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sm maze valentine 5

1.  Valentine….you a “MAZE” ME 

sm sharp 5

2. Valentine…You are really SHARP!


3.  Bouncy Ball Valentine:  You Make My Heart Bounce


4. Don’t Burst My Bubble…Be My Valentine

sm frog valentine 4

5.  Have a Very “Hoppy” Valentine’s Day (Frog Valentine) Lips-suckers-for-Valentines

6.  Read My LIPS Valentine

sm superstar valentine copy

7.  “SUPERSTAR” Valentine


8.  Iphone Valentine Valentines-put-a-ring-on-it

9. Put A Ring on it Valentine sm vday fish 2

10.  Favorite Fish in the Sea Valentine Valentine Ideas 2  11…and one extra on for fun…add some google eyes to your child’s picture!

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  2. Super cute ideas! I love these!!

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