This is the yummiest fruit dip ever!!!:)  I’m sure a lot of you have already seen this recipe, but for all of you who haven’t, I just have to share.  I wouldn’t want any of you lovely readers to be deprived of this heavenly goodness!!! Here is the recipe for this Yummy Summer Fruit Dip!

You will need:              1 8oz. cube of cream cheese

                                                                    1 7oz. container of marshmallow cream

                             1 1/2 cups Cool Whip

Fruit Soften the cream cheese really well in a medium sized bowl, add marshmallow cream and mix together.  Finally add the Cool Whip.  You can add more of the Cool Whip if  you like, I like just enough to make it nice and fluffy. 🙂  As for the fruit, I have a completely unhealthy obsession with strawberries (I seriously could live on them), so that is usually the only fruit I use.  Some other fruits that are great with this fabulous dip are bananas and pineapples.

Perfect for summer and SO easy to make!:)  Now go make yourself some and ENJOY!!!

What other tasty summer dips do you think are fabulous?  I would love for you to share!


  1. 1 cream chese
    1 container of cool whip
    1 can sweeten condensed milk

    great on watermelon and strawberries or graham crackers

  2. Sounds delicious!!

  3. that sounds so good! I always make fruit dip that just has Cool Whip and then any flavor of Yogurt. Just mix what ever amounts you want of each until you like the way it tastes!

    I usually do a small tub of cool whip and a cup of yogurt.

  4. Mmmmm, I’m drooling now. 🙂 I love how easy it is but what a difference it makes! Thanks for sharing Jen!!!

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  6. Yummy! What doesn’t cream cheese make better? It’s magical. Have you ever dipped a strawberry in sour cream and then in brown sugar? That’s one of my favorites!

    (Oh, and I never told you that I totally ripped off your idea for the fireworks baskets. I made 3 of them and we raffled them off at our family fireworks gathering. They were such a hit!! I’m pretty sure it will become a tradition. And people will be fighting over them. And we all have you to thank for it! So thank you!)

    • Cream cheese is absolutely magical!:) I will definitely have to try the sour cream and brown sugar, I LOVE sour cream!!!
      I am so happy that you made the fireworks baskets, you are awesome!!!:)

  7. Never had it this way.. I usually just mix the Fluff and cream cheese! Have to try this soon!

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  9. Heather Says: July 28, 2010 at 5:58 am

    Sour cream and brown sugar. Stir together and enjoy. SUPER easy and yummy!

  10. Yes! This is a magical combination. My best friend makes this using Strawberry Cream Cheese. Yum! She always has pretzels to dip in it too – what a great treat for baby showers and parties!

  11. We made some of this for the super bowl party yesterday. Can I freeze the leftovers? My daughters 3rd birthday is this weekend and I’d like to save it for then! I used strawberry cream cheese, it was really yummy!

    • I bet you could freeze it. I have never tried that before. If the party is just this weekend I bet it would stay good and you wouldn’t have to freeze it though. Glad you enjoyed it!

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