I was lucky enough to be a guest on HowDoesShe?. This is the fun little project I shared over there.  I loved it so much I didn’t want anyone to miss out so here ya go!

This is my fun little Thanksgiving Project.  If you follow our blog at all you know that I am a sucker for all things related to handprints.  I love to use these fun little guys to see how my girls are growing from year to year.  I also wanted a spin on the old turkey handprint so I thought what better way to showcase it year to year then with a tablecloth.  Since we do Thanksgiving at my mom’s usually, I thought I would make the tablecloth for her and get all the grand-kids hands on it. 

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

a table cloth
paints, (I used brown, red, yellow, blue, and green for the turkey and its feathers)
paint brushes
fabric pens
handy helpers (kiddos)

First off, make sure the kiddos have clean hands.  Then begin to paint on the hand the colors that you want.  I slopped the paint on there because it seemed to dry pretty fast. 

Press their hand down and make sure to press out each finger so you can get the imprint.  Slowly peel the hand off of the tablecloth to prevent any smudding.

Add the eyes, (I dotted them with black paint on the end of a paint brush).  Then draw on the feet.

Then you can add the beak and wattle (is that what it’s called?). 

Write on the name and year for each child.

Repeat with each kiddo and see how cute your tablecloth has become.  Since my sister and I are both expecting, I didn’t want to finish the tablecloth this year.  I thought we could add to it each year until the entire skirt is full.  It will be fun to see how the hands change each year and it will remind us of how thankful we are for these special kids in our family.

Another fun spin on this would be fun to have each kid handprint a placemat.  Then they could have their own placemat each year and add a turkey print.  So many fun things you can do.

Hope you enjoy!



  1. SO cute Becky! I love how it turned out. 🙂

  2. That’s a really cute idea 🙂

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  4. How fun! I LOVE this!

    I featured you on my tumblr blog: http://pinklittlenotebook.tumblr.com/

  5. I have our thankful tree started that was inspired by you guys, now I gotta do this idea. You all have the best ideas.

  6. I given you an award! Check it out at my blog, The Crafter’s Anonymous Club.

  7. Please tell me where you found your tablecloth.

    • Angie,
      I found the tablecloth at Khols, but I’m sure you could find one anywhere. Khols was just the cheapest place I could find when I was looking.

  8. Just wondering what the washing situation is for this project! I know I would need to wash it with my little guys eating @ the table, but I LOVE this idea! Please let me know if you are using a special type of paint or sealer or something!
    Thanks so much!

    • Ginger,
      I just used craft paint and I know (since I have gotten it on clothing) that is doesn’t wash out. I didn’t wash the tablecloth before hand, but I am sure that you could and then add the handprints. It washes just fine though as long as you use permament pen or markers to write on it.


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