Is your Halloween wallpaper still on your phone like mine? Here are some new ones for November!

To download straight onto your device, click the link, then download, which will open up the image. Click on the image to save to your camera roll and then set as your wallpaper.

Dresden iPhone 4, 4s, iPod Touch / iPhone 5 / iPad

Gratitude iPhone 4, 4s, iPod Touch / iPhone 5 / iPad

Thankful iPhone 4, 4s, iPod Touch / iPhone 5 / iPad

 A big thanks to Crystal Wilkerson for the use of her Color Combo 4!

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  1. Thanks! Now I don’t have to make any. I loved the Halloween ones too!

  2. LOVE these – thank you!

  3. I have been lately with your blog site a few times now. I simply wanted to declare hello along with present our thanks for the information offered.

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