Ok, so a little glitter never hurt any project, especially ones needing updates or a little sparkle.  So I have been so in love with stripes….especially the aqua stripes.  There’s just something about aqua stripes that scream summer to me….ok so I’m jumping ahead to summer but mixing it a bit with Spring.  I made this wreath last year out of a pair of pants HERE and it needed a little love…what do YOU think?

This is super easy.  I have had a bunch of windows like this and my dear, sweet husband has wanted to throw them away for YEARS…..yes, years.  I knew I would do something with them sometime and when I did, of course I had to LOVINGLY point out that I finally had used them :).

SUPPLIES:  Windows or surface to make stripes on (frames, windows, wreaths, etc), GLITTER BLAST spray paint from KRYLON in the color, Sparkling Waters, and painter’s tape.


2.  APPLY THE GLITTER BLAST.  If you want to keep a lighter and summery feel,  cover the window in a lighter layer of glitter blast.  TIP:  Apply paint at about 12-15″ distance for a smooth and even application and to avoid dripping.

3.  Apply a light coat of glitter blast to the wreaths.  Sometimes a little glitter can instantly update any item.

2&3.  Back to step 2 & 3:  apply the painter’s tape…..apply glitter blast to your next object.  This frame was started at the Poppyseed Night we hosted and I just knew this little frame needed some glitter stripes.

TAKE THE TAPE OFF….it can come off within minutes….I love that. Oh those stripes make me smile and the shape of that frame from poppyseed projects makes me smile.

Ah….and the print that Crafting Chick Jamie made……ahhh I LOVE IT.

The tape can be removed quickly as said before….I love the glitter blast, it seems to dry really quickly especially if you hold the paint can 15-20″ away fron the surface.  I love my little models with chubby fingers :).  The kids had a BLAST helping me with this.  They are always fascinated when I bust out the spray paint.

Little birdy even got a little but glittery.

I love the results.  I think this whole window was made with under $10, SWEET.

This is one of those projects that makes me smile when I walk by…because it was cheap, I love the colors, and it reminds me of SUMMER.

What do you see that makes YOU think of SUMMER???

xoxo & happy crafting,



  1. Seriously loving that spray paint and how you turned everything glittery! So many great projects here…thanks for sharing this!

  2. Love these ideas! I’m going to have to get some glitter paint and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Love the welcome spring print. did you make that as well?

  4. Ha ha! I have the same windows in my garage that my husband has also dreamed of throwing away! Now I have a great project for them. Thanks!

  5. Great tip for creating glitter stripes! Must remember that for future projects. 🙂

  6. I LOVE the welcome spring print. Is that available anywhere? Thanks, and those stripes on the frame are adorable!

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