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Valentine Tic Tac Bow

Every year I send Valentines to my family, and I know my nieces will love this interactive one! They are the perfect age for Tic Tac Toe. Did you catch that play on words? Just you wait, there’s more where that came from! Duck Tape

Have you seen the fun colors and patterns Duck Tape® has? They’ve come a long way! After looking at these Valetine Duck Tapes for a few days, and them begging to be made into tiny, shiny bows I gave in and made them as a Valentine’s Day craft. They are so simple to make, but put a really fun twist, as they look more like patent leather than Duck Tape® when they are finished. Pink Duck Tape

Step 1: Cut off a strip of Duck Tape®. About 4″ long is a good place to start. You can trim it later if you need to. I’m going to give a shout out to my non-stick scissors here, because Duck Tape® is extremely sticky and I tried 2 other pairs of scissors before I remembered I had these non-stick ones. And they really don’t stick. Two thumbs up for the husband giving them to me for Christmas (although at the time I couldn’t think of a reason I’d need non-stick scissors.) Duck Tape Bows

Step 2: Off of that piece of tape, cut a small strip. This is going to be the center of the bow. I’d guess somewhere between 1/4″ and a 1/2″. Step 3: Fold the remaining piece of tape over on itself in half, so that the sticky is all covered.

Duck Tape Bows

Step 4: Fold that piece in half again. This is just to help the bow shape up nicely.

Duck Tape Bow

Step 5: Bring the 2 ends to meet in the middle like so.

SODuck Tape Bow

Step 6: Pinch and form the bow. I like my bows to have equal puckers, so I kind of accordion fold it.

Duck Tape Bow

Step 7: Wrap the small strip of Duck Tape® around the middle to keep the bow together. Trim off the excess. And there you have a cute and indestructible little bow. Seriously, these things are tough, yet they look so shiny and feminine!

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