I’m really excited to share this NEW CHRISTMAS TRADITION!  What a great idea it is.  As far as good deeds at Christmas and children, it seems that there are the common thing like:  “Hey kids, Santa and his elves are watching, etc etc.” There’s also the traditional Elf on the Shelf who does silly things and watches what the kids do and reports back to Santa.  This tradition is NEW and MORE POWERFUL and elicits specific kind acts and harnesses the power of KINDNESS.  Secret Society of Bubblers teaches kids that being “good” is not about “not being naughty” — it’s about being KIND.  Today we even have an awesome 30% off an adventure set (code: KINDMOMS ), so i’ll explain what it is.
  • What is the Secret Society of Bubblers?  It’s simple.  It’s a kids’ Christmas Adventure that teaches kids about the power, importance and magic of kindness and you do this with the special adventure kit, shown below.

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  • With the kit, comes with a TOP SECRET letter from the Grand Elf OZZIE who tells the kids they have been chosen for a special mission.  It talks about the “Microscopic Elves” that are all over the world and can only get back to be an Elf at the North Pole by the help of a child.   My kids have read the letter so far and are already starting their acts of kindness.  They were DYING over the letter because it looks VERY official.  They are really excited about collecting the coins and they are ages: 9, 8, 7, and 5.  It will be so fun to see how this pans out!


  • The child then becomes a part of the Secret Society of Bubblers.  It explains that they can help the elves get to the North Pole by doing acts of kindness.


  • Within the kit are “Kindness Tokens”.  As the child completes acts of kindness, the tokens show up one by one.

_N3A1869 _N3A1897

  • Once the tokens are all earned, the child gets to blow the bubbles that take the tiny elf up to the North Pole (the only way they can travel.)
  • Then the certificate arrives that certifies that they are a part of the “Secret Society of Bubblers.”  The whole way, kindness to others is highly encouraged. SO CUTE!!!!!!


Today we have a SPECIAL OFFER & DISCOUNT CODE so you too can enjoy the magic and kindness traditions that come with the Secret Society of Bubblers.   Enter the code:  KINDMOMS at checkout and receive 30% off your adventure kit.
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  1. awesome idea!

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  3. mara matthews Says: November 29, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    What a neat thing to do with your children! I love this and I loooove the camera, what a generous giveaway! I really hope I win, I want to do photography and just can’t afford this camera otherwise, so thank you so much for the opportunity to enter! I hope you had a very wonderful Thanksgiving and a blessed day 🙂

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