paper pumpkin art that adds some sparkle to my spooky stash. Pin It

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Summer Journals

summer journals-1

This is not a brand new idea by any means, but I just wanted to share our summer journals that we made this past week. It was a quick and fairly simple little project—hopefully it will help our kids get their writing practice in while school is out, plus it will be fun to keep a record of fun summer memories and other random thoughts, in their own words. (yes, I know summer has nearly reached its halfway point for us, but I was determined to make these anyway!) Supplies you can use to make a summer journal: Plain notebooks Fun patterned paper Mod Podge Craft Paint (I used Spa Blue by Decoart) Craft brushes Washi Tape (I found most of them at Target!) I don’t have a step-by-step tutorial today but I’ll share the basics! 1.   I traced the shape of the notebooks onto the scrapbook paper and cut the paper out. 2.   Then I took a foam craft [Read More…]

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