OK fellow crafters and DIY’ers!  This post comes to you with much excitement and anticipation from our neck of the woods.  Ana White from the AMAZING ANA-WHITE.COM  is finally gracing shelves across AMERICA with her much anticipated 1st book called THE HANDBUILT HOME….and Q’s Vintage Blue Play Kitchen is a part of it!  I have been involved with the project for over a year and a half now and it’s finally coming close to the release date which is October 9th, 2012.  I can’t wait to  have this book in my hands and see all the other plans and ideas and be amazed at ANA’S talent and the talent of many others.

This book won’t just be ANY book, but a book FULL of 34 detailed, step-by-step building projects that ANYONE can do.  In fact this blue play kitchen WAS MY FIRST BUILDING PROJECT, and if I can handle a saw and a nail gun then so can YOU.   Read the details of that post HERE.

  I had found Ana’s site ANA-WHITE.COM because Cousin Brooke (CRAFTING CHICK BROOKE) showed it to me one day when we were taking turnes sharing our favorite posts on different blogs (pre-PINTEREST…it’s like saying pre mobile phones) and Brooke showed me Ana’s site.  With my longtime desire to learn how to build, I ate it up.  At the time I was in the dark depths of post-pardum depression…a detailed post for another time, and I knew that the little play kitchen that I would build for my daughter would be something creative I could focus on in the coming weeks.  So I did it.  After about two and a half months of sawing, nailing, whacking and building, it was complete.  When it was done, Ana featured it on her site in honor of the Crafting Chicks’ grand re-opening, and the response was so amazing.  You can imagine the tears that came when I read what ANA had written on this post:

“As you take a second to look through and read Kirsten’s guest post, remember to breathe. The first time I saw these photos, I was absolutely stunned. Oh, the power of our minds and our creativity – it far surpasses my expectations. Make sure you also visit Kirsten at Crafting Chicks, her blog is equally amazing. Kirsten, I know you are going to inspire more play kitchens. But I wouldn’t be surprised if you also inspire big girl kitchens too – I want one!”

We all finally got to meet her in person this last April at the SNAP CONFERENCE here in Utah and she is even more amazing in person if that’s possible.  I have always been able to tell that she believes that everyone can win, and she does that as she lets others shine when SHE is the real mastermind behind it all.  People like her are magnetic, would you say?!

Somewhere in whacking, nailing, smacking, painting, cutting, and creating is power and piece of mind.  I have always been amazed that the creative process can have this sort of transforming affect.  I can’t express thanks enough for ANA for allowing me to build up myself again in the process.

Another project I built from ANA WHITE plans…DOLLY HIGH CHAIR to match the play kitchen.

The Handbuilt Home is scheduled for release on October 9, 2012!  You can even pre-order The Handbuilt Home on Amazon if you would like.

So what is The Handbuilt Home all about?  Here is an excerpt from Amazon.

• Plans for 34 versatile furniture projects for every room in your house—from beginner-friendly home accessories to sturdy tables, a media center, kids’ items, and storage solutions
• Comprehensive information on using off-the-shelf lumber and basic equipment—almost every project can be made with a drill, a saw, and some hand tools
• Easy-to-follow instructions, costs, and time estimates to guide even the most amateur of carpenters through any project

You don’t need to be physically tough or superstrong to make your own furniture, and it’s okay if you don’t know that a 2×4 doesn’t actually measure 2 by 4 inches. All you need is the determination to create a better home for yourself or your family and the confidence to say, “I can build that.”

I am so glad that we get to be a part of this fun project along with some of my other favorite DIY bloggers, one of which is my friend AMY HUNTLEY from The Idea Room.  She did a darling kids table and chairs for the book.  Read her post about the experience HERE.  I will send you any other information that I get as to the release and any other fun HANDBUILT HOME happenings for those interested.  THANKS!


  1. Congratulations Kirsten! I love that kitchen set you made! Adorable!!

  2. LOVE! I’m gonna have to text you a question though….. I posted my pics I took for the cover yesterday, so fun!

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