3-Tiered Stand $6 + spray paint!

Hey friends. I shared this tutorial last week with Taylor over at Mary Jane and Galoshes, go and check out her blog, it’s really fresh and creative! Thanks Taylor :).

Today for you I have a thrift store remake. I have wanted to make something similar to THIS for a long time. I can’t stomach the $69 price tag from Pottery Barn. I just barely told my husband that even if we had all the money in the world, I couldn’t spend $69 on something I could remake, NO WAY, I hope you would say the same. So I spend $6 at the local Utah thrift store (the DI) and got these beauties, $6 TOTAL.

So I purchased Rust-Oleum 2x spray paint, the same color used on this side table, I literally went on a painting rampage that day. I used the lid of a sandwich tray to keep those suckers contained. Rolling the candlesticks around and spraying seemed to work pretty well. One coat worked well especially since I didn’t mind if the gold shined through, even though it didn’t. I am so into yellow/gold lately.

After the paint dried, I used E6000 glue, which is the only glue for metal and glass, to adhere the candlesticks to the old cake pans. I love that these pans are weathered and even rusted in areas because I plan to use this for packaged treats and other supplies.

I glued one candlestick upside down to make it match and not look so much like 2 candlesticks. When looking for pans to use for this, make sure that the bottoms of the pans are flat and not bend, otherwise this would turn out to be a hot mess and they wouldn’t look right. I let the glue dry overnight.

School supplies and a snack. Perfect. Total cost:  $6 and some leftover spray paint :).

These are fun because you can load them up with just about anything.

What have you found at the thrift stores that YOU would like to make something with??



3-Tiered Stand Thrifted

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    1. I wouldn’t use it for edibles unless there is something between the fruit & the painted tins. (Like a bowl, saucer or something else.) I would be concerned about the fruit absorbing the chemicals from the paint.

  1. That’s beautiful! I really like it! Would love to make one just like it.. but kind of running out of places to put things in my little apartment! haha 🙂

    1. I would think about putting it on my makeup vanity when not using in an eating area. It would be a great way to corral nailpishes, perfumes, creams, etc.

  2. Since I don’t really like the idea of leaving the pans unpainted, I would paint those too, and then use the whole thing for tea parties or cupcake parties and either fill the pans with cupcakes or tea sandwiches and small desserts.

  3. I just wanted to tell you I just started to read your blog and was looking at all of your furniture transformations like the bar-stools, the china cabinet and the tiered stand… they are all absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had something to transform in my house and the skill to do it. Amazing!!

  4. Darling! I love it.
    My thrift store (or craft) hunting involves small candlesticks and small wood plates/circles to make mini cupcake stands. I saw one at Macy’s this last weekend that are part of Martha Stewart’s cake/ceramic collection but I can’t find them online to link to it. They are white, about 5″ tall and ceramic. Adorable but at a pricetag of $29. I wanted to make my own. I was hoping to find a set of two small wood candlesticks that I could paint and glue to a small round piece of wood to create the same look. But then I worry about food safety and spray paint. Would a final coat of clear protect it?

  5. Oh, and where did you get those cute metal pails? That’s a clever idea for school supplies. I wanted to put mine in glass kitchen jars but I was afraid my children would be too rough on them. I like this idea.

  6. I love this! I shared it with some friends and we all are making one. I found the cake tins and just have to find some candlesticks this weekend at a yard sale. 🙂

    Thanks for the great idea!!

  7. Were throwing my sister a 50 yr. Old party next week, I’m definitely making this, painting it black and white I think. I already have some candle sticks like that, shoot, if I didn’t send them to the DI

  8. Thanks for this idea, it’s wonderful. I love that you did not color the trays as well, I like the look much better with the different finishes.

  9. Found this on Pinterest. It’s just what I’ve been trying to find. And for the record, your $6 version is much cuter than the one from PB. Thanks!

  10. YES, it is easy enough that I could accomplish, super idea, thnx for sharing. Love&Blessings, Lady Delores.

  11. I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it

    This is next on my list for my dining room. Awesome. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t see this before I went to the thrift store today! I have a couple other projects ahead….oh but this one will be so simple!

    Thank you!!

  12. Question: When I do this, I would want to spray paint the pans too (give them like a bronzier color); how food-safe is that though, and do you know if it’s safe to wash…?

  13. What an adorable idea! you are so clever! Thank you for sharing your awesome ideas. For those worried about the metal pans…put a cute paper doily on the bottom. Personally…I love this just as it is and wouldn’t change a thing.

  14. Thanks for the How-To info Kirsten. I have the pans and even the same color of spray paint! All I needed was the type of glue, and how to put it together. Thanks!

  15. This is adorable! I clicked over from Pinterest – I love the look of galvanized metal and your knock off is spot on!

    I just wanted to comment that E6000 is NOT food safe – if people making this want to use their stands for unpackaged foods, they should find another method of attaching the pans together – perhaps w a small holes and a dowel going through the pans. While I love E6000 for craft use, the stuff smells AWFUL! You can smell the toxicity – it needs to be used in a very well ventilated area and still smells for days after application.

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